An Education

A Public Declaration

Olivia's head rested on the small standard issue pillow as she gazed at the billowy white clouds and deep blue sky outside the airplane window. A cavalcade of emotions—joy, excitement, anxiety, and sadness—flowed around her like liquid around ice cubes. The reasons for the joy and excitemnt were plentiful. She would be Mrs. Grant in three days. Last night, she had felt the faint twitch that signaled Little Grant kicking for the first time. All the family and friends she and Fitz had invited to the wedding were either on the plane with them now or would be arriving at Hermitage Bay, Antigua shortly. Anxiety and sadness sprang forth when thoughts of Savannah clouded her mind. She was resolved in her decision to keep her sister out of her life, but she knew that Savannah was adamant about wanting to reconcile. This was the first time Olivia had kept her resolve, the first time she did not let Savannah back in. In the past, she had always acquiesced to Savannah's demands for forgiveness. Surprisingly, she hadn't heard from her in a couple of weeks, and that filled her with anxiety. It caused her to worry that Savannah was up to something.

"What is on your mind?" Fitz asked. He tweaked her chin.

She turned her head from her view of the sky to face him. "You are. Now go back to sleep," she said with a slight smile.

"Sleep? How can I sleep? Your thoughts are keeping me awake, Livy. What's bothering you? What are you thinking?" he whispered softly, rubbing her cheek.

She closed her eyes and leaned into his palm. A bigger smile spread across her lips. "Why are you always trying to read my mind?"

He didn't respond just looked at her expectantly. She opened her eyes and sighed, all traces of the smile disappeared from her lips.

"I can't get Savannah out of my mind. We haven't heard from her for weeks, but I have this bad feeling. I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about it because I don't want to dwell on her pathology and let this overshadow our wedding or honeymoon." Her words rolled out in a rush before she sighed.

He leaned in closer to her. "Then let's not. How's Little Grant? Any movement lately?" He slid his hand inside the waistband of her skirt and panties, resting it just above her bikini line.

"Not yet today. Maybe he or she will give me a tap or two later tonight. The plane ride is probably making Little Grant sleep. I have a feeling our baby is going to keep me you do." She pulled at his wrist, but he wouldn't budge. She placed a peck on his lips and gave his wrist another pull.

"So does this mean I can spend the night with you instead of bunking with Brent until our wedding night?"

His hand inched lower, but she didn't try to prevent him, curious to see how far he'd go.

She soon found out the answer to her curiosity. "Fitz!" she whispered forcefully when his fingers dipped past the point of no return. She squeezed her thighs together involuntarily.

He reached around her and grabbed a blanket that was still enchased in the plastic. Placing it between his teeth with his free hand, he tore the plastic apart. She could see the seriousness in his eyes. She grabbed the blanket and arranged it around them the best she could, thankful they were in first class and separated from their family. Olivia had no chance to respond to his question, his fingers knew exactly where to go. She laid her head back against the seat and grasped the armrest trying to stay calm and quiet.

Later, Olivia took a sip of ginger ale and shook her head at Fitz. "Promise me you will behave and obey. You can control yourself until after we say our vows."

"Liv. I don't want to stay with Brent and Gerry."

"We have discussed this already. You will share a suite with your best man and Gerry. We've been living together for months now so a couple of days of separation is not impossible. I don't want you around when I'm enjoying my bachelorette party. I want to enjoy my last days of freedom...if just for the sake of tradition."

"Okay. If that's how you want it, Livy," he said smugly and gave her a wink.

The stewardess arrived at that moment requesting their drink and meal order.

Fitz's comment sounded like a challenge to Olivia which didn't worry her. She was more concerned about his lack of reaction over her worries about Savannah. It was out of character for him to brush over something that bothered her. Olivia settled in her seat and tried to forget about the negatives.

Everyone's head turned to face Olivia's father who clinked his glass and stood to address those gathered at the dinner table. "I'd like to say a few words. My little girl is getting married. She is the last of my three girls to reach that major milestone. A father never thinks anyone can take care of his little girl as well as he can. In the time, that I have known Fitz I have found him to be a man who truly loves and respects my daughter so I am confident that he will love and cherish her in the way she deserves. Fitz, welcome to our family. We are happy to now be part of yours."

Olivia mouthed, "I love you," and walked one seat over to give her dad a hug. Fitz hugged him too. Her father was a man of few words, but whenever he spoke each word was infused with such meaning.

FJ chinked his glass and stood to give his toast. He had the opposite demeanor of Olivia's father. He looked out over the long dining table filled with friends and family. "Well, I must say, I wasn't too happy when Fitzgerald left his position at the school district to become a principal. I thought he had lost his mind after his divorce. To me, it was ass backwards to say the least. But if I'd known he would find Olivia there, we would have suggested he quit a long time ago. It's no secret that we just love her to pieces. From the first time we met her, we knew she was the one. I've been known to speak first and think later so it was a given that she and I would bump heads. We did bump heads that first time, but in a good way. After she ripped me a new one, I couldn't wait for our next discussion. We are so lucky to have you, Olivia. We know you love Fitz, Karen, and Gerry. And let's face it, if you can deal with my mom for as long as you have, you are a saint. You are already a Grant and you're carrying a Little Grant so no welcome is necessary. We love you."

GG shook her head at FJ in amused disgust and raised her glass for the toast.

Olivia rose to hug FJ as everyone chuckled. Fitz followed behind her.

A few more toasts were given at the rehearsal dinner. Afterward, the guests mingled beachside with desserts and cocktails.

"Liv, This place is magnificent. Since we set foot on the island, I've been trying to convince Paul to renew our vows here for our 15th anniversary. Antigua is paradise and the staff is so friendly," Abby said.

"Hermitage Bay only schedules one wedding a week here so it was a godsend that they had not already scheduled one for this week. I'm looking forward to the honeymoon. We're staying in the secluded coves that are supposed to give us complete privacy," Olivia said, winking at Abby. She took a sip of sparkling cider.

"Hold that wink and that thought, Liv. Here comes Huck, Siobhan, Harrison and Cheryl now," said Abby.

"Hi, Liv!" Siobhan said, hugging her close. "You look beautiful…glowing."

"What a fabulous place to get married. I'm happy Harrison and I could be here," said Cheryl.

"Thank you for coming! I appreciate it since the change in date was last minute," Olivia said, reaching out to take her hand.

"No apologies, Liv," said Cheryl. "Coming to Antigua was worth it. Now Siobhan and I are headed to the bar since we know how it is when you four get together."

"Our Liv is growing up! What a nice shotgun wedding. You better come back to Ambrose next year and not turn into one of those stay at home mom's," Harrison teased. "Please tell me that Savannah is not here."

"Harrison, don't—" Abby said with a stage whisper.

Olivia sighed at the mention of her name. "It's okay, Abby. She is not invited, although she insisted."

"Good for you that you didn't let her come," said Harrison. "How's your family handling it?"

"Sierra and Mom wanted me to change my mind, but now they seem okay. It's hard to know how Dad feels about it." As she spoke, Olivia noticed GG and Fitz sitting together. They were engrossed in a serious conversation by the looks of their expressions. Fitz looked anger and frustrated which made her frown. This was not the first time she'd seen them huddled together like this. Gerry walked up to them. His expression matched Fitz's. GG addressed both of them. Fitz looked up and caught Olivia's gaze as if he felt it. He smiled abruptly. She smiled and waved.

Abby, Huck, and Harrison followed her wave. "Oh, you two are too cute for your own good," said Abby, smiling at their exchange "Why don't you boys go and mingle, while Olivia and I have some girl talk before Fitz steals her away."

Abby pulled her to a nearby bench before they could respond.

"So, how are you doing? We haven't really talked, Liv. Is this thing with Savannah really over?"

"I'm fine, really. Well, a little overwhelmed with the wedding, the baby, writing, and trying to keep up with Karen. She's a great kid, but at the age where everything is a matter of life and death. She is dating Ethan right know the one I told you about...and it was rough for awhile with the hormones and the thing with Gerry. Gerry is leaving for Duke, but he is so mature for his age despite the incident with Ethan. Savannah hasn't contacted me for a few weeks, but Abby, I keep getting these bad feelings about her. I know I am just doing what I do…worry, but I can't help it. Fitz is my rock. I still cannot believe it some days, that we made it to this point so quickly. I love him so much and he adores me. I have no doubt about that, it's just that I-"

"You two are soul mates, Liv. Just accept it. Don't question it, and be happy. I know it's hard that Savannah can't be here. I know how much you love her in spite of the many times she betrayed you, but it's not your fault. You have to do what is right and healthy for you. Maybe at another point in your life you can work through this, but now is not the time. She needs to get some real help to deal with her issues. Do you think Fitz will turn into FJ one day? He doesn't have much tact does he? He practically said he would have encouraged Fitz to have an affair with you before he was divorced. I'm sure GG raised him better," said Abby with a chuckle.

"FJ will be FJ. He has the biggest heart though..."

"At least you know that Fitz will be around for a long time with all this longevity in his family."

"Abby, you and FJ have a lot in common, you know." Olivia squeezed Abby's arm and winked at her.

"Very funny, Liv. Just wait until your bachelorette party tomorrow. We'll see who will be laughing."

"Don't go overboard, okay. I can't expose my unborn to all the debauchery I unleashed on you when I hosted your party." Olivia and Abby giggled at the memories.

"I won't, sweetie, well at least until all the minors and old biddies leave. You know whose hot? Fitz's best man, Brent. How do they know each other?"

"They are college friends. Brent lives in California. He's in higher education...a dean at UCLA. He's married with three teenagers."

"Can you imagine those two in college together? It's just too much. Panties were probably dropping left and right, I imagine..." said Abby.

Olivia burst out laughing. "I love you, Abby!"

Later that night Olivia lay in bed feeling a lot better about Savannah. She made a promise not to worry any longer. The rehearsal dinner had been a wonderful reminder of all that was going right in her life.

"Fitzgerald, if you say a word to Olivia about this, I swear, I will ring your neck," said GG. Fitz and GG were held up in his suite engaged in an intense conversation. "Telling her is not going to change anything right now. It will only throw a dark cloud over your wedding and honeymoon. Let me handle this. She is pulling a Mellie so I know how to squash it."

"I don't like keeping this from her. We promised to always tell each other the truth, GG. She is not going to accept my silence as an attempt to protect her," he said.

"She will accept it. Don't you want her to look back on these days with happiness...good memories? If you tell her that Savannah is accusing Gerry of rape, she is going to feel anger, guilt, hurt, and God knows what else. I thought she had been hurt by that guy, Edison, but all along it was her own sister who was causing her all this distress. Fitzgerald, this will send her over the edge. I'm not asking you to lie, just delay telling her until after you return. Gerry is putting on a good face so you can too. It's your job to keep her happy so get to it and keep your mouth shut. I have David Rosen on this."

"Granny, I know. I'm not making any promises, but I'll try." Fitz kissed GG on the cheek. It was late when he left her suite. Olivia had banned him from her suite, but had an idea for how he could change her mind.

Olivia frowned in response to a noise outside her window. Leaving it cracked didn't seem like a such a good idea now. The sound of the waves breaking against the rocks was very peaceful. Also, her body temperature seemed to be a couple of degrees higher than normal. She sat up in bed just in time to see a pair of hands lifting the window up further.

"Liv! Liv!" Fitz whispered. "Help me."


Olivia padded over to the window to find Fitz hoisting himself into the room. He had a white bag in one hand, which he extended to her. "Here."

She took the bag as she watched him climb through the window. Olivia looked out the window at the trellis that she had thought was for decorative purposes.

"Honey, what are you doing here and at this hour. It's after 1 am." She opened up the fragrant white bag and peered inside. "How in the world did you find fried pickles, Fitz? Oh my God." She hugged him and fished one out of the bag. Savoring the crunchy breading and the juicy, tangy center, she closed her eyes chewed slowly.

He watched her gobble it down greedily. "I bribed one of the cooks to fry some up for you. He insisted on adding plantains." She devoured three more in rapid succession while he looked on. "Oh, would you like one? You can have a plantain."

"No, I brought them for you, babe. You looked amazing tonight. I had to remind Brent that he was married and that you are mine," he whispered in her ear. He kissed her neck and shoulder blade.

"Really? Brent is a shameless flirt. I don't see how his wife allows him out of the house. Poor Patrice," she mumbled as the effects of his kisses started to take effect.

"Rise and shine, sports fans!" Abby said. She whisked into Olivia's bedroom suite and flipped on the lights. She opened the curtains to let in the morning sun's rays. "There is no time for sleeping. We have a long wedding to do list to tackle today before all festivities.

"Livy, make Abby go away," Fitz mumbled into her hair. "She can't just barge in the room like this."

"Fitz, honey, you have to go. This isn't your room. Abby's right. We have errands to run today and then the boat cruise with everyone at 3. I'm sure Brent is looking for you. It's 8:30 already. Abby, I hope Sierra isn't here yet. She is more anal than me when it comes to promptness," said Olivia.

"Sierra has been downstairs since 8 like we planned. She keeps looking at her watch. Fitz needs to creep back out the way he came in," Abby explained with a smirk.

"Okay, Abs. Thanks, I'll be down in 30 minutes or so," Olivia said drowsily.

After Abby left, Fitz pulled Olivia back into his arms. "Just lay here for a little longer since I probably won't really get any alone time with you until later tonight."

"Honey, you can't come back tonight. Tomorrow is the wedding so I don't want you to see me or touch me until I walk down the aisle, okay?"

"I guess," he replied without moving. They lay there snuggled together until their breathing matched. They were drifting off to sleep. Fitz's hand was lightly rubbing circles on her stomach. She stiffened and reached for his hand, holding it still over her lower abdomen.

"Little Grant is kicking, Fitz," she whispered. "Hold still here. Feel. It's very faint, but you should be able to feel it if you don't move."

Fitz felt a slight twitch against his skin. "It feels like a heartbeat, Livy. Good morning, Little Grant."

"Do we want to know the sex, Fitz?" Olivia asked.

"I don't know. I guess in my mind, it's a boy because we've already been calling him, "Little Grant." I'll do whatever you want," he said, leaning over her on his elbow to see her face.

"I think I want to know the sex, but I have a feeling it's a boy too. He will have curly black hair just like you, and he will wrap me around his little finger just like you." She smiled up at him and propped herself up on her elbows. He leaned down and kissed her with such passion that she couldn't resist throwing her leg around his back, which only meant one thing. She was going to be downstairs later than she intended.

Olivia stood at the railing of the boat. Fitz was close behind, encasing her with both arms, his hands clasping the railing on either side of her. His cheek was next to hers.

"How are we going to tell them to cancel our bachelor and bachelorette parties?" Fitz whispered in her ear.

"Who said anything thing about cancelling them? I want to have mine, babe. And we need to go mingle with our guests. We're being pretty rude over here. We should be entertaining them. I swear you have extremely horny since we set foot on the plane. I can't bend over without you appearing ready to probe me."

"Now that sounds good. Let's sneak downstairs."

"Son, save some for the honeymoon!" FJ's booming voice piped up. He took Olivia's hand and pulled her towards the middle of the boat where everyone was gathered around talking and enjoying drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Olivia looked back at Fitz apologetically. Brent appeared and slapped him on the back.

"You are totally whipped, Fitz…worse than a teenage boy just getting his first taste," he said. "Tonight, I am going to have to work hard to make sure your mind is off Olivia and totally focused on the luscious asses grinding on you at your bachelor party."

"Brent, I told you, no strippers. Let's just have some drinks and then call it a night." Fitz said.

"Absolutely, not. I didn't come all the way to Antigua alone to simply throw back a few beers with you. I can do that in the states. Ask Olivia for your balls back and be ready for tonight," he said.

Olivia sat in a large throne-like chair. Her head was adorned with a crown and she held a wand. "Knocked Up Bride," was emblazoned in elegant gold script on a bright red sash that hung across her body. Her bachelorette party was in full swing. All the games and activities so far had been pretty PG, but Olivia knew that Abby had more up her sleeve. It was only 8:30. They were finishing up a slide show of pictures of Olivia from college until the present amended with funny captions.

"Okay, ladies if you are younger than 18, the party is over for you. Please proceed back to your suites," Abby announced.

"Liv, can I stay?" asked Karen.

"No," Olivia and GG said simultaneously. Karen pouted and left with her cousins.

GG pulled Olivia aside. "How are you doing, dear? How has that grandson of mine been treating you?"

"I am feeling great. Fitz has been wonderful as usual. He didn't want to have a bachelor party tonight, but I'm sure he is having a great time with Brent and the rest of them."

"He loves you, dear. More than you can imagine. His love is fully ripe. My mother told me that a man with that kind of love will love you forever. Women tend to love hard because we are the nurturers. If you find a man who loves like that, he will never stray. Now Brent, on the other hand is a taker. I've known him since he was a boy, and that's all he does. I feel for Patrice, who loves him so much. You know, I told her not to marry him, but she didn't think I knew what I was talking about. Just remember that Fitz loves you no matter what happens in the future." GG gave her a hug and left.

"Livia, this has all been so nice," her mother said, taking her hand. "You look radiant, honey. I have a little something for you." She pulled out a flat square box and handed it to Olivia, who opened it and marveled at the silver bracelet nestled in the white cotton base. The design was a three stranded cord braided together. One strand was adorned with diamonds.

"Mom, it's beautiful."

"It belonged to your grandmother. The cords represent, you, Fitz, and God. A three-strand cord can't be broken just as your bond can't be broken when God is in the center. I know we haven't been as close since you and Savannah had your falling out. I won't push you to reconcile with her as I have done in the past. I just hope one day you will find it in your heart to talk to her. Your family is a part of your strand... of that three strand cord." She took the bracelet from the box and clasped it around Olivia's wrist.

"Thanks, Mom. I'll wear it tomorrow." She hugged her mom and kissed her on the cheek and then walked away.

"Oh Livia, you're crying," Sierra said. She gave Olivia a hug. "Is Mom continuing to hound you about Savannah?" She dabbed Olivia's eyes with a napkin.

"No. She gave me this bracelet from Nana. It will be my something old. She did mention Savannah, but with no demands."

"That's good. Now let's see what Abby is up to. I know it's something naughty."

"Ladies! Ladies!" Abby's voice boomed across the room as she walked to Olivia. "We are here to celebrate the impending nuptials of our friend, sister, and colleague, Ms. Olivia Pope! Now she has chosen to pledge her life and to be ever faithful to Fitzgerald Grant. I think we can all agree that she has chosen well, but it would be a shame if I didn't let her see what she will be missing after she ties the knot tomorrow. Gentlemen! Shall you join the ladies?"

The lights dimmed and "It's Raining Men," started to play. Abby opened the door and three hulking men appeared dressed in suits and carrying briefcases.

"Where is Olivia Pope?" one man of the handsome men asked. Olivia was a little embarrassed and afraid so she hid behind Sierra. She couldn't hide for long because twenty or more fingers pointed her way.

They picked up the throne-like chair and brought it to her. "Please have a seat Ms. Pope." Olivia sat down slowly. While the other women chanted, "Take it off!" "Take it off! They dangled their dollar bills in the air.

The music changed to "Atomic Dog," which caused Olivia to burst out laughing. The three strippers began gyrating around Olivia's chair while they undressed. She stared at them through her fingers, which covered her eyes.

"Come on, Liv. Stop being shy!" screamed Abby.

Their dance was obviously choreographed because they pulled off their breakaway pants at the same time, just as the music changed to "Candy," by Cameo. Each stripper wore a bright, aqua colored speedo. They extended their hands to Olivia to dance, but she shook her head no. Everyone began chanting her name, "Olivia!" "Olivia!" "Olivia!"

"Oh, what the hell!" she said. She took the hand of the stripper in the fuchsia speedo.

"You have to hit it first, baby," he said, pointing to his butt. Olivia giggled and slapped him as directed. The girls all screamed with excitement.

Meanwhile at Fitz's bachelor party, some unidentified music played as a well-endowed scantily clad women gave Fitz a lap dance. Before it was over, Fitz tucked a ten-dollar bill in her shoulder strap and pulled her up from his lap. "Thank you, he said."

"But I'm not finished, handsome," she said leaning forward, her breasts spilling over the too small bra. "You are free to do whatever you want to me."

Fitz ignored her and walked away. Brent was enjoying his lap dance while the other men looked at pornography on the television.

Fitz walked to the bar and sent Olivia a text, but she didn't answer.

"I see you forgot to ask for your balls back," said Brent. He handed Fitz a beer.

"I see you are enjoying yourself," said Fitz.

Brent surveyed the room. The girls were now giving lap dances to Lauren's and Sybil's husbands.

"I am okay as long as my best friend is okay. Unfortunately, he is missing his Livy and it's a little pathetic. She's not going to let you sneak in her room tonight. She might have company," Brent teased.

"Brent, shut the fuck up. I thought you knew when to quit!" Fitz snapped back.

"Sorry! Just playing. Seriously, though, she's going to turn you away. You know women like to play the virgin the night before their wedding." Brent said.

"Brent, how are you and Patrice? Are you behaving?"

"Yes, I am." Brent said. "Okay, I'm going back in."

Huck and Harrison joined Fitz at the bar. "Well, this is certainly not something we can talk about at the school staff meeting," Harrison said.

They all laughed. "You guys didn't get a lap dance?" said Fitz.

"Nope. We don't want any trouble when we go back to our suites," Huck said. "My wife would know, and I'd be in the dog house for days."

"Same here," seconded Harrison.

Fitz took a swig of beer and looked forward to seeing Olivia later.

Olivia was sleeping peacefully later that night. Her window was closed and locked.

"Damn," Fitz muttered as he climbed back down trellis.

The morning of their wedding was perfect. The sun shone a little brighter. The birds sang a little louder. The trees stood a little taller.

Fitz waited at the altar with Brent, Gerry, and the minister. The ceremony commenced. He didn't really see anyone when the music began that signaled Olivia's entrance. When he saw her, his breath caught in his throat. She looked stunning in her white dress and veil accompanied by her father. His mind began to replay scenes from their courtship. He was transported back to the conference room during their first encounter. The first time he laid eyes on her his life was changed forever. She had looked slightly annoyed with him, but from that moment he had been hooked. He was in her classroom watching the total delight on her face as she interacted with her students. She was at his door in that blue dress that Sunday when he first introduced her to his family. He saw the ecstasy on her face the first time they made love. She was closing the door on his hand that night when he was angry about her response to his first proposal. She was kneeling before him proposing with a ring pop. Karen and Gerry were kissing her on either cheek when she had convinced him to let them drive to an outlet mall an hour away. She was hugging GG and laughing at something she had said. His last memory before she stood before him at the altar was feeling Little Grant kick against his hand.

They said the traditional vows, but ended by reciting together, the 1 Corinthians passage from the bible, from the crystal monument Olivia had given him as a gift.

"Love never fails," they ended together.

After all the celebrating and well wishing, Fitz was finally exactly where he wanted to be. He and Olivia were strolling alone on the beach just outside their cottage on the secluded coves. They had planned to spend five days there for their honeymoon.

They walked with their hands entwined listening to the ocean.

"This is pure bliss, Mr. Grant."

"I second that, Mrs. Grant."

"I'm sorry I locked you out last night," she explained.

"I have you now. How was your party?" he asked.

"You know Abby. There was entertainment of the male persuasion."

"Did you have a good time?"

"It was okay, but I know you could do better," she said with a wink. Olivia didn't ask him about his party. Harrison had already given her a full report. She was secretly delighted that he had not enjoyed it.

They were back at their cottage door. He picked her up and kissed her passionately before carrying her over the threshold.

After five tranquil days of pleasure and leisure, Olivia and Fitz settled into their seats for their flight home.

"Fitz, I don't know how I am going to return to real life after this. I swear I have gained 5 pounds. I really have a baby bump now. My body is acclimated to noon naps, umbrella drinks by the ocean, massages, and making love at any time of the day."

"I say we come back next year for our one year anniversary."

"Sounds good to me," she said. Olivia closed her eyes as they ascended to 30,000 feet. When the seatbelt lights went off, she turned towards him.

"Fitz, I feel so much better going home that I did when we were headed here. I totally overreacted about Savannah. She honored my wished and stayed away. She even helped get my family here. Maybe she has changed. Do you think I should call her when I get back?"

He went a little pale as he looked at her. He took her hand and placed it to his lips.

"Livy, there is something I need to tell you. We are going to get through this. About a month ago, Savannah contacted Gerry through Facebook under the guise of creating a surprise wedding present for us. She convinced him to keep it a secret. He didn't know anything about your strained relationship so he began meeting with her. Apparently, things got...became...sexual between them. She seduced him, but according to Gerry they didn't have intercourse. He came to me about it after he stopped seeing her, which was about a week or so before our wedding. Now she is accusing him of...raping her."

"What? Oh my God! What?" Olivia whispered over and over again. She began to have trouble catching her breath.

Fitz rubbed her back. "It's okay, baby. Breath." He rang for the flight attendant.

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