Chapter 4

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"Jissai!" A voice echoed through the Akatsuki lair and everyone who heard it groaned. That name was a curse to the Akatsuki, it only meant trouble.


I burst into the main room where most of Akatsuki relaxed when not on missions. I was lucky enough that all but the Leader (I had to learn his name!) were in attendance. I just loved an audience. Unfortunately Kazuku caught up to me then and flung me into a wall. I pressed my back against the wall, holding my hands behind me back as the old man leaned over me, "Hand. It. Over." He growled. I just grinned while the Akatsuki exchanged looks. Kisame and Hidan started betting how long I would last before Kazuku stole me heart (Ugh).

I smiled innocently up at him, "Hand what over, Scrooge?" The Akatsuki member gripped my neck, but I kept my smile plastered on even though I was starting to panic. "You know what." I shook my head, something extremely difficult when someone's being choked to death, "Sorry Scrooge, I have no idea what you're talking about." Kazuku threw me back against the wall, "Stop calling me that." I feigned a confused expression, "What? Scrooge?" I could see Deidara roll his eyes. "Yes." The old man hissed. I smiled at him, "Then stop answering to it." Kazuku stuck me across the face and I went down, still managing to keep my hands out of his reach.

"Hand over the money and I won't kill you." He growled, towering over me. Hidan laughed, "Shit, I should have f***ing known it was about money." He commented, but everyone was too mesmerized by the drama unfolding before them to care. I fluttered my eyelashes at him, "I'll sale it back to you... for 200 yen." Kazuku stared at me then roared, "YOU ONLY STOLE A 100!" I pouted and asked, "So?" Now the whole Akatsuki was laughing, or at least the ones that knew how to laugh. That's when Kazuku tried to force me to hand it over. And that's when I kicked him hard between the legs and took off once again when he was down for the count, money still in my hand as I called over my shoulder, "See ya, Scrooge!"


A knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts. I shouted, "I'm counting my money! Go away!" There was a pause in which I thought the person had gone away, but then the door exploded and in walked none other than my favorite person in the world. Groaning I flopped down on the bed, "If you're here to lecture me, just leave." Deidara crossed his arms, "No, un. I'm here to escort you to the Leader's office, so you can explain to him what the hell you're doing, yeah." "Hmmm..." I pretended to ponder in, tapping my chin with a finger, "Let's not and say we did."

Deidara snarled and, once again, grabbed my arm and dragged me to wherever he needed me. I sighed, "Is this going to be a habit of yours?" I asked him, only to earn a glare. He dragged me what felt like half way across the hideout before opening a non-descriptant door that lead into a dark shadowy room. He shoved me to the center of the room and took his seat by the red haired puppet master named Sasori. A shadowy figure sat at the front of the room I assumed he was the Leader, "So you're Jissai..." He started. I smiled, "Yes, O Dark One." I could feel the surprise radiating from the other Akatsuki members, but it didn't seem to affect the Leader.

"You seem to enjoy pranking my organization." He said without emotion. I kept my grin in place and began to rock back on my heels, as if I didn't have a care in the world, "Yes, O Dark One." His pale right hand, the only thing visible to me, twitched and I mentally cheered at the accomplishment. "I see you have given us all ridiculous nicknames, you've destroyed Deidara's clay supply and stole money from Kazuku. What have you to say for yourself?" I couldn't help but roll my eyes. That was the question I was asked the most. My smile took an evil turn, "Wellllll, you see... I don't care. That's what I got to say for myself, O Dark One."

The Leader took a deep breath, probably to stop from killing me then and there, before saying, "Just stop it, you're dismissed." I bowed respectively and murmured "Thank you..." I turned away and walked to the door, I could feel the stares of the Akatsuki on me. I could tell they were wondering if I was going to annoy the Leader any more. Just as I touched the door I paused as if forgetting to say something, "...O Dark One." Then I ran out before he could do anything.


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