Chapter 6

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I panted, keeping my back against my door. I had done it now, Itachi was going to kill me, or trap me in Tsukuyomi to torture me a little first. I had thought that the Uchiha wouldn't be so bothered by it; he was so expressionless, I just didn't expect it. And from the faces of everyone else, they didn't either. He scared me more than Zetsu did yesterday when he threatened to eat me alive if I bothered him anymore (I crossed Zetsu off the annoying list because of it). All I did was say he missed a spot when he killed his clan!

After an hour, I began to relax, I guess Angel calmed him down. I was sure to hear about it now from the Leader. When no one still didn't appear at my door, ready to kill me, I slowly straightened and walked over to my bed. Just as I sat down someone barged in, I shrieked, thinking it was Itachi coming to murder me, and vaulted to the other side of the bed. "If you're going to annoy us, the least you could do was lock the door." Deidara drawled boredly, but I could tell he was trying not to laugh.

I popped my head up and glared at him, "And who destroyed my lock?" I retorted. Deidara smirked, "Leader-sama wants you." He said before leaving me to find the room on my own. I swung back up on my bed and rubbed my chin in throught; to go and annoy him, or don't go and annoy him? To answer my dilema I pulled out my prank notebook and the list of possible pranks. I skimmed the list of things that annoyed the Leader for an idea. I stopped at the sixth one and smirked as I tapped my nail against it. Pure evil.

I skipped to the meeting room and smiled at everyone when I entered, as if all of them weren't thinking of ways to kill me. The Leader didn't even speak, I wondered if it was because he knew what I would do. I smiled brightly, "My sir, you look particularly menacing today." I could feel his glare on me and instictivly I shivered, I didn't even bother to suppress it. "You, Jissai have-" "Stop talking." I cut him off. A sharp intake of air from the other members. I just smiled. He paused before continuing, "Have disobe-" I interjected, "Didn't I just tell you to stop?" I nagged at him like a mother, fists on my hips.

A quiet snicker came from a corner of the room, I spared a glance in that direction to see Itachi giving Angel a stern look, who in turn slapped a hand over her mouth, trying to stop laughing. It didn't really help, she just smothered them to short snorts. The Leader spoke again, his voice deadly, "If you interupt me again..." When I didn't say anything he continued, a bit more cautiously, "You have disobeyed my orders to-" I couldn't help but interupt him one last time before I died, "Why are you so bossy?" More snickers, and not just from Angel.

There was a moment of silent before the Leader stood and pointed at me, his pale hand coming into the light, "Get her!" He snapped. I screamed bloddy murder, making them all cringe, and took my chance to escape. All too soon I could hear them on my heels, I was dead for sure. Good-bye everyone, because I wasn't even going to live to see end of this day.


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