Shadow in the Breeze: Underground

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Two days later I arrived back to New York but instead of returning home as soon as I returned I had to stay at headquarters for a few more days. The team and I suffered injuries from mission, we were able to stop the bombs and capture the man but we didn't know about a secondary bomb the man swallowed to evade capture. By the time we found out the man blew himself up. I was able to contain the blast but suffered burns on my arms because of it. Fucanglong aka Kenshi also was hurt from the blast trying to get people out of the way and to cover. Ryujin aka Daichi helped Fucanglong and I with our burn until we were EVAC out a few hours later.

I had to stay in the ICU burn unit with Kenshi waiting until my burns healed. No scarring or trace of what happened was all I cared about. Because I was able to control water I was able to leave the next day but I stayed with Kenshi because I felt sorry for not being able to hold the blast back long enough. We didn't lose anyone and no civilian was injuried either but still I felt guilty for Kenshi getting hurt.

But Kenshi didn't want to hear anything about it. No moping or feeling sorry for himself if he was in the same position he would do everything the same. We can't change the past all we can do is learn from it.

I never told my brothers what happened or what has been happening to me ever since I took the job. I wasn't going to drag them into this and I wasn't going to start. Protecting them was all I cared about. When I arrived home I could tell something wasn't right the air was too heavy. Splinter had called me to his room to discuss something that has happened since I left.

"The Shredder has increased his movements around the city his army has begun to become bolder and bolder with their attacks on your brothers. Be careful when you leave. I fear that whatever you are really doing Shadow will catch up with you soon." Splinter stated.

"Yes Master." I said.

Splinter was right whatever was happening with the Shredder and my job were starting to become more and more intangible with each other and soon my brothers would find out what I truly did to get them freedom.

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