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Blood Bond

By shadowstar_hatake


Our Vows

Blood Bond

When I was little I would always look up to my big brother Leo. Leo and I were close but unlike my other brothers, Leo and I were even closer than even our father thought we were. One night when both Mikey and Donnie were sleeping and our father was in deep mediation Leo and I snuck out of bed and ran into the dojo. Silently Leo and I entered the dojo and closed the door behind us as quietly as we could. Looking around I scanned for the one thing that would bond Leo and I for life. I looked at Leo who was also looking for it, Leo raised his head and pointed up. I followed his hand to a small knife on a pedestal. With Leo's help I grabbed the knife off the pedestal and opened it up. The light was shining even in the dark dojo.

Leo and I walked into the center of the dojo and kneeled down on the ground.

"You sure about this Raphie?" Leo asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah Leo I'm more sure about this than anything else." I answered.

Leo nodded and gave me his right hand with his palm facing up.

I took my right hand and placed side by side with his. With the small knife in my hand and made a small horizontal cut across Leo's palm. Leo gritted his teeth to keep himself silent. Both Leo and I nodded and I gave him the knife. Leo did the same thing as me on my palm. Placing the knife on the floor Leo and I linked each other's hands with our cuts touching and made our vows.

I, Hamato Leonardo bond myself to Hamato Raphael for life. Raphael you are my best friend in the whole world and I love you. With this act I tie myself to you, even if we drift away in the future this scar will always remain me that you are my blood brother. I hope that one day I can be as great as you are.

I nodded my head. Holding back the tears that were starting to form I stared into Leo's eyes and recited my vows.

I, Hamato Raphael bond myself to Hamato Leonardo for life. Leonardo I cannot imagine life without you in it. You are the thing I look up to and who I want to be. I tie myself with you and just like you even if we drift away in the future this scar will always remain me that you are my blood brother but I hope that we never will.

Leo and I tighten our grip onto each other and smiled. Cleaning up and tying a small pack of bandages around our hands Leo and I silently went back to our rooms to sleep.

But after our ceremony and vows Leo was chosen as the next head of the clan and to be leader. Leo was soon filled with duties and training that he never really had time for me. He would always go over to our two younger brothers when they cried. I started to feel separated from him. My big brother was now the center of attention and the apple of my father's eye. I rubbed my thumb over the scar on my hand and tried to remember that night but each time I remembered the more rage and desire to be better than Leo grew stronger and stronger. To the point I wished for Leo to disappear.

Ten years later I got my wish.

My brothers and I were out on a training run. When we stopped to rest near port. Mikey and Donnie were panting heavily and leaning on their knees. I was laughing internally because of how stupid they looked but externally I stared to argue with Leo like I always did.

"Great job Fearless you drag us out here on a stupid run to do what run us ragged?" I ranted.

"Raph you and I both know I that this is just a training run and that I would never do anything to hurt my brothers." Leo said.

"Whatever Fearless. If I were leader than things would go a lot better and you know that." I said accusingly pointing my finger at Leo.

"Raph just stop this already. I'm tired of you doing thing every time we leave the lair." Leo said exasperated.

Leo turned his back on me and started to get ready to move again. But this time was different, I was tired of him always turning his back on me. For years he would ignore me if we got into fights like this. I roared and tackled Leo from behind, he fell forward onto the ground. Leo turned on his shell and covered his head from my barrage of punches.

"Leo!" Donnie cried. "Stop it Raph!" Mikey added.

Mikey and Donnie grabbed both my arms and pined them behind me. Pulling me off Leo, I struggled under their grip. Leo stood up and wiped a streak of blood coming out of him mouth from a cut on his lip. I thought Leo was going to yell at me but all he did was shake his head.

I roared and threw Mikey and Donnie off me. Mikey and Donnie tumbled and fell at Leo's feet. This time Leo readied himself for me but as I shook with anger with my hands hovering over the handles of my sais, Leo's attention moved to the warehouse.

"What you afraid that I'll beat you that your starting to hear stuff?" I said.

But Leo was serious this time. My brothers and I turned our attention to the warehouse that Leo was watching and from the shadows we watched the Foot coming in and out.

"We need to leave" Leo stated.

"No way Leo this is our chance." I said.

"No Raph this isn't our fight."

"To hell it is. We can't just run away with our tails tucked under our shells back home with the Foot here caught in the act."

"Raph I'm not saying we need run away but we need to come back with a plan. We can't go running in with a warehouse full of who knows what."

Anger started to rise higher and higher within me.

"Forget you I'm not a coward. So unless you want to go run home back to father than go a head. I'll be the leader here."

I ran out of our hiding place towards with the warehouse with my sais in my hands. Leo looked at our brothers and shook his head. Taking out their weapons they followed me into the warehouse by the way of shadows.

I ran full force into the warehouse taking down any foot soldier that was had the unluckiness of being greeted by a pissed off me.

When I entered the warehouse I knew I was in trouble. The place was filled with Foot soldiers and some kind of machine in the center. I gripped my sais tighter and ran at full force at them. By now my brothers have joined and we all started fighting together.

"Raph this is stupid we need to leave." Leo yelled.

"No way fearless. Not when we're winning." I yelled back.

"Raph you don't understand their-"

"No you don't understand I'm tired of always being under your shadow. Now it's time for me to shine. It's time for me to be the better son. It's time for you to just disappear!" I shouted.

Leo looked at me with wide eyes but quickly got back into the heat of the battle.

"Donnie have you gotten closer to the machine?" Leo shouted.

"Almost, Leo just keep them off me for a few moments." Donnie answered.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Leo didn't answer me but when Donnie ran over to the machine and started typing on the keyboard he answered me.

"Raph I scanned the machine and found out that the machine is used to cause termers underwater. If this machine is allowed underwater then it will cause the sea floor to shake and the water above to move erratically and massive waves will flood anything near the water and drag people to their deaths."

"Oh crap" I said looking at the machine.

Donnie was working up dismantling the machine while me and my bothers fought around him. Mikey started to get pushed back towards Donnie so Leo ran over to him and took over his fight. Leo's side was cut by the edge of a blade when he pushed Mikey to the ground. Clutching his side Leo stood up with his sword pointed at the Foot soldiers while Mikey was laying on the ground shaking in fear. When I saw the sight of blood dripping off my brother I lost it. I may dislike my brother at time and I am very jealous of him but I never wanted to hurt him. As blood fell off and dropped into a small pool under him my eyes went red and started slashing and stabbing foot soldier like there was no tomorrow. Leo saw this and grabbed Mikey and Donnie and placed them behind them. Donnie was down is mantling the machine yelling,

"Guys it's done but we need to leave now!"

"Why Donnie?" Mikey asked.

"Because the Foot knew that if it was ever destroyed or dismantled that they had to go to plan B. Blowing it up."

My brothers turned around to and looked at the machine to see a timer counting down from thirty.

"Run I'll get Raph" Leo order.

Donnie and Mikey ran out of the warehouse into the water.


"Raph we need to leave now!" Leo shouted placing his swords back into their sheaths. But everything went through one ear through another. All I cared about was killing Foot soldiers.


"RAPH Listen to me there is a bomb!" Leo shouted.

Leo's voice was drowned out by the screams and gasps of the Foot soldiers my sais plunged into.


When I saw Foot soldiers running out of the warehouse I finally heard my brother's voice.

"Raphael we need to leave!"


When I turned around to look at my brother and the timer we both could see it was too late. We started running out of the warehouse.



I turned to look at Leo as we ran out of the warehouse.


"I'm sorry"


Leo rammed himself into me and I flew into a scaffolding collapsing it with my shell and having it protect me as the bomb detonated.

I coughed and blinked a couple of times. The air was filled with soot and my ears were still ringing. I pushed the boards and metal beams off me and looked around. All I cared about at that moment was finding Leo.

"Leo!" I shouted pushing around debris

"Leo if you can hear me answer me!"

Still nothing I didn't know if it was just the ringing in my ears or Leo but there was nothing.

I continued to push on ignoring my injuries and the pain radiating from my body. Pushing it into the depths of my mind I continued look for Leo. I only stopped when my foot stepped into something wet and when I looked down I could see it was red.

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