Chapter 3

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"Tweet, tweet" A small red bird sang out, landing on a branch close to a strange looking mountain. His bright round eyes spied a bug inching across the bark and he nabbed it before one of his brethren could beat him to it. Swallowing his meal he stretched out his wings and began to clean his feathers.

BOOOOOOOOM! A loud explosion caused the earth to shake and the bird jumped, startled, his little heart pumping even faster than it was before. His bright red head jerked as his eyes took in the world from his view in the tree, no predators, he was safe. Just as he began to relax, a voice rose from the mountain roaring, "JISSAIIIII!" The bird flew away, that sounded like a predator.


I ran through the halls. I was dead now, but all I could see was Deidara covered in flour and bits of clay, and couldn't help but laugh. Mixing flour with his clay was an old prank that Kuu and I used to pull on Deidara ever since we were kids. I was surprised it still worked, but then he hadn't been our teammate in a long time.

I cut a tight corner and ran right into someone, plowing them over, then falling myself. I flipped myself over and climbed to my feet, prepared for the worst. Teasing Deidara was one thing, running someone down was something completely different. A blue haired woman wearing a tailored Akatsuki cloak watched me, but made no move to attack. I had seen her around, I knew she didn't associate with the rest of the Akatsuki, just like the Leader didn't. She glanced back the way I had come, we could both hear Deidara shouting my name and promising a painful and slow death, then back at me, "It's suicide to tease an Akatsuki, especially someone as hot tempered as Deidara."

Shrugging I said, "I tricked him when I was younger and I'm still alive, he's just as childish then as he is now, if not more." I couldn't help but add with a grin. The blue haired woman actually laughed, "You're brave I'll give you that." I bowed exaggeratedly to her, "You honor me." She chuckled again, "I'll have to make sure you stay alive, you're too entertaining." I smiled, "Then I shall try to make things fun around here, so you don't lose interest and let me die."

"Jissai, you're dead, un! When I find you..." I saluted the woman in front of me, "Well, gotta run." I spun around and took off again, not waiting to see if the woman would really stop Deidara or not. I made it back to my room, I had been given one last night... beside Deidara's. and leaned against the locked door. When I was sure that the pounding was only my heart and not someone at the door I drew out my small prank notebook and flipped it open.

Destroy Deidara's clay. Check!

I grinned evilly at tomorrow's plan. Now that the blue haired woman was on my side, I was sure I could get away with it without endangering myself. That is if I could escape before he started after me.

Steal Kazuku's money.


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