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My Baby || P.JM x Reader ✔

Chapter 2


I have to admit I got a little taken back when said that Maze is mine, but the moment after when I glanced at her beautiful face while Y/n was carrying her away, I got excited that’s why I followed her.

Now we are sitting in a cafe shop near the Market we were at a minute ago. Maze is sitting on y/n’s lap with her cute fingers in her mouth. I smile and raise my hand in front of Y/n gesturing her to give me Maze, so she carries Maze from under her armpit and gives her to me.

I place the little body on my lap, making her face me. She has a sweet smiley face. I trace her face’s outline with my hand as I peck her cheek then slowly rock the leg she is sitting on, trying to make her feel more comfortable.

“You seem happy,” Y/n says so I look up at her with a hand wrapped around Maze. I nod, saying “Didn’t you think that she’ll one day ask about her father?”

My words make y/n feel a little stressed as I see her biting her lower lip and tighten her hand on the chair’s arm. I look back up at her face in an attempt to calm her. “I’m not blaming you. I can see that you are doing a great job raising her.” I caress Maze’s back as I say that.

“Sorry for not telling you earlier. I was just scared that you-”

“Might not want to take responsibility?” I continue the words for her while I raise a questioning eyebrow. “Would you like to order something?” I ask, trying to break the tension between us. She nods and I call the waiter over as he takes our orders.

“Until the food comes, let’s know each other more since our encounter didn’t have much talking involved,” I giggle at the memory, but she looks away while taking her lip between her teeth. I understand she’s definitely embarrassed.

“What do you want to know?” She asks as she glances at Maze then back at me but speaks more, “If she’s heavy or bothering you, you can hand her over.”

I shook my head as I hold Maze into my embrace and stop rocking my leg. Her head rests on my chest, and she holds my hand with her small palms while playing with my fingers with hers so I let her then continue talking with y/n.

“Tell me, do you work?”

“Yes, I work from home for the time being since Maze is still young to be left with a caretaker.”

I hum to her words and continue asking, “Can you tell me anything about your family?” I seriously hope that I didn’t ask a sensitive question.

“My mother and father are both living in Canada ever since I was in college. My older brother though is here in Korea, but we aren’t living together before you ask.” I chuckle at that, making a small laugh escape her delicate lips which makes me lick my lips unconsciously.

5 more minutes of random talking and the waiter finally came with the food we ordered. However, y/n’s eyes suddenly become anxious as she keeps looking back and forth from the food and Maze. I narrow my eyes and slightly tilt my head at her sudden uncomfortableness.

“Something wrong?” I ask the moment the waiter finished with serving us.

She gets up and moves towards my side then carries Maze away from me, saying “she’ll probably bother you while eating. She gets messy around food. I tried to teach her-”

I quickly stop her unnecessary words which are coming out of her mouth with so much stress. I stand up with my hand caressing Maze’s head, but only looking at y/n, I say, “I like messy kids. I’m messy myself so no need to feel stressed out. Also, she is just 2 years old, let her be as messy as she wants to be.”

A shaky exhale leaves y/n mouth as she lets go of Maze, giving her to me. “Thank you,” she said, catching me off guard, so I look snap my head at her direction before sitting back down, asking “for?”

“For being nice.”

I smile and sit down again with Maze on my lap, but her little right-hand snatches something from the plate in front of me, making y/n get up quickly when she sees some food on my pants. I playfully gasp at Maze then slowly take away the food she snatched from her hand, “I guess you are too young to eat that.”

I patiently open her palm which was holding the food then place it on the side of the table. Calmly, I rub off the remaining of the food off her palm then brush off the ones on my pants. I look up and see y/n still standing up, so I ask “why are you still standing? I took care of the situation.”

Y/n sits back in her seat, but before eating, she takes a piece of the cake in her plate and leans forward to reach Maze then waits for her to open her mouth which didn’t take more a second before y/n places the food in Maze’s mouth.

So she eats cake, huh! I wait for her to finish swallowing then I take a small piece of cake from my plate and feed her just like Y/n did a minute ago. Maze’s small mouth brushed against my fingers, making me giggle. She is so cute just like a cat, is she really my baby?

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