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WE || K.SJ ✔


Jin got into an accident and found that he was losing himself slowly. His mind was taking control over all his surroundings including his memories. While on his journey to understanding, he met 6 young men who changed his life and made realization hit him. "It's gonna be okay. You are okay now. Don't be scared. I'm here. WE are here." This book is edited by @Love4Yoongi. Hope you don't forget to leave a heart & hopefully a review 😊

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“Hyung! Why are you zoning out? Eat up before it gets cold.”

I looked up at the unfamiliar person in front of me with confusion clearly written all over my face.

Where am I?

I quickly eyed the place around me, feeling my heart race in sudden fear because of the unknown current place and situation.

However, I did my best to look calm as I took in my surroundings. It looked like a restaurant, and I was supposed to be eating with the person sitting across from me, casually talking to me as if we knew each other for years.

I tilted my head while whispering to myself, “strange.”

The person in front of me suddenly waved his hand in front of my face saying, “Hyung! How many times did I tell you to be careful with your health! You look so pale. Eat more please.”

I nodded politely, but kept taking suspicious glances at him, but then my eyes caught the food placed in front of me. Pork belly along with a rice ball, also the chopsticks were neatly placed beside the plate, showing that the food has just arrived.

Did I order that? When did I? How did I get here? I think I’m starting to be forgetful.

The stranger before me was already eating, but I couldn’t help myself from asking him, “Sorry to sound weird and everything, but can I ask who you are?”

“Oh!” He gasped then placed his chopsticks down while answering, “I know you’ve been having short term amnesia lately, so let me introduce myself again. My name is Min Yoongi, and we’ve been friends for a week now. How about that?”

An “Ah” escaped my mouth, pretending as if I remembered him, but surely I didn’t remember anything. Something funny was certainly happening over here.

Is this a joke?

I ignored the current situation, stopping myself from asking further questions as I wanted to avoid looking like a crazy person who remembers nothing.

He went back to eating while eyeing him and started eating as well since I felt the food was safe to eat because I sure felt like this food was poisoned of some sort.

After moments of silent eating, a ringtone coming from our table startled us. “It’s mine. Wait here. I’ll be quick,” The so-called, Yoongi, said and got up while placing his phone to his ear, uttering a “hello” to the other line with a formal tone to it.

A cellphone? Where is mine?

I set the food aside and fidgeted with my pant pockets in an attempt to look for my phone, which was nowhere to be found.

Yoongi suddenly came back surprising me, making me sit back quickly in my seat to avoid suspicion.

“Hyung sorry for leaving. Are you okay?” He said with a worried pitch, his eyes looked sincere, which baffled me.

I didn’t know him, but he looked like he knew me well.

Am I having amnesia for real? I’m starting to feel anxious. Something was definitely wrong. Should I ask him?

I bit my lower lip then exhaled heavily and decided to ask. I looked up at him, causing him to raise a questioning eyebrow at me, asking, “What?”

“I want to ask. Am I sick or something? Because I don’t quite remember a lot of things.” I said, as I uncomfortably shuffled in my chair while looking around me again, making sure if anyone was looking at me.

I feel anxious around people, so why did I accept going out with that guy to a restaurant?

“What do you remember, Jin hyung?” He asked with his eyes hooked on my face, causing my ears to turn red from the attention he was giving me.

I looked down at my lap, and closed my eyes lightly as I reminisced the last event I remembered clearly, “I was driving.”

I paused while fiercely closing my eyes, clenching both of my hands on both sides of the chair, I then remembered the feeling of everything.

My heartbeat. The loud scream of a woman. The dramatic loud none-ending cars’ horns. The screeching sound of wheels against the road. The feeling of my body crashing against the steering wheel, and the feeling of being scared.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my back rubbing circles, while, Yoongi, was soothingly speaking into my ears, “It’s gonna be okay. You are okay now. Don’t be scared. I’m here. We’re here.”

I heaved with every word he said. I understood the comforting words, but the last thing he said. It didn’t make sense.

‘We’ who are ‘we’.

Most importantly, I glance at him with my whole body still shaking, who is he?

Dear Aliens,

So this is the first chapter of this book...I hope you enjoy reading it.

It will only be Jin’s POV.

Yours, Authornim ;)

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