Chapter 8

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I stood and held out my hend, "Hand it over, Deidara. That's not funny." The infuriating blonde smirked at me and unrolled the scroll, "Time for a taste of you're own medicine, sweetheart, hm." He looked down at the paper and started, "1. Jissai is adnormally afraid of-" I lunged for the blonde, breaking my protective bubble and tackled him, unfortunatly I couldn't take him down. "Give that back!" I shouted. Deidara laughed cruelly and held the scroll above my head, just out of my reach.

I tired to jump up and snag it, I even tried climbing Deidara, who just pushed me away easily. When I took a swing at him, Deidara held me at arm's length, his hand covering the left side of my face. Suddenly I squealed and jumped away from him scurbbing at my cheek, 'You're freakin' hand LICKED me!" I yelled, causing everyone to laugh, even Itachi chuckled. Deidara held out his hand, it's tongue flicking in and out like a snake's, "I have no control over it, Jissy." My eye twitched, "Call me that again and you'll regret it." I hated that nickname with a burning passion.

Over Deidara's shoulder, Konan leaned closer to Angel to whisper loud enough that I could hear her from across the room, "I think it's more entertaining to see them argue then it is to watch her torture everyone with pranks." Angel whole-heartedly agreed. Deidara continued his reading, "Jissai is scared of falling leaves, un." Dead silence. Angel gave me a 'what-the-freak' look while the rest of the Akatsuki laughed, but I ignored them in favor of scorching Deidara with my glare, "Well, you're gay." I snapped. Deidara gave me a look, "I am not! I kissed you, didn't I?" I could tell the Akatsuki were really interested in that. My upper lip twitched, "You were drunk, it doesn't count." He smirked, he knew he had hit a sore spot, "Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart, and maybe you'll believe it, yeah."

"Stop calling me sweetheart, Barbie." I growled. Suprisingly Deidara didn't react to the nickname, instead he rolled the scroll back up and put it away. He leaned in close until our faces were only inches apart, I wanted to step away, but I just couldn't. I couldn't show that I was a coward. "Sure thing, sweetheart, once you stop messing with me, un." I crossed my arms, I would never stop. This was my revenge, and I wasn't about to let it go. A sudden idea came to me, an idea that would put all my other ideas to shame.

Quickly, before I got cold feet, I leaned up and pressed my mouth to Deidara's, I even managed to get my tongue briefly past his lips before he jerked away. The blonde stared at me as if I had grown horns, which wouldn't have surprised me, and stepped back a little red in the face. I smirked in victory, I had won the battle, if not the war. The rest of the Akatsuki were all in their own states of shock. Angel and Konan were grinning at me, while Itachi, Sasori and Zetsu looked indifferent as usual, but something about their stance told me they were shocked. Especially Sasori. Hidan and Kisame were just looking between the two of us, their mouths hanging open while Tobi tried to protect is innonsense by covering his eyehole in his mask with both hands. I fluttered my eyelashes at the still dumbfounded blonde, "Now that one counts. And for the record, I kissed you." That's when the bomber fled the room, though he managed to keep his dignity by not running out.

Hidan finally got a hold of himself and whistled, "Hey, bitch, when's my turn?" I glared at him, "When you castrate yourself with a rusty kunai. Or possible when you denounce Jashin. I'm good with either." Angel snikered at Hidan's face while Konan shooed the rest of the Akatsuki out, including the fuming Hidan. After she closed the door and pressed her back against it, Angel dared to say, "Okay, so it's obvious there's something between you two." I snorted and sat on my bed, "Maybe when we were kids and both still the good guys."

Konan joined me on the bed, "And now..." I gave both of them a look. "Now I'm too busy trying to get myself killed to worry about it. Besides, it's obvious he hates me." Angel and Konan looked at each other. Konan's eyebrows raised and Angel shrugged then nodded. The blue haired woman turned back to me, "That's not true. You would be dead if it weren't for him." I frowned at her, I wasn't sure if I would like what came next, "...What do you mean?" Angel smiled, "Pe-I mean the Leader wanted to kill you. He thought you were useless, but Deidara managed to convince him otherwise." My frown turned into a scowl, "So... Deidara is the reason why I'm something I was raised to hate?"

I could tell that wasn't the reaction they were looking for, Angel hurried to add, "Dei tried to get you out entirely actually, but P...uh... the Leader said you had seen too much. So Deidara cashed in a favor the Leader owed him. Though I don't know how he even got it in the first place... I mean, how does someone as low as-" Konan snapped, "Angel! Focus." The copper haired girl sheepishly grinned and continued, "What I mean to say is Dei called in a favor and the Leader agreed to let you live as long as you didn't sabatoge the Akatsuki." I stared horrified, "So... all that I've been doing...?" Konan gave my shoulder a playful shove, "Only harms their egos, personally I don't mind. These boys are too uptight! Don't worry, in the Leader's eyes, sabatoge means telling someone where the base is."

I stared at her, black colored eyes wide. Quickly I pulled out my prank book and flipped it open before scribbling out something. Angel watched me curiously, "What are you doing...?" She asked. I glanced up at her then back down at the black out, "Crossing out my next prank." Konan and Angel exhanged another look, before the blue haired Akatsuki member asked cautiously, "And what was it?" I grinned, "My next prank was to tell the world where the Akatsuki hideout was! I guess I'll move annoying Kisame up a day, but that will put me behind schedule for teasing Kazuku. Maybe I could switch Day Fourty with Prank Eleven and give Hidan a break instead of going ahead with-" I cut off when I noticed Angel's and Konan's expression. I looked at them curiously, my head tilted to the side, "What?"

Angel had her 'what-the-freak' face on again, "I thought your pranks were... spontanious!" I gave her a look, "When you're a master prankster like me, planning is everything." Konan laughed suddenly, "Maybe the Leader will make you his assistant when he stops trying to kill you!" I smiled sarcasitaclly, "And maybe Kazuku secretly splurges all the money when no one's looking!" I retorted, though I had a suspision...


I needed a break from the prank-and-run. Also, I needed to start developing Dei's and Jissai's 'relationship'...

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