Chapter 7

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I managed to get to my room before everyone else and threw the door shut before propping a chair under the handle, that should stall them long enough for me to set up the proper protections. I pulled out a senbon needle and a bottle of ink and knelt of the floor facing the door. Drawing a deep breath I pricked my wrist at the vein and squeezed a few drops of blood into the ink. I could hear them banging on the door, I had to hurry.

I managed to sit back down on the floor just as Kisame broke the door down. When Deidara saw the circle of ink around me, five feet in diameter, he shook his head and stood to the side. He knew what I was doing, the amusing thing was he didn't tell anyone else. Hidan, still sore from the diary incident, rushed me, scythe ready to swing. The minute the weapon touched the air above the ink circle, a dark blue bubble sprang up from it, dipping around the scythe so it wouldn't touch the red blades. Hidan pulled back confused and the ink dropped again.

I pressed my finger tips to my lips, playfully giggling and fluttering my eyelashes. Konan and Angel exchanged amused glances and joined Deidara at the wall. I knew they were here for the show, nothing more. Kisame was next with his big sword. He, stupidly, tried the same thing and got the same results. Itachi frowned and activated his Sharingan, inspecting my work. His eyes turned dark again when he realized the problem, but he didn't say anything.

Zetsu tried next, sinking down into the floor and trying to come up inside the circle. The bubble activated again and surrouned Zetsu, so that he was standing in a small island surrounded by blue. When he tried to step towards me, the circle followed him. The plant-man growled and returned to his position outside the ink circle. Kazuku tried throwing senbon needles at me. The circle drew around them in tubes, following them further into the circle and then bent back around so the needles shot at the Akatsuki. They dodged out of the way before glaring at Kakuzu and me. I bit my lower lip and smiled coyly.

Sasori did the smart thing and turned to Deidara, "Brat, you were Jissai's teammate, do you know what this is?" Deidara seemed to enjoy having his partner ask him something, but he shrugged and said, "It's called a Bubble Sheild, and part of her Kekke Genkai, un. Nothing gets in unless she premits it. The ultimate defence, yeah." I gasped, "Wow Dei-Dei, you actually remembered, I'm so proud." I exaggretedly clapped, earning a silver-blue eyed glare. Just to provoke him more, I pretended to wipe imaginary tears from my eyes and sniffed a few times.

Deidara scowled for a moment then smirked at me, "The only problem is, she's stuck there. Everything must come to her, un." I glared at him, he wasn't supposed to remember that much! Hell, when we were kids, he couldn't even remember the name for it! Kisame tilted his head, "So we let her starve?" Angel huffed, "Oh come on! That's a little too harsh, Jissai's not hurting anyone!" Konan added with a smirk, "Just your egos." All the Akatsuki men glared at the blue haired woman and Itachi's girlfriend, but they didn't seem bothered by it like I would be. Although, granted, they were probably used to it. Deidara spoke again, "No... but we in her room, I'm sure she keeps a prank notebook around here some where. She used to carry one, yeah."

I barked a short laugh, "You think I didn't learn the first time?" I taunted, waving the notebook in the air, I had made sure to grab it before I closed the circle. Deidara and Kuu had once managed to get ahold of it... that was an experiance I didn't want to repeat. Deidara grumbled something under his breath and pouted. Then he brightened and I knew I wouldn't like what came next. Smiling at me, he withdrew a scroll from his sleeve and dangled it just within an inch of the shield's edge. "Remember this, un?" My black eyes widened and I growled, "You. Wouldn't. Dare." I could see the Akatsuki exchanging confused looks behind Deidara. The blonde bomber smiled evilly, "Pay back time, Jissai. It's a bitch, yeah."


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