Shadow in the Breeze: Underground

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I started following the creatures from a distance one was a large rock creature, another was red with large claws and two horns on the back of it, the last was a blue creature that was scaling the walls on its arms and legs spiting some sort of acid on the walls of the melting the rock to go through the earth.

What the hell?

These creatures thought to be mindless animals act as if they are a group looking for something. I needed to get closer to see what they were and what they wanted. I decided to travel the same route with as them and confront them when they finally sensed me. I made sure my hand was on the handle of my sword the whole time.

The creatures lead me to a makeshift lab wandering around it making sure the machines were still working or something.

"You need any help" I said walking out of the shadows.

The creatures turned towards me and showed their fangs.

"Relax I'm not here to hurt you guys I just want to talk." I said placing my hands out to show I had no weapon.

"My name is Shadow and I just want to know who you are." I said.

The blue creature walked up to me and sniffed around me.

"You smell of just like the others we have seen." The blue creature said.

"You've seen my brothers?" I asked.

"If you mean the green creatures then yes we have. They are walking around here but they must be careful there are others who have lost their minds and will attack at a moment's notice. I am Quarry." Quarry said.

Quarry pointed towards the stone creature and said, "That is Stonebiter and the one over there is Razorfist."

"Hello there." I said waving towards Stonebiter and Razorfist."

They waved back.

"They do not speak too much." Quarry said.

"You said there are others that have lost their minds." I asked Quarry.

"Yes watch this to fully understand." Quarry said bringing me to a monitor.

I stood and watched scientist experiment on humans and turning them into the creatures they stood next to me now.

"The Foot" I muttered

"We are all loosely losing who we used to be but the others are far too gone." Quarry said.

"Correction who you ARE Quarry and a mind is never too gone they are just lost wandering around looking for someone to guide them." I said.

"I see" Quarry said.

"We must find my brothers before they do something stupid." I said.

"Agreed they have no idea what is hidden in the shadows nor others things that lurk out there." Quarry warned.

Quarry and his companions and I left the lab to find my brothers. Using Quarry's night vision along with my own we traveled the tunnels avoiding other creatures that Quarry had warned me to find a campsite that my brothers made. Rocks had fallen as if they were attacked and forced to move.

"This is the work of the others." Quarry said.

"Find my brothers I'll look out for the others and lead them away." I said.

"Be careful out there." Quarry warned me.

"And you of my brothers." I said.

"Here use this to show them we are allies." I said handing them my short blade.

"Careful of Raph he acts before he thinks so he might attack you if you show him this but Leo will calm him down and then you'll have a chance to explain why you have it." I explained.

"Why do you not call them?" Quarry asked me.

I pointed to a device destroyed under rocks.

"Looks like your friends destroyed our only way of communication." I said. "Go"

Quarry and his companions left to find my brothers while I went furthered into the underground to find out what we were after.

I traveled far into darkness with mist blocking my vision for miles and miles along what felt like nothing but my night vision and my sixth sense showed me on a path towards a large structure. I grasp the handle of one of my swords someone was moving in the mist and they didn't like me getting close.

A screeching noise echoed the area. It must have been one of those others but this sounded like it was hurt or in danger. I ran forward towards the structure but a flash of light blinded me, covering my eyes wherever the creature was I could no longer sense it.

Whatever or whoever was near was taking these creatures away and disappearing with the mist. I had to get to higher ground and try to get into contact with my brothers and Quarry.

Lucky I placed a two way transmitter on the handle of the knife. I pressed face of my watch, pulling out a button on the side I placed it in my ear.

"This is Hamato can you hear me over."


"Hello guys if you can hear me press the butt of the sword."


"Hey guys looks like you met my new friends."

"Hey Shadow anything to report."

"Nothing Leo. I've made my way to a city covered by darkness and mist but nothing. I thought I sensed one of the others down here but as soon as I got closer to it a blinding light blocked my vision and the creature disappeared and so was whatever was chasing it and me."

"Be careful Shadow. Radio us if you find anything."

"Got it Donnie. I'll be careful just like I want you guys to"

"Quarry stay with them and remember who you are not who you used to be both of you are one in the-"

I turned around just as the blinding light came at me. I had no time to dodge as whatever it was. I threw my watch off my wrist off the structure and let whatever it was hit me.

I stayed unconscious for a long time not knowing what was happening around me or what became of my friends or my brothers.

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