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Game of Hearts


This is a fanfiction based on Cupid's Match series. What would happen if certain events played a little differently in the third book, Psyche's Heart? Dedicated to my dear little sister <3

Fantasy / Romance
Jackie Hyde
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

(Setting: Right after Lila and Valentine share a moment in front of a door of her room in Morpheus’s castle. Lila is slightly drunk.)

I stumble into the room, closing the door behind me. My hand grips carved door handle clumsily as I lay my back flat against the hard wood.

What the hell just happened?

Something hot and malleable is slowly twisting in the pit of my stomach. Blood in my veins is boiling. I feel lightheaded and I am not sure if this is because of the amount of alcohol I consumed or because of something else entirely.

Carefully, I make my way towards the bed as ground shakes slightly. Or is it just me?

Either way, my whole world seems to be shaking even without god of the dead being involved; Cupid and Cal have forgotten about me, Venus is back and gaining power, furies have tortured me and my body can’t forget the pain they put me through yet. And Valentine…

I remember the sensation of his warm hands on my arms, his rough yet gentle fingers as they tilted my chin. What if I did let him kiss me?

For some reason I can imagine how would his full lips feel against mine, how would they taste and it scares me a little. I quickly push the thought away.


Cupid. I have to remember Cupid. Cupid who doesn’t even remember me. But that is no excuse to cheat… I immediately feel angry with myself.

How can I even think of something like this? Valentine is no good. He is a murderer and for whatever reason he is acting this way towards me, I cannot let him get to me.

He is a smart man. This must be a part of his plan, manipulating me. Something tugs at my heart. It is not a pleasant feeling.

As I reach the bed somehow, I let my body hit the mattress ungracefully. My limbs feel too heavy to move. I let myself enjoy the softness of the silk sheets for few more moments before forcing myself to sit up. I fiddle with the zipper on the side of my boot then kick it off before repeating the same with the other one.

Yeah, I can’t let him manipulate me. I need to… I need to… I find I can’t quite remember why I came here in the first place.

I slide the black leather jacket off my shoulders as I search my memories. Valentine has it, I know that. For some reason Valentine is all I can think about.

I shake my head furiously trying to get him out of my mind. He’s doing this. It’s his fault I keep thinking about him, isn’t it? He is playing with me. Acting so weirdly kind to me since he brought me here…

Again, I remember what’s it like to have his arms around me, to have his scent and heat engulf me.

Come to think of it, how is that even possible? He is dead. His heart should have stopped working. There is nothing to pump blood through his veins, so why is he so warm?!

His heart stopped when I pushed Finis through it in that cave where the box with hearts of the zombies were hidden… Box with the hearts… Oh! The box! That’s why I’m here!

I toss the jacket on the throne like chair and lay down again. I will think of something later.

I let out a groan as I let my body hit the sheets again and my head makes the impact with the pillow. Despite it being soft the very motion makes my head throb for a few moments. I don’t want to think about how it will feel when I wake up.


I need to get some sleep.

My fingers grip the crimson cover and toss it over my body. It feels uncomfortable given that I am still fully dressed. I consider taking my jeans off for a few moments but I decide against it. Too much work and definitely not practical. I don’t want him to walk on my half dressed ass, quite literally.

When I close my eyes, shocking blue ones stare back at me.

I wake up tangled in sheets, feeling rather uncomfortable. There is that unpleasant sensation of fabric of my jeans sticking to my legs after sleeping in them.
My head is slightly throbbing as I predicted. I rub my temple as I feel my stomach rumbling. How long have I been in the Underworld and for how long haven't I eaten anything? There is no way to tell time here. I really hope I will get out of here soon.
Which leads back to the problem with Cupid and Cal. Valentine said that he will go rescue them if they don't show in couple of days, but how am I supposed to know when that couple of days actually pass?! I frown as I realize that he probably said that due to fact that it is impossible to keep track of time in the Underworld. Not Earth time anyway.
I swing my legs over the side of the bed and let them hit the floor as I search for the boots I so recklessly kicked off my feet last night. I spot one boot laying not far from the bed while the other one was next to the door that leads to the bathroom.
After I put them on, I make my way in the bathroom to make sure I look at least a bit presentable. The girl that stares back at me when I look in the mirror doesn't look well at all. With those bags under my eyes and by how pale my skin is, I'd say I'm sick if I didn't know any better.
I turn the faucet and let the warm water run before splashing my face to freshen myself up. My fingers try to make their way through the knots in my now somewhat greasy hair in order to straighten it.
When I finally decide that my poor attempts in trying to fix my look did as much as they could, I exit the bathroom. Why am I trying so hard anyway? I'm here with a bunch of dead people.
I've decided, I'm going to speak with Valentine again about hurrying the rescuing process. And if I'm lucky I'm going to find out what's in that damn box.
With that thought I leave my room and walk down the corridor in direction of Valentine's.
When I reach his door I go for the handle, but suddenly my hand freezes. Why am I hesitating? Why am I...nervous? I can feel my heart beating fast against my ribcage.
I press my palm against the door before leaning against it with my whole body weight. I turn my head so my ear is pressed against the wood too.
I still my breathing in order to hear what's going on inside but I can't hear anything. Maybe he is sleeping? If that's the case this may be the only chance when I can see what's in the box.
My fingers curl around the doorhandle. Okay, here we go...
''Well, someone's been snooping around.''
Deep, growl like whisper can be heard beside my ear and I almost jump out of my skin.
''Valentine!''I turn around quickly, not feeling comfortable with my back being exposed to him.
Edge of his full lips quirks upwards. ''And what are you doing here Lila? Creeping up on a man's door, it's not a good look.''
''I'm looking for you, what are you doing creeping up on a girl's back?'' I retort back quickly, glaring at him.
He chuckles. ''Now, now, there's no need for that look.''
''So,'' he takes a step closer to me, ''what is so important that you need me for right now?''
''I...'' My breath catches in my throat. He is so close to me. I take a step back to make at least a bit of a distance between us but I can't as my back hit something hard.
''Well?'' His smirk widens as he lays his palm against the hard surface next to my face. ''What is of so big importance that can't wait for later?''
He leans in. I can feel his hot breath on my face. We stare at each other as I try to formulate the words but that proves to be harder than expected with his body so close to mine, with him looking at my lips briefly.
Suddenly, I remember where I'm standing and I turn the door handle, moving backwards making him fall inside the room.

A/N: Happy Valentine's Day Megs! I hope you enjoyed this chapter.
And I really hope it made sense.
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