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My Baby || P.JM x Reader ✔

Chapter 3


I look at him with my heart eyes. One of the things which make my heart flutter is to watch a man playing or acting all cute around kids. It’s so touching and shows the child him. The moment Maze accepted the cake from him, I started eating as well.

I usually don’t eat much, so when I finished eating, I excused myself to wash my hand, but both him and Maze were still eating.

Moments later both finish eating so he gets up with Maze still in his arms, making me get up as well and offer to take her from him, but he quickly says, “I’m not going to steal her away from you, trust me.”

I bite my lip and reply, “T-That’s not what’s on my mind.” I pout, making him giggle as I continue, “I just want to take her from you to give you space to wash your hands."

In response, he suddenly pushes Maze in my face so I quickly grab her as he gazes at me for a moment. “Are you satisfied now?” He crosses his arm on his chest, showing some annoyance.

I’m making him uncomfortable. I look down after that thought crosses my mind. “I’ll pay and leave. Thank you for today,” I say with my head low and walk away but a firm hand holds my arm.

He quickly retracts his hand away from me, “Sorry for holding you with my dirty hands.” I chuckle at his apology.

Oh god if he knows how many times Maze vomited on me already, he won’t be sorry for this small thing.

“Can you wait for me?” He asks with puppy eyes, melting my heart. Therefore, I nod and go back to sit on the same table as I wait for him to show up.

Suddenly, a phone vibrates on the table which isn’t mine, startling me, so I look at the ID caller which shows “TickhAEd”. I giggle at the name, but I leave it to continue ringing, feeling like it’s just a friend of his or something.

Later, Jimin comes to the table. “Your phone kept buzzing,” I say as he grabs his back pocket, replying, “I took time looking for it in the restroom. Gosh!”

He holds his phone and sees the caller then rolls his eyes. “It’s just my friend,” he says while placing it in his back pocket then turns to take Maze from me. Again!

“You don’t have to carry her, you know. She can walk,” I say as an ‘O’ sound escape his mouth, so he leans down and gently places her on the floor, but she loses her balance for a moment, making him hold her back firmly to keep steady.

I grin at the cuteness as he holds her hand. How didn’t I notice his small fingers before?

A loud chuckle leaves my mouth, but I quickly place my hand on my mouth.

“What’s so funny?” he arches an eyebrow at me as he stands up.

“Nothing. It’s just- hmm- your fingers are small,” I pause as I realize what I’ve just said, so I try to correct my words by apologizing, “Sorry- I didn’t mean-”

However, he laughs and stops my apology, stating “it’s okay. My friends always tease me about it. hmm- you can say. I’m becoming immune to it.” He pats my shoulder at his last word and gestures me to walk, “Shall we.”

The three of us leave the Cafe shop and aimlessly walk in the street with silence accompanying us, so I start to avoid the weird atmosphere by starting, “Can I ask, how old are you? Since I’ve never seen you at my college yet you came to our prom.”

“I’m 28, and I went to the prom because my dumbass friend wouldn’t have attended it if any of the 6 of us declined, so you can say I was forced there,” he runs his hand in his hair, combing it backward, showing his forehead in the process.

I giggle and say, “You are 2 years older than me, and it seems like the dumbass and TickhAEd are both different people.”

He looks at me in surprise and with his mouth in an O shape, he asks, “how did you know?”

Ignoring his question, I move ahead of him while murmuring to myself, “Children teach you to take care of small details.”

He fastens his pace with Maze in his hand to catch up to me as I hear again his phone’s ringtone so he lets go of Maze’s hand and takes out his phone to accept the call but surely after rolling his eyes, “I clearly cancelled the call showing you how busy I am. What the hell do you want Tae?”

I gesture Maze to come to stand beside me, so she does, how obedient! I wait for him to finish his call which looks stressful from my perspective.

A moment later, he hangs up and places his phone back in his pocket as he says, “Like I expected nothing important. Jimin, bring milk. Jimin, bring coke. Jimin, bring pork. Jimin blah blah blah- Aggrr annoying people are surrounding me.” He whines which is really amusing, seeing his carefree face is cute.

“If you’re free, want to come with me for some shopping since I couldn’t earlier.”

I rub the nape of my neck, feeling the rush of blood in my cheeks, “I happen to not also buy the things I want to originally buy.” I shrink in my place with my face looking everywhere else other than his face.

A small laugh leaves his mouth, and we both go back to the market with Maze sitting on Jimin’s shoulders while playing with his blonde hair which is a mess now. Oh! How much I want to snap a picture of this, will he accept though?

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