An Education

Interventions, Part 2

"I really like Olivia!" Celeste said, practically gushing.

It was Friday night. Celeste and Martin were at home enjoying their last night of freedom before his parents brought the kids back Saturday morning. A kid free two days had been a Valentine's Day present from Martin's parents. They were snuggled on the sofa watching a movie.

"Fitz is totally whipped. Just like I am." Martin grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over on the sofa.

She shrieked and giggled in surprise as he quickly dispensed with her t-shirt and underwear. Her giggles soon turned to moans of pleasure.

After a shower, they returned to the sofa in the plush robes to finish the movie.

"I am happy for Fitz…that he has finally found someone he really likes. Olivia seems really nice, but I don't know how they can continue their relationship without the staff at his school finding out. I bet Mellie is having a conniption fit right now. Maybe we should invite them over for dinner sometime. Since it is a two hour drive one way maybe Friday would be better. I'll call…"

"Celeste, can we not talk about Fitz for at least an hour! You know why I'm really glad he has met someone? Maybe you will finally accept the fact that you are my wife and stop carrying this thing you have for him!" Martin got up from the couch and stormed away. The door to their bedroom slammed shut minutes later.

Celeste took deep breaths to calm herself. She couldn't believe what Martin had just said to her. He'd never expressed any reservations with her friendship with Fitz over the years. Celeste couldn't catch her breath. She did have a soft spot in her heart for Fitz. She often wondered what would have happened between them had their relationship turned out differently. She never thought Martin picked up on those feelings. Celeste was scared because those feelings were growing.

"Ruben, guess who just flew the coop?" Detective Lydia Adams said across the cubicle to her partner.

"Who?" Detective Robinson answered back.

"Our perp, Fitzgerald Grant, in the Grant-Rosemont assault."

"He lawyered up pretty quickly. It is not surprising. With a name like, "Fitzgerald" you have to have resources," Ruben said, sarcastically.

"No. This is more than being lawyered up. Check the database. There is no record of our arrest, no record of the charges Ms. Rosemont filed against him, and no record of his intake and release from jail this morning. What the hell is this? Everything has been expunged…wiped clean. It's as if it never happened," Lydia said.

"This has to go way up the ladder for it all to disappear like this. I am itching to know what is going on. How about we pay a visit to Mr. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III?" Ruben said as he grabbed his coat.

"Yeah, let's do that. Our story is that we are two dedicated detectives trying to get to the truth. Maybe he will implicate himself in some way or we will find a clue," Lydia said as she looked at her watch. "Damn it's 10 and too late to go now. Let's do this first thing in the morning. We have to get a picture of his face up close. That scratch should still be pretty fresh," Lydia said as she grabbed her coat. "Let's hope it doesn't snow too much. The forecast said three inches. You want to grab something from Rita's. I'm hungry."

"Yep. I'll follow you."

"Huck, thanks for bringing my car. I didn't want to bother you, but Abby called you anyway. Are you and Siobhan enjoying yourself?" Olivia said.

She had finally gotten a moment alone from Fitz and his family to make some calls.

After she and Fitz had finally fallen asleep, Sybil walked into Fitz's room without knocking. "Get up you two. Hey brother how does it feel to be out of the slammer. I hope you have changed your ways. We can help you transition back into society. Hey Liv! How was Vegas?" Olivia was grateful that they were dressed from the waist up with a blanket covering their undressed parts. Olivia smiled and tried to look natural, hoping Sybil didn't notice their other clothing on the floor.

"Sybil…could you give us a minute," said Fitz.

"Fitz, your family is a handful. No boundaries. I guess that is why you are always invading my personal space," Olivia said before she scampered into his bathroom, shutting and locking the door.

Now she was making some calls before she left to go home.

"Liv, you know I'll do anything for you. We are having a great time. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Things have been crazy for me, but it will be enough gossip for Liv and Harrison to feed on for a couple of months. Thanks again. See ya Huck."

Liv called Abby and Harrison on three way.

"Liv, Where have you been? Harrison and I have been calling you since school was out. Your sub was that cute guy from a couple of months ago. You know the one who gave you his number? He asked about you, but I told him I didn't think Principal Grant would approve," Abby said, laughing.

"We need the details. My wife keeps asking me what is going on with you. Our lives are very boring so we look to you for entertainment," Harrison said.

"Well I'm glad I can be of service. I can't talk now. I'll call you both when I get home. Abby, I'll get Rolfo in the morning."

Olivia hung up her cell phone and exited the bathroom to get dressed. She grabbed her purse.

"Where do you think you are going, Ms. Pope?" Fitz asked. He was leaning up against the doorway with his arms crossed. He pushed off the doorway, shut, and locked the door.

Olivia walked into his arms. "I…am…going…home…" She punctuated each word with a kiss on his lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead.

"But you are already home."

She ignored that comment. "Thanks for my Valentine's Day gift, honey. I can say that was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. I do have a gift for you. It can't compete with your gift. It may even be a little corny, but it comes from my heart."

She walked to her bag and pulled out a box. She handed it to him, but he wouldn't take it.

"I love it."

"But you haven't even opened it yet," she said grinning at him while trying to force it in his hands.

"But I know I'll love it even if it is an empty box. I have something for you too, but I was too preoccupied to give it to you in Vegas."

He walked to his still unpacked bag and pulled out a black velvet box. Olivia froze. She looked at the box, but she was too afraid to look at him.

"Fitz that can't be wha…That isn't…You better not…"

"Calm down, Olivia, Pick your jaw up from the floor and come here."

Olivia couldn't move. She wouldn't move so he picked her up and walked with her to the bed. He sat down with her in his lap. "See…no kneeling. You are safe…for now." He took her present. "Okay, I'll open your gift first. This is heavy. Hmm…what might it be?"

He opened the box and pulled out a thick glass rectangular shaped figure. It was about the size of a large note card. On it was etched a poem. Fitz read it aloud.

"True Love"

1 Corinthians 13

Love is patient. Love is kind.

Love is not envious or boastful

Or arrogant or rude.

It does not insist on its own way.

It is not irritable or resentful.

It does not rejoice in wrongdoing,

But rejoices in the truth.

It bears all things, believes all things,

Hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

Olivia loves Fitz


"It's a paper weight, but unfortunately, you can't use it at work," she said.

"I love you, too, Olivia. It will take a lifetime for me to show you how much." He leaned forward and they kissed.

She pulled back first, smiling. "I…um…want my gift, now."

He placed the small box it in her hand. She opened it. Her quick intake of breath revealed her shock. Inside were a pair of double teardrop diamond earrings.

"Wow! These are absolutely beautiful."

"I'm glad you like them."

"I love them!" Olivia jumped out of his lap and walked to the vanity to try them on.

He walked up behind her as she put on the last one. "Umm, something is off. Take off the hair tie." She frowned and removed it releasing her hair.

"That's better, but something is still not right. Lift up your arms." She lifted them and he pulled her blouse over her head.

"We are getting closer."

He unbuttoned her bra and removed it. "Very good, but...hmm."


He undressed her until she was completely naked.

"Just right. Those earrings are really stunning now." He picked her up and carried her back to the bed.

"Fitz, I am going home tonight. There is snow in the forecast and I should get home in case the roads are bad in the morning," she said as he sprinkled kisses down her neck, chest, and abdomen. He bent her knees and spread her thighs.

"Okay. Whatever you say." He raised himself above her and grabbed a pillow. Before he could request it, she lifted her hips. He grinned in victory and slid the pillow under her.

She won't be going anywhere tonight. He thought.

When Olivia woke up her body was still tingling from all the things she let Fitz do to her. She stretched in contentment. She felt for her earrings. They were still there. The red glare of the digits on the clock read 3:00 AM. She frowned when she felt for Fitz and he wasn't next to her. She heard him whispering in the bathroom.

"No, it's fine. All the charges were dropped. I told Liv to call you but…No, FJ took care of it, I think. Calm down, Celeste, I'm fine. Yes…I don't think so… I'm supposed to see the lawyer tomorrow…No thanks, but I think I can handle it. Eleven, but I can handle a meeting with the lawyer. You don't need to come all the way here. She's with me. Sleeping of course. Just like you should be. Martin loves you…Don't stress over something as small as an argument….What was it about anyway?...See, the fact that you can't remember is telling…Whatever the reason for your argument, it will be forgotten tomorrow. Just go in there and wake him up…talk about it…Okay, me too. Bye."

Olivia was angry and hurt. Why was he hiding in the bathroom talking to Celeste at this hour? Her uneasiness about his friendship with Celeste began when she revealed they had dated. Her uneasiness was growing as old hurts from her past mixed with this new threat. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't realize Fitz was back in the bed until he pulled her close.

"Are you awake?"

She didn't answer. She held her breath trying not to cry and hoping he would think she was asleep. He turned her over on her back.

"Livy, what's wrong?"

"Why were you talking to her at this hour?"

Fitz reached to turn on the bedside lamp.

"Livy, why are you crying?" he said.

She quickly swiped her eyes and turned away from the light.

"That was Celeste. She called me distraught over an argument she had with Martin. Then we started talking about what was going on with the arrest. She was trying to help. Tell me what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I don't like that she feels free to call you at three in the morning. You may think I am being childish, but…I don't like it. How would you like it if I had a guy friend that looked like Celeste?"

"I'd say that his sex change was very successful."

His comment broke the intensity of the moment and they both laughed.

"Fitz, you know what I mean."

"Yes, I know what you mean. I was hoping you were kidding on the jet when you said you had a lot of guy friends whom you used to date. I wouldn't like it either. But please don't think I would lie to you...hurt you like that. I know it sounds cliché, but I only have eyes for you Ms. Pope, 4th grade teacher at Ambrose Elementary School, proud owner of Rolfo Pope. If I gave you any reason to doubt that, I am sorry." He pulled her face close. "I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you."

She pulled his face down and kissed him.

Olivia and the Grants, Fitz, GG, Karen, and Gerry, sat around the table the next morning sharing breakfast and conversation. Karen and Gerry were still in the dark about the arrest. Outside, everything was covered in a thick white blanket of snow.

"GG, these maple nut pancakes are heavenly. You'll have to give me the recipe." Olivia said before she popped a triangle shaped forkful in her mouth.

"Do you cook, dear, because Fitz and these kids love to eat?"

"I can cook, but I like baking the most. I don't do a lot of it, though. I usually cook something on Sunday that will last me all week."

"How did you sleep?" GG asked.

Olivia tried not to show on her face the embarrassment she felt about spending the night. "It's funny you should ask. I was planning to go home last night, but I fell asleep after everyone left." Olivia filled her mouth with more pancakes. She swore she saw GG wink at her, but she couldn't be sure.

"Dad, are you and Liv going to play in the snow with us?" Gerry asked.

"I don't know. I have a meeting scheduled at eleven if the snow hasn't cancelled my plans."

"I have to get Rolfo from my friend's house and then get home," Olivia said.

"Oh, I wish Rolfo was here so he could play with us outside," said Karen.

"He'd love that," said Olivia, "He spends most of his time eating the snow. I don't let him come in until he has relieved himself at least three times or else he will let the flood gates open inside."

"I can take you to Abby's to get Rolfo and bring him back here. If I do that will you stop trying to go home?" Fitz said.

"GG, your grandson is keeping me against my will. He won't let me leave!"

"You're so adorable. I understand why he wants to keep you around." GG patted her cheek and started clearing the table.

"We are going outside now. Some of our friends are coming over too. They just pulled up. See ya." Gerry followed Karen out of the door.

"Olivia, I can get these dishes by myself. Why don't you cue up the weather channel to see if the worst of the storm is gone? Fitz, you can help me."

Fitz and Olivia obeyed.

When Olivia was out of earshot, Granny whispered, "Your meeting with David Rosen is not going to happen today so you can spend time with Olivia. Run some interference so she won't be scared off by Mellie."

"Did Dad tell you about David Rosen?" Fitz asked as he loaded the dishwasher.

"No, I arranged for David Rosen. The charges against you weren't just dropped Fitz. I had them expunged. Don't ask questions. Just accept it as a gift from your beloved Granny. I am taking care of Mellie too."

"Granny, what are you talking about? I am supposed to meet him this morning."

"Okay let me be clearer. You don't have to worry about the charges, dear. They were expunged…removed…gone. There is no record of you being arrested. As for Mellie, very soon, she will be leaving Denver. Don't ask any questions okay?" Granny smiled sweetly.

Fitz still didn't understand. He kissed Granny on the cheek and continued working. "Thanks Granny. You've been a life saver these last couple of weeks."

Olivia laid on the couch and flipped through the channels. The heavy breakfast was starting to make her drowsy. She was drifting off just when she heard the doorbell. She walked to the door with Fitz close behind.

"I like this…us answering the door together," Fitz said as he wrapped his hand around her waist.

"You are too much, but I love you anyway," she said.

Fitz opened the door and they stood there like they were greeting guests at a dinner party. Their beaming smiles fell when they saw who had come calling.

Celeste was in the front, and the two detectives from the arrest stood behind her.

"Cy, thanks for driving me to the hospital. I have not a clue as to why it was so urgent for me to come to St. Joseph's on the morning of a snowstorm," Mellie said as she checked her e-mails. She had been waiting to be contacted by someone from the Grant clan to inform her about Fitz's arrest. She was beginning to worry that she hadn't heard a thing. Once she returned home, she was planning to call the police department and the detectives.

"What did they say when they called with this request?"

"Well a nurse called this morning and said that the doctor needed to speak with me about a very important matter this morning. She says that it was extremely urgent."

"What could be that urgent? Why couldn't he tell you over the phone or set up an appointment next week?" Cyrus said.

They parked and walked through the sliding doors to the receptionist's desk.

"My name is Mellie Grant, and I have a meeting with Dr. Richardson. Where am I supposed to meet him?" Mellie asked.

The man behind the desk referred to a list. "Umm…Mellie Grant…yes you are to go to the 9th floor."

When Mellie and Cyrus stepped off the elevator and onto the 9th floor, the first people they saw were Mellie's parents.

"Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?"

They ignored her question and looked at Cyrus. "Who is this, Millicent?" her mother asked.

"This is my friend, Cyrus. What is going on? Why are you and Dad here?"

"Millicent, honey, you've gone too far. Look at your face. How did you get those scars? Why did you accuse Fitzgerald of assault and battery? Those were false charges weren't they?" her mother walked towards her arms outstretched.

"You need help, dear, and we are here to help you. Cyrus you can go. Millicent, we will come to visit you once you are settled in your room."

Her parents walked down the hall into a waiting room. Cyrus followed them inside ignoring their instructions.

A man and woman in white walked around the hallway. "Ms. Rosemont, we are not here to hurt you. You can walk with us to your room or we will have to sedate you. You are being placed on a 72 hour hold by your parents on the mental health floor of St. Joseph's Hospital. With the exception of leaving the facility during this hold and contacting anyone, you retain all your rights which will be outlined in the patient rights brochure in your room."

Mellie drowned out their voices. She knew the drill. She had been put on at least 5 of these holds as a teenager. She started to feel that same suffocating feeling that came over her that night she met with Fitz. Her eyes darted from the man and woman escorting her. When they rounded another corner, she turned and ran the other way. "Cyrus, help me!" She ran as fast as she could. He heard her screams and came out of the waiting room and into the hallway. When she saw him she ran into his arms.

"Don't let them take me Cy! They are going to kill me! Please help me! Don't leave me!"

The man in white pulled her away, but she continued to kick and scream. When her foot collided with the woman in white, the man pulled out a little pouch and withdrew a syringe. "Ms. Rosemont, this is just a sedative. It will help you calm down and relax."

"No. No. No. Help me, Cyrus! Pleeeeasssee!"

"I'll be here when you wake up, Mellie."

As the sedative too affect, she stopped fighting and became very still. They radioed for a bed to transport her to her room. "We will let you know when she is settled."

"Cyrus? You seem to love our daughter. We can tell from the way you just interacted with her. You should know that since she was a little girls she was always different. In high school, she was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. We now know that she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She refuses medication or any of the behavior modification therapies that are available. We think you should know that before you decide if you'd like to stay. She is going to be very mad at you when she wakes up.

Cyrus sat back down, placing his head in his hands.

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