An Education

Interventions, Part 1

"Did you get it?" Mellie asked impatiently.

"I…umm..I…" Sara Marks said.

"What, Sara? It's a simple question. Did you get the damn video or not?" Mellie demanded.

"Yes. I got it, but I don't feel comfortable about our arrangement. What are you going to do with a video of Mr. Grant getting arrested? Why was he arrested? Why was Olivia Pope with him? What is the meaning of all this? I don't…"

"You jumped at the chance for our little arrangement before. I chose you because you are good at what you do, Sara. You cause trouble. That is what all my sources told me about you. What I can't understand is why you are getting cold feet now," Mellie hissed.

"I was talking to my husband about it and he…"

"Amateurs! Talked to your husband? You've told your husband about this? Idiot. You weren't supposed to tell anyone. I can't have this getting out." Mellie started pacing. Her phone alerted her to another call. She saw that it was Cyrus. She rolled her eyes and kept pacing. Her head started pounding so she popped a Percocet and chased it with a gulp of water.

"Mellie, calm down. I didn't give him details. He doesn't know it's you. He just knows I am helping someone in exchange for a position at The Learning Center. I just don't want to be involved in something that could implicate me in a way that might hurt my family or my career. I'm a teacher for God's sake. We are held to a higher standard. I could get fired for…"

"I don't want to hear anything else you have to say. Send me the video. Your next task is to be ready to testify that you have witnessed my ex-husband hitting me. I'll explain more later, and I'll be expecting the video in the next 15 minutes. Just be ready. Bye." Mellie hung up without waiting for a response. She looked at her watch. It was after 6 am. Fitz should have been arrested by now. Mellie sat down and returned Cyrus's call.

Karen and Gerry had left for school just after Fitz was arrested. They hadn't seen a thing, but they asked about him as soon as they came downstairs. Olivia had provided a hasty excuse since she knew she and Granny didn't want the kids to know. They sat at the kitchen table. Granny was trying to absorb what Olivia had told her about Mellie's visit to the school and Fitz's subsequent meeting with her on Monday night.

"Maybe that explains why she called here yesterday. She tried to make it seem like she was okay with Fitz's relationship with you. I didn't know he went to see her, though. It wasn't a good idea for him to go alone. You just have to know Mellie." Granny patted Olivia's hand.

"Fitz asked me to call F.J. and Celeste to get a lawyer," Olivia said with a yawn. "I'm sorry, GG."

Granny looked at Olivia knowing that she wasn't going to let Olivia call anyone. This was a situation she had to handle, one she should have handled long ago. Her son stopped her from intervening last time, but this time Mellie had gone too far.

"I imagine you are tired, and this must be shocking for you," Granny said patting Olivia's hand again.

"To be honest, I may appear calm right now, but I am not. I feel like I am on a roller coaster. Fitz and I just had an extraordinary time in Vegas and we just returned and he has been arrested. I can't take it all in right now. It is a lot to absorb considering we just started dating three months ago. It has been a whirlwind, and I cannot believe I am telling you this, G.G." Olivia smiled a slight smile.

"I'll take care of making the calls. I don't think you should go to school today considering all this. Can you call in?"

When Granny mentioned this, Olivia remembered that she had to be at work in 45 minutes and that her car was at the consignment shop. She needed to call Abby.

"I need to make some calls." Olivia rose from her chair.

"Why don't you use Fitzgerald's room for privacy? I am going to make some calls too."

"Hey, Liv! Are you in your room? I'm coming over now so you can tell me everything about last night." Abby gushed over the phone.

"No, I'm not at school right now."

"Well, where are you?"

"I am at Fitz's house. You'll never guess what happened this morning when we stopped by his house. There were police cars here and they arrested him for assaulting Mellie. Abby, this is beyond…"

"Liv, this has to be false. I don't believe he would do that, although after what she pulled Monday…still he was married to her for so long. If he was going to get violent, I would think it would be before now. It doesn't make sense. Something isn't right."

"I don't believe it either. I'm not coming to school today, so I need my car. How is Rolfo?"

"He's fine. I wish I could leave now to bring your car. Umm. Harrison is already here. Wait! Huck is off today. We can get him." Abby said.

"No we can't. Aren't he and Siobhan going out of town? I can't ask him to change his plans just to help me."

"They aren't leaving until this afternoon. Where should I have him bring your car?"

"I guess to Fitz's. I really don't know what to do in a situation like this, but I guess I will try to help? I don't know. The man I love is locked up for allegedly beating up his ex-wife. When did my live become an episode of Jerry Springer?" Olivia said with a yawn.

"You need to take a nap. This will all work itself out. I can't wait to hear about your trip. You seem relaxed so I guess you all scrambled some eggs? Baked that cake? Kneaded the dough?"

"Abby, Abby, Abby…what? I've never heard your refer to sex like that." Liv chuckled softly. "Thanks for making me laugh.

"And yet you knew exactly what I meant," Abby said, "Take care, Bye."

"Bye, Abby." Olivia hung up the phone.

Olivia dialed the substitute request line of the school and left a message that she had a stomach bug and couldn't come in. She felt guilty about this since she rarely took sick or personal days from work. She took solace in the fact that she had emergency sub plans on her desk sorter.

Olivia walked downstairs and back to the kitchen. Granny was speaking very forcefully to someone on the phone. When she saw Olivia, she smiled and said, "Hold on," to the person on the other end.

"Did you make your calls?" asked Granny.

"Yes. What can I do? Should I call Celeste or FJ?"

"No, no, dear, you need some rest or I fear you are going to keel over. I can handle this. I'll wake you if I hear anything." Granny smiled at Olivia.

"Okay. My friend Huck is going to bring my car. Could you wake me when he gets here?"

"Of course." Granny said.

When Olivia left the room, Granny resumed her conversation.

"Mellie needs to be stopped, and you two are the only people who can do it. She cannot get away with this. She should have been stopped long ago. I am extending this courtesy call to you, before I intervene, and you don't want me to intervene. This is what needs to happen. I want my grandson out of jail as soon as possible. He has been gone for about an hour…an hour too long. I don't want any trace of this arrest documented. It shall be like it never happened. As for Millicent, she needs to be gone. I want her to move out of Denver ASAP! I don't know the details of her charges, but I know they are preposterous. She had him arrested. Arrested? I am…"

"Lillian, I hear you. We'll take care of it. How long will you be staying in Denver?"

"I don't know. I am not leaving anytime soon. Why do you ask?" Granny asked.

"We will have to make a visit to see about Mellie. It would be nice to see you as always. You are still like family to us."

"Okay. You know how to reach me." Granny hung up the phone. Next she called Lauren.

"Mellie has lost her mind," said Granny when Lauren answered.

Fitz was still in a single holding cell trying to understand what had just happened. This morning had been a lesson in stark contrasts. He had been on top of the world, and then wrenched to the depths. Even though he was behind bars, Olivia filled his thoughts.

"Mr. Grant, you can go."

Fitz turned around to face an officer who was unlocking the door to release him. Brows furrowed, Fitz exited the cell and walked down the corridor behind the officer. He was led to a small room.

A man in a nicely tailored blue pinstripe suit extended his hand. "Hello, Mr. Grant. My name is David Rosen. I am your lawyer. You are free to go. The charges have been removed, but I will need you to come to my office tomorrow for further details, details I cannot divulge right now. Here are your personal effects."

Fitz shook David's hand, took the card, and brown envelope. He walked with him to the door. "Who sent you?" Fitz asked.

"We can talk about that tomorrow. Have a good evening, Mr. Grant. Your sister, Lauren, is here to take you home."

David escorted him out of the back door skipping the normal procedures for releasing inmates. When they reached outside, the lawyer went in the opposite direction as Fitz. Lauren was standing beside her car. She gave Fitz a hug.

"How are you, little brother?" Karen asked as they got in the car.

"No worse for the wear and tear. How are Karen and Gerry? Do they know about this?"

"No. Granny said they were still upstairs when you were arrested. Liv made up some story about you having a meeting somewhere. I cannot believe what Mellie has stooped to now, accusing you of this? Does she even have proof?" Lauren sped through the yellow light.

"They showed me pictures. She was beat up pretty bad," Fitz explained.

"She probably punched herself in the face." Lauren ran through another yellow light.

"Lauren, you have to slow down before you run a red light. I don't know what Mellie is planning, but this is a low blow."

"It's beyond low, Fitz. She can't stand to see you happy."

"How is Olivia? Is she still at the house?" Fitz asked.

"Yes. She is asleep and has been for the last two hours. Her friend, Huck, dropped off her car."

"That's good. I need to see her. I'm glad she didn't go to work."

"What kind of principal are you?" Lauren laughed.

"I'll be an unemployed one if this gets out," he said.

Olivia felt something on her ear. She brushed it aside and snuggled deeper into the pillow, which smelled exactly like Fitz. She smiled as she remembered the last time she had smelled him.

"What I'd give to know what you are thinking right now," Fitz said.

"Fitz?" Olivia whispered. When she saw him sitting beside her on the bed, she smiled broadly. "Where did you come from?"

"The charges have been removed, and I was released."

"That's a relief. When did this all happen? I've been sleep. Granny made the calls I guess," Olivia said.

"Well you deserved that sleep. Thanks for keeping it from Karen and Gerry. I am sorry this put a damper on our time together." Fitz stretched out on the bed and pulled her into his arms.

"GG is downstairs. We shouldn't," she said moving back into him.

"It's almost 10 in the morning. I told her we were going to sleep."

"Okay," she turned towards him and gave him a peck on the lips.

They laid there for a few minutes listening to each other's breathing.

"If we are really quiet, Granny will never know," Fitz whispered in her ear.

"Okay," she said already unbuttoning his belt.

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