Chapter 9

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No one came to my room at an ungodly time to drag me to the stuffy office the next day. I sat there on my bed in the same place through out the night. Konan and Angel thought I was unaffected by what they told me, I saw it in their eyes, but I had learned long ago never to show my true emotion to anyone. I was startled and oddly touched that Deidara would try so hard to keep me alive. Maybe they were right, maybe he didn't hate me.


I finally gave up waiting around ten in the morning and headed for the kitchen to eat. I paused in the doorway, watching everyone go about their morning routine. Angel tiredly leaned against her boyfriend, her eyes half closed while Itachi forced her to eat. Kisame was inhaling his food of everything meat, across from him Deidara sat sipping coffee and looking disgusted at the shark-man. Hidan was rummaging through the kitchen, looking for something to eat.

When Hidan noticed me he literally jumped three feet in the air, bashing his head on the cabnets above him. Everyone looked over that the Jashinist and then followed his gaze to me holding onto the door frame, laughing. That was better than any prank! Still giggling I sat down beside Kisame, "Well that was refreshing." I stated calmly, resting my chin on my laced fingers. Angel seemed to be the only one amused.

Kisame watched me cautiously out of the corner of his beady eye, I pretended not to notice as I playfully tried to steal Deidara's coffee from him. The blonde glared and moved the cup out of my reach. "Oh come on! I only want a drink!" Deidara narrowed his eyes at me, "I know you, Jissai. Your 'drink' is a whole cup, un." I pouted, "How about a sip?" I offered. The bomber leaned closer, a smirk playing on his lips, "Give me a kiss first, yeah." Everyone in the room, even Itachi, looked on amused. I held Deidara's gaze for a while, my nails drumming into the table, before I looked away, muttering, "Forget it."

"Awwww, don't be coy, sweetheart. You didn't seem to have trouble kissing me yesterday, hm." Deidara said slyly, I glared at him, "Only to get you out of my face." Deidara grinned mischieviously, "Yeah, it sure seemed that way, un." Kisame groaned loudly before I could respond, "Stop flirting!" I glared at the blue skinned man, "Did you even HAVE a girlfriend? Like, ever?" Itachi chuckled quietly, which surprised me. Kisame turned purplish, I guess it was his version of a blush. Before he could say anything, I slapped him hard in the face, actually making him fall back in his seat.

No one said anything. They all just stared at me, anyone who had brains would know that Kisame was the most trigger happy Akatsuki member. Hidan, Deidara and Angel stared openly at me, shock written on all their faces while Itachi looked amused. Kisame straightened in his seat, his eyes so deadly, for a moment I regreted my actions. I could see a perfect dark purple imprint of my hand appearing on his left cheek. Instead of giving into my fear I shrugged, "Mosquito." I said casually. He didn't seem to like the joke, "I suggest you run now." He growled.


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