Shadow in the Breeze: Underground

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I felt someone shaking my shoulders but I had no idea who. Whoever it was tried to wake me desperately but gave up after a while. Then someone else tried to wake me but still nothing. Only until someone came stomping in and ran into me did I wake up.

"What the hell was that for?" I yelled clutching my stomach.

"Finally" Donnie breathed a sigh of relief.

"What" I asked.

"You've been unconscious ever since we got here." Leo said.

"Where is here?" I asked.

"Relax young one we are friends."

I turned around quickly and reached for my sword. Leo placed his hand over mine to stop me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am just a friend who is just here to help those who need help."

"And I'm the Queen of England" I scoffed.

"Shadow!" Leo yelled.

"Sorry about her." Leo apologized.

I stood up wobbling a bit, "Well I'm not."

I started walking away when the Mysterious Entity and my brothers stopped me.

"Shadow stay we need to hear what he has to say." Leo said gripping my arm tightly.

I shrugged Leo off. Something wasn't right and I needed to know.

"I need answers." I said.

Leaving my brothers to wait for Mikey I traveled the grounds searching for anything. I walked around feeling the grounds and walls trying to find someone or something that could give me a clue to what or where we were. Walking around I looked up to see a large stone shining brightly in the sky. The power of whatever it was greatly influenced the place.

Looking deeper into the city I found nothing but things in cased in something that was preserving them.

What the hell is this place?

Whatever these things were I couldn't touch them.

A banging noise caught my attention. I ran over to see Quarry banging on the walls of whatever he was captured in.

"QUARRY!" I yelled.

I tried to help him but whatever he was trapped in encased him trapping him in the same preservation everyone else was in. I looked around to see my other friends were trapped just like Quarry and I knew who was doing this.

I took out my sword and ran to my brothers to warn them.

"Guys we need to talk" I yelled running into room with my brothers.

"Oh crap." I muttered

It looks like my brothers found out what this Mysterious Entity was really up to. Mikey was the only able to fight.

"Mikey catch!" I yelled.

I threw Mikey a bolas I found on the ground to Mikey and he threw it at the Mysterious Entity. Wrapping around him as the balls on the ends of the line touched the man disappeared. My brothers were released and we ran to the room where I found Quarry and everyone else. Releasing everyone we tried to leave but as soon as the one called Stonebiter left the city's lights he began to change back to his monstrous form. My brothers helped move him back to the light of the city and we knew something was wrong.

The light of the city was keeping them human and their mutants stabled but because of that they couldn't leave the city. Donnie vowed to find a way to create a serum to keep them human so they could leave the city.

We traveled back to the lair trying to understand why this happened. I went ahead of my brothers because my work phone started ringing.

"Yes this is Zhulong."

"Zhulong you are needed in England."

"Got it anything I need to know?"

"Something is going to go boom get ready we're leaving in an hour."

"Zhulong out."

When I got home I rushed to get my bag together and ran out of the lair leaving Master Splinter to tell my brothers that I was leaving.

I arrived at work with my gear on to the roof. The helicopter we took was getting ready to leave. The team was all ready and geared up for battle.

The mission was simple someone has placed a bomb on a bridge in London and will blow it up killing and injuring those around and on the bridge. We had no clue what bridge it was or where in England but we had to find out in the next forty eight hours.

We ride on the helicopter to the military airport and get a ride on a cargo plane out. Just like always.

"Hey Zhulong you okay?"

I turned to see Daichi or Ryujin for his code name asked me with a concerned look on his face.

"It's nothing just thinking about things." I said.

"Clear your head then we have a mission." Kenshi code name Fucanglong said.

"Hey cut her some slack we don't what has been happening." Ren code name Shenlong said in my defense.

"It's nothing Shenlong a lot has been happening and I'm just tired of this world at times." I said. "Where's Shen?" I asked.

Shen was the code name for Aaron.

"He's coming he had to get the pilot up to speed with our stop then he's coming." Ryujin said.

"Got it." I answered.

The plan was for us to parachute into England near the London Eye and used intel to find out who set the bombs, where they were located, and disarm them. All we were told was that someone had information and was going to be on the top of Big Ben.

My phone in my pocket started to vibrate and ring.

"Who is it?" Fucanglong asked.

I looked at the caller ID on my shell cell reading Donatello.

"My brother" I muttered.

"You going to answer it?" Ryujin asked.

I closed my phone and placed it on silent.

"It's better this way." Fucanglong said.

"I know" I muttered looking out the window to the sky.

Shen finally arrived and strapped in. We took off into the sky waiting until we were signaled to jump.

"Ready?" Shen asked.

"Always" I said.

We flew in silence. I didn't know what the others were thinking about but all I could do was replay the events in the underground and the sadness I felt for the ones still trapped down there because the Foot. I didn't know why they were chosen but maybe because they had no one they would not be missed.

My brothers were just like that unable to stay above the streets because of their differences forced to stay secluded because of people's judgments. My deal with Satoshi was still in play and as long as I stayed helping them they would continue to create a way for them to stay above even if it was in disguise.

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