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Feenin' for You

Feenin': wanting, craving for intensely. Mostly for a person. Source: Urban Dictionary.

Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"This has been the longest week…and it is still not over. At least it's Valentine's Day so the kids will be in a good mood…Liv…Liv…Olivia Pope!" Abby said, slamming her palm on the table by the wall in Olivia's classroom. Olivia was gazing across the room, her lips curved in a half smile. She was lost in her own private thoughts.


"You weren't listening. Where is your mind this morning?"

The half smile became a full one. "Fitz has been planning a surprise for Valentine's Day. He's been dropping hints daily that have kept me in suspense. I've been trying to piece them together."

Olivia's explanation was only partly true. She had been day dreaming about Fitz and all the possible ways they could finally consummate their relationship. She was wound tight with anticipation.

"I'm sure you're hoping he doesn't leave you standing at the…bed again," Abby said before she chuckled.

"Ha, ha, funny Abby. Even your sharp tongue can't steal my joy today," said Olivia. She still held her smug smile.

"Have you heard anything else from his crazy ex-wife? It's funny…whenever, I think about her, that Patsy Cline song, "Crazy" runs through my mind," Abby said.

"Nope. Not a word. I guess she was scared off by his threats to reveal her affair with Mr. Beene." Olivia made sure that her classroom door was locked. "I forgot to tell you that she also paid a private investigator to keep tabs on him."

"Really? A private investigator? That is cuckoo especially since she was the one who cheated on him. How could she choose Mr. Beene over him? It boggles my mind. She sounds like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Let's hope she won't cause any more trouble. Tell me, Liv…what are some of those clues about your big Valentine's Day surprise?"

"Apparently we will be gone overnight, but we will be back in time for school in the morning so it can't be too extravagant, right? I need to bring a formal dress. And the last clue is, and I quote, 'what happens in 55, stays in 55."

"55…55…Fitz seems sort of corny," said Abby, "Or nerdy...numbers?"

Olivia ignored her last comment. "I thought the location would be Vegas because of the saying about Vegas. But what does 55 have to do with it?" Olivia said.

"Maybe it's the number of you hotel room or the hotel's address? Paul and I are having dinner at Brio Italiano and then back home for 2 minutes of pleasure."

"Stop talking about your husband like that, Abs! Thanks for helping me out, though. I will leave my car at the consignment shop after school. That's where I will meet him so we can leave together. Don't forget to pick up Rolfo from the groomers for me, too."

"Don't worry. Just have fun. What formal dress are you wearing? We should have gone shopping."

"That long white one that crisscrosses my chest and shows that little skin under my breasts. My hair will be up and I am wearing my red pumps with a red purse."

"Great choice. That dress screams, 'Do me,' but in a classy, sophisticated way. Okay, Liv, stop by my room before you leave today." Abby waved goodbye and left the room.

"I got it Liv! Fifty-five is LV in Roman Numerals which is also the abbreviation for Las Vegas," Abby announced when she appeared in Olivia's classroom door 5 minutes later. "Don't ask me how I figured that out."

Later that day, when students were exchanging Valentine's cards and candy, Olivia checked her school e-mail. She was puzzled by the automated alert e-mail that came through approving her request for a half-day person leave starting today at 12:30. This must be a mistake.

Olivia was composing the reply e-mail to the Substitute Coordinator when she received a text from Fitz.

Change in plans. Need to leave earlier to make our flight. Just approved a half day personal leave for you. Have sub plans ready by 12:30 and meet me at the consignment shop no later than 1. Can't wait. Love You. F.

Olivia's heart skipped a beat. It was 10:30 and almost time for lunch. Unfortunately she had lunch and recess duty this week and wouldn't have free time to prepare detailed plans. She cobbled together a lab assignment on simple machines. Then she remembered that there was a speaker coming to talk to the 4th grade about Westward Expansion, Lewis & Clark, and the Oregon Trail. She passed out her personal Valentines and finished typing up her sub plans.

It was 1:05 when Olivia drove into the consignment store parking lot. She spotted Fitz's black Volvo. Just the sight of it caused a deep ache in her stomach. "Down Liv," she said aloud, acknowledging her eagerness to be with him. She quickly grabbed her garment bag and small suitcase and jumped into the passenger side of his car.

"You are five minutes late Ms. Pope," he said giving her a peck on the lips.

"I know. I know. I had to find Abby to let her know about the change in plans. She is picking up my car, and I had promised to let her know when I left. So what's the big secret, honey? Where are we going?"

"It's still a surprise." Fitz pulled into traffic and sped through a yellow light.

"What time is our flight?" Olivia looked a little worried.

"As soon as we can get to the airport."

"Okay, whatever, I am going to enjoy what you have planned as long as I'm with you. What are Karen, Gerry, and Granny doing tonight?"

"Everyone is going to Lauren's."

They engaged in chit-chat for the 25 minutes it took for them to arrive at the small airport. Olivia looked around as he parked.

"Fitz, this isn't Denver International Airport."

"I know. We will be traveling in a private jet. Let's go meet our pilots."

"You have a jet?" Olivia asked as he opened the door for her. On a principal's salary?

"No, I have friends in high places. Let's go. Our chariot awaits." Fitz grabbed her hand and they walked toward the two men standing near the plane.

"Tom and Hal, meet Olivia Pope."

"Hello Ma'am," they said in chorus.

"I'm Tom, your captain."

"I'm Hal, your first Officer."

Olivia shook their hands and then took the stairs up and onto the plane. The inside was roomy and comfortable. Within minutes they were high above Denver, Colorado heading west toward Nevada. Olivia sat in the window seat, daydreaming about what was to come.

"I am taking you to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. We should arrive by 2:30. Before dinner and our show tonight, we can explore the hotel grounds. They have a cute little shops, a botanical garden, spa, and spectacular waterfalls. I got us tickets to see "O" by Cirque du Soleil…" Fitz stopped his explanation noticing the way she was looking at him.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" he said.

"How am I looking at you, Fitz?" she said with her chin propped on her hand.

"I don't know…like you have something on your mind?" He turned to face her fully.

She let her eyes travel over every feature of his face. "Well…this is going to sound very forward of me-"

"I like you being…forward." He propped his chin on his hand to match hers.

Olivia couldn't help but smile at him. She was nervous especially in light of what happened during their first attempt at lovemaking. Since then, they'd pushed the envelope pretty far, but never opened it all the way. "I shouldn't be nervous, Fitz. We've been…close in that way…"

Fitz chuckled at her fumbling. He leaned forward and touched his lips to hers. "Just say it."

She kissed him partly as a stall and because it was extremely easy to kiss him. Her forehead touched his. "I want to make…I want us to make love...right now."

His brows knit together against her face in a slight frown. "What? I didn't hear you."

"I want to make love right now."

Fitz glanced up to ensure that the pilot's door was closed. He unbuckled their seatbelts and scooped her into his arms. She was on her back in two seconds flat on the floor behind their seat.

"Thank goodness for skirts," he said as he lifted hers and rested between her thighs. She placed the condom on him and he plunged into her depths. Their perpetual foreplay had led to this moment. Olivia was on top of Fitz reaching her second climax when the announcement came on PA system announcing the descent into Las Vegas.

When their breathing slowed, they dressed in silence. Fitz reached for her hand and pulled her to her feet. The plane dipped forward, causing Olivia to fall forward and onto Fitz's chest. She tried to right herself by reaching for the nearest thing her hands could find. Unfortunately, the nearest thing was the side of Fitz's face. Her nails bit into his cheek and the area beside his eye. They giggled at her clumsiness when they were finally seated again.

"Oh, baby, look at your face! I must have scratched your face when I fell against you." Olivia used her travel size first aid kit to clean his cuts and the welt forming on his cheek.

"The hazards of making love at 30,000 feet. I'll take it any day. Is it bad?" Fitz asked.

"The cuts are smarting and you have a longer welt on your cheek that is red, but you'll live. They will heal in the next couple of days, but I don't know how you are going to explain this at school tomorrow."

"Hmm. Should I tell them I recently purchased a high strung cat or I was having rough sex with my girlfriend while being inducted into the mile high club." Fitz held the cloth to his face as Olivia looked for more Neosporin.

"I think we should put our heads together to come up with something better." They hugged and laughed together.

When they departed the plane and said their goodbyes to Tom and Hal, Olivia saw them examining Fitz's cheek. She looked away knowing her face would give them away.

After checking into their room, they changed clothes and prepared to explore the grounds of the hotel and the area shops. When Olivia opened the door to leave, Fitz closed it back, "We could always come back another time to explore the grounds."

"Yes, another time would be great," she said. He lifted her off her feet and onto the bed. For the next couple of hours they explored each other's bodies, writing the detail of every contour in their memories. When they were totally spent from lovemaking, they fell asleep entwined in each other's embrace.

They were late for their dinner show reservations. Fitz and Olivia rushed hand-in-hand through the crowd of people seated at cocktail tables around the stage.

"Honey, what's the hurry. I'm really not hungry," Olivia said. She couldn't hold back her yawn.

"We need to get closer," Fitz said. "If I didn't tell you before we left the room, you look stunning tonight."

"Thank you." Olivia let him lead her to the front, but there were no tables available. "Fitz, there are no more tables. Where are we going?"

Then she heard it. "Ladies and gentleman we have a special request tonight from a man to his sweetheart, Olivia Pope." The opening to Stevie Wonder's "Golden Lady," began to play as Fitz pulled her up on stage. They danced under the spotlight.

"Fitz, I love you."

"I love you, too."

Their hearts were filled to the brim with love for each other. They were reveling in the moment totally unaware of what was brewing back on the home front.

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