An Education

Motivated Learners

She felt restless and out of control. It was Sunday afternoon, and she didn't know where her husband was. Technically he was her ex-husband if little things like a court order were held in high esteem. She felt like he was probably somewhere in an uncompromising position with her, "Olivia Pope, 4th grade teacher, at Ambrose Elementary School." That was what the caption on the picture of her read. Mellie frowned at the image on her laptop. She had finally been able to get her full name and occupation. Mellie now knew of her connection to Fitz.

She felt like she could have won him back if he had not taken up with some other woman, and a black one at that. It had been almost three weeks since she had witnessed that kiss in the parking lot of Dave and Buster's. Mellie knew they had to have recently become acquainted because she knew everything about Fitz even since they had been divorced. By the looks of that kiss, they were very familiar with one another.

It had been easier to keep tabs on him when he worked at the Teaching and Learning Center where the school system was headquartered. His small dating stint with Rachel had been a joke, but at least she didn't work with him like the Pope woman. He hadn't even introduced her to Karen and Gerry. Now that he was a local school principal, she wasn't privy to everything. She didn't have contacts that far down the food chain. She knew that she needed to make some contacts at Ambrose Elementary School. Fitz's sisters nor her own children would give her any real information. Karen and Gerry admitted that he was dating, but they would play dumb when she asked questions. Mellie realized that she needed to step up her game. Maybe she should pay a visit to Ambrose. She was sure that the peons at the school would be more than excited to have a visitor from the school board grace them with her presence.

She was scanning Olivia Pope's teacher website when the phone rang.

"Hello," Mellie said.

"Hi, Mom, you're coming to the soccer game today, right?" Karen said.

"Why do you ask, dear? Where is your dad?"

"Mom, it's your weekend to come to my game! Dad comes to every game, but he made plans awhile back to do something today and he said that you were definitely coming!" Karen said with a raised voice.

"Karen, calm down, I'll be there. Where is your dad going today?"

"Mom, I don't know. I'll see you at one. Don't be late because we have to be there 30 minutes before the game starts so we can warm up."

"Okay. See you then." Mellie hung up the phone. She was irritated that she had to go to this game. She wanted to stay home and plan her next move. She wondered if Fitz was going to be with that woman today. She quickly dialed his cell phone.

"Hello," a woman's voice answered breathlessly.

Mellie groaned and immediately disconnected the line. She was surprised that a woman answered his phone. It had to be that woman! And then the way she answered it. What were they doing? Well I can guess!

Olivia stood outside the visitor's center at the Garden of the Gods park entrance with Rolfo. She was trying to catch her breath after the hike. Fitz was inside getting more cold water for them. It was unnaturally warm on this Sunday afternoon in February, and their hike had tired them all out. She, Fitz, and Rolfo were spending the day there scoping out the place as a possible location for a school field trip. He had complimentary tickets and had invited her along.

In the three weeks, since they had started dating, she and Fitz had rarely spent a day apart. She was a permanent fixture at their Wednesday Dave and Buster's dinners. She dined with all three of them two or three nights a week in addition to the Wednesdays. Olivia had protested because she didn't want to take his time away from Karen and Gerry. One night she decided to decline having dinner with them, but the three of them had showed up at her door with pizza anyway. After that, Olivia cast her worries aside and just enjoyed their time together. They had managed to keep their relationship a secret thus far by avoiding the other at school.

The only snag in their relationship was sex, or the lack thereof. When they had come close to making love during the second week of their dating relationship, Olivia explained that she didn't think it was a good idea for them to become intimate so soon. She was certain of her decision until she was locked in a passionate embrace with him every night when they parted. It was also difficult when they were alone on the occasions when Karen and Gerry were not with them. Fitz would look at her from across the room in that way of his that instantly made her ache. She would gaze back at him and the next thing she knew, she was pulling herself away from him as she caught her breath against whatever surface he had braced her up against at that moment.

The music to, "Tonight," broke her away from her thoughts. She pulled Fitz's cell phone out of her pocket and smiled as she heard the familiar song as his ringtone. He had asked her to hold his phone and answer it if it rang. Olivia didn't think that was good idea, but she did it since he had no pockets on his pants.

"Hello," she said without a look at the caller ID.

When she saw the missed caller identified as, "Mellie Rosement," she felt uncomfortable.

"Hey, beautiful. Was that a call for me?" Fitz kissed Olivia on the cheek and handed her a bottle of water.

"I told you I shouldn't be answering your phone. It was your ex-wife." Olivia handed Fitz his phone. He made a call.

"Hey KareBear, is your mother on the way?...Okay…Okay…Do well and Liv and I will see you and Gerry back at the house later tonight. Bye." Fitz hung up. He pulled a small bowl from his backpack and poured water for Rolfo to drink.

"Mellie forgot that she is supposed to go to Karen's game today. Karen called to remind her and she started asking about me as if she forgot she promised not to flake on Karen. She rarely if ever goes to any of their games anyway."

Olivia slid her hand around his waist as they walked back to the trail entrance.

Mellie begrudgingly changed into jeans and a Polo shirt in preparation for the soccer game. Cyrus Beene crossed her mind, and she decided to call him.

"Mellie, you just can't get enough of me, can you?"

"Shut up, Cyrus. I need to see you tonight."

"Okay. How about eleven at our place? I'll make reservations," said Cyrus with a smile in his voice.

"Don't sound so smug. This is the last time. I just need a good fucking and you are so good at that," Mellie said.

"What did Fitz do now, honey? You only call me when he has done something that has hurt you. You need to move on. You two are divorced. Now you and I can be together. If we date casually first, then it will look like it just happened. Nobody will ever know the length of our affair."

Mellie's voice softened. "I never wanted to hurt you, but Fitz…he…I know it sounds crazy now that we are divorced, but he is the only man for me. I should not have started sleeping with you. He never would have divorced me if I would have stayed faithful to him."

Anger rose in Cyrus' chest. "Your marriage was dead long before we started our affair. It gave him a legitimate reason to divorce you. If we keep sneaking around, sooner or later he is going to find out that I was the one you were sleeping with. I am not running for another term as Superintendent, Mellie, so we can be-"

"I have to go Cyrus. I will see you tonight."

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