Living and the dead

Chapter 3

The sun was shining bright and the gentle breeze of the cool wind is kissing his cheeks conveying a rather exhilarating feeling. Naru ran a finger in his jet black hair as he opened his eyes only to be greeted by a breathtaking cloudy blue sky reflecting on the calm endless blue sea. There were white birds flapping their wings and gliding in the air with so much contentment flying in the horizon. Seems like a painting bathed in white and blue color. It was downright beautiful and to be able to stand in the middle of this amazing place only meant one thing.

He turns around and saw a brunette girl looking up at the sky with her brown eyes wide open. Her short hair was gently swaying along with the wind. Naru blinked and frown.

"What are you looking for?" He asked Mai.

"An airplane vapor trail." She replied and smiled at him. "Look! There's one over there! Look Naru! There!"

His brows deepen as he looked up. It's too bright and he can't see where Mai is pointing. A moment later the plane trail became more visible. What a beautiful sight. Peace is so peaceful indeed. The vapor trail reflected in his blue eyes as he stared at the sky with wonder. How long has it been since he felt this kind of solace? He blinked. It's been so long he didn't remember anymore.

"Ne, Naru. Did you know?" He turned to her and watched her bright smiling face. "When an airplane vapor trail disappeared right away, it means the air is dry and there will be a clear sky tomorrow. But if it slowly disappear, then that means the air is moist and the weather will be bad." Mai explained without glancing at him. "One of my classmates told me that."

Naru shift his eyes back at the vapor trail. It's still there and seems like it won't disappear any time soon. Does that mean, a bad weather is approaching?

"It's sad." Mai said in an almost inaudible voice. "This calm and peaceful world is slowly losing its radiance. Soon darkness will prevail."

Looking at the white line above, Naru heave a deep sigh. He can't understand a thing about Mai was trying to say. Surely this is just a dream that generated by his own subconscious. There's nothing in the real world that resembles this place at all, yet somehow, it felt like it was someone's home.

"I want to ask a little question." Mai put her hands behind her back as she turned to him, glint of curiosity flashing in her eyes. "What will you do if ever I lose my memory and forget about you?"

Naru was silent for a moment. Though he finds it as a silly question, he still found himself thinking about the answer. This is the first time someone asked him something like that and he was rather surprised. He was never the one to be emotional, not that he don't have any emotions, it's just thinking about these things is not his forte. He's the type of person who value truth and logical analysis over emotion after all.

In the two of them, Gene was the emotional thinker by principle. He's caring, passionate and a bit emotional. He was the complete opposite of him.

Often times he hurt people with his argument. It was the cause of quarrels between him and Mai. However, arguments and logic are not always the right path to take. Truth be told, emotions is also important. Gene and Mai help him to realize that.

But … is it okay to say what's on his mind? Maybe its fine, since this is just a dream anyway there's no harm in saying how he really feel. He looked away and watches the birds flying freely. "Then, I will stay by your side so we can always be together."

Mai giggled. "I never expected that answer. I thought you're going to call me an idiot again." She turns her back at him and playfully walks at the water. "Thank you Naru … and goodbye, until we meet again." She started walking away from him.

The sound of her words resembles a sad melody piece that saying goodbye. Naru felt like a large hand grip his heart and something heavy dropped in his chest. He suddenly felt sad and he didn't notice the single tear that escapes his blue eyes that gazes at Mai who's slowly disappearing from his sight.

"Until we meet again … Mai."

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