An Education

Driven to Distraction

Olivia tried to stifle the yawn, but it escaped her lips when she returned to her townhouse after Rolfo's morning walk. It was 7:30 on a Saturday morning and she had about 9 hours to get her papers graded and entered. Conquering the mound of laundry was also on her to do list before she had to meet Fitz, Karen, and Gerry for dinner at Café Lily later that night.

Olivia hadn't had time to make coffee before the walk. Rolfo wouldn't let her with all his barking to go out right then. She put on a fresh pot of coffee and changed back into her favorite orange t-shirt nightgown and fuzzy, rainbow slipper socks. After dispensing with her bra, she felt comfortable again.

She sorted the multiple stacks of papers on her coffee table along with multiple colored pens, paper clips, and binder clips. She plopped down in her big comfy chair with her laptop on one armrest and a stack of papers on the other.

Fitz crossed her mind as raindrops made pitter patter sounds on her window pane. Karen had two soccer games today, one at 8 and another at 2. Olivia would have attended, but her ungraded papers could no longer be ignored. Report cards were due to go home soon and her grade upload deadline was looming.

In the month since she began dating Fitz, she was perpetually behind. She'd conquered this problem years ago with a system to stay on top of her work. Now, her problem was her demanding boyfriend. He planned something for them every weekend, robbing her of grading time. Olivia loved spending time with him, but she had put her foot down today.

Just as she became immersed in her work, the phone rang.


"Hey, Love. What are you doing?" Fitz's voice brought an instant smile to her lips. She left her grading chair and moved to the sofa. She couldn't multitask with him.

"Hey Fitz, you know what I am doing? I'm grading papers. See, I am caught between a rock and a hard place. My boyfriend plans all my time so I am behind on grading papers. My principal has set the deadline for uploading grades to Tuesday. So something has to give." Olivia smiled through the phone.

"Am I the rock or the hard place or both? What are you wearing right now and I'll tell you."

"Mr. Grant, if you could see me now, you wouldn't be able to distinguish the rock from the hard place. Let's see. My boyfriend has kept me from doing laundry so I am forced to go au naturel and-"

There was a knock on the door. "Sweetie, hold on someone's at my door."

Olivia looked through the peephole and saw Fitz holding the phone. Her eyes widened in shock. She looked down at her ratty attire. For Olivia, they were still at the point in their relationship where she never let him see her looking less than her best.

"Fitz, what are you doing here?"

"Let me in and I'll tell you."

"But I'm not presentable."

"Come on, let me in. The game was rained out. I'm here to help my favorite teacher grade papers."

"Okay. I'll be there in a second." Olivia ran to her bedroom and threw on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt embroidered with the Ambrose Elementary logo. She gargled with Listerine and splashed water on her face. She pulled her twists back into a ponytail. She didn't bother with make up except for her tinted lip balm. She really wanted to take a shower, but she didn't have time.

She opened the door and there he was, leaning against the side of the door, looking good enough to eat.

"Hi, beautiful." He pushed off the door and leaned in for a kiss.

They kissed until she pulled back. "Hey, you don't kiss like a man with grading on his mind. Come in, grab a stack of papers, a grading pen, and get started." Liv grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house.

"Would you like some coffee?" Olivia emptied the carafe of cold coffee and put on another pot to brew.

"Yes, sounds good. Karen's team played for half of the game when it began to pour. They called both games due to the conditions and the forecast of more rain for later today." Fitz stood behind her massaging her neck as she set the brew timer.

"Oh that feels good. I've had my head bent over for the last hour."

"Maybe I should give you a full body massage first." He leaned over and inhaled the scent behind her ear. "You smell so good."

Olivia pushed him away and walked to the sofa. "Grade this math homework first. Students have to show their work on another sheet of paper and of course complete all thirty-six problems. Take off ¼ of a point if they don't show their work and 1 point if they don't complete it."

"Thirty-six problems! That is a lot for one night."

"This is the homework for one week. It is nine problems per night, Monday thru Thursday. These other three stacks have the answer keys attached. Oh, there's the coffee. I'll bring us a cup. Where are Karen and Gerry? You should have brought them with you."

"And miss some alone time with my favorite teacher? I paid them off and they are getting breakfast and will see a movie before we all meet up later."

They settled down and worked efficiently for about an hour. They both graded and alternated entering the grades into her laptop.

Fitz gazed over at her. She looked so small in the big cushy chair. She had that look of concentration that he loved so much. He loved all of her expressions. She was biting her bottom lip, a habit that seemed to help her concentrate he guessed. She looked cute when she wore her hair in those twisty things. In a day or so, she would have hair like crinkle fries. That was Karen's description the first time she saw Olivia's hair styled that way. Her tongue peeked between her lips and she began tracing her lips with her tongue. Fitz couldn't stop staring. Next she stretched her arms up high over her head and yawned. She arched her back and closed her eyes, unaware he was staring at her hungrily. He wanted to make her arch her back when he...

"Fitz, what are you doing?"


"You can't stare at me like that. It is distracting."

He lifted his hands in surrender. "Okay, back to work." Fitz focused his attention on his latest stack.

Olivia looked at him as he worked and her mind started to wonder. One night in a moment of weakness, she had let him remove her blouse and do the most amazing things to her breasts. She looked at him with his head propped on his hand. His shoulders were so broad and the hair on his forearms screamed out to be touched. He looked good sitting there, so masculine and virile. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized that those arms could be around her and those hands could be caressing her right now if she just said the word.

"Ms. Pope, what are you doing?


"I think you were staring at me."

"Get back to your job, Fitz." Olivia turned away from him.

They settled back into grading. Olivia yawned a couple of times and felt herself getting sleepy. She scooted lower into her chair. Before long, she had drifted off to sleep.

Fitz watched her snooze. He gathered all the stacks they had graded and placed them in her tote. Only 4 stacks remained and they were all essays. He saved her work and logged off her computer after tidying up the area. That was something else he loved about her. She was so methodical about everything. She had confessed that sorting things calmed her. He knew she would appreciate a clean area. He leaned over and watched her sleep for a while longer. He knew she was tired. They had been out late on Friday night at Gerry's lacrosse game and then to a late movie.

He gathered her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and she immediately snuggled into the pillow. He lay down alongside her. The rain outside created the perfect atmosphere for sleeping.

Olivia woke up and realized she was stretched out on her bed. An arm was around her waist and another was under the pillow where her head rested. She felt the faint breeze of breathing on her neck. A leg was sandwiched between her thighs. It was Fitz. A burst of desire shot through her. She wanted him at that moment. She ached for it.

Olivia rolled over and jostled him awake. He smiled at her "Hey, beautiful."

Olivia didn't say anything. She kissed him thoroughly. He took her cue and kissed her back with the same intensity. She grabbed the edge of his shirt and tried to release him of it, but he was too busy trying to unbutton her pants.

"Let me up," Olivia said, "I want to get out of these clothes." They both stood to their feet and removed their clothes.

"Oh, Olivia," He took her hand and looked at her.

"I want you, so much, Fitz. There are condoms in the side drawer. Now we can put each other out of our misery." She smiled at him.

Olivia moved to the bed, but he stopped her. "Olivia, I love you."

"Make love to me." She moved to the bed again, but he stopped her.

He put both hands on her face. "I love you, baby," he said, "Do you love me?"

"We are about to make love," Olivia said.

"I want to hear you say it."

"I can show you more effectively," she said smiling.

"Olivia, I'm serious. You didn't want to make love before now because you thought it would complicate our relationship. Why are you changing your mind now?"

"I feel like it is time. I want you. Don't you want to make love to me?"

"More than anything, but I am wondering why you can't say you love me? It's okay if you don't share my feelings. I want you to say so. Honestly, Olivia, making love, being with you will not complicate our relationship if we do it now, if we had done it before now, or if we do it in the future. I fell in love with you that first day. Wanting to be with you is just an expression of that love, not a complication. If you are not sure of your love for me, then I don't think we should make love this morning."

"But, I…" Olivia was utterly shocked. Fitz started dressing while she stood there dumfounded. "Do you need something? I'm going to take Rolfo for a walk. I'll be back shortly. He kissed her on the cheek and left the room. She heard the clink clank of Rolfo's tags and then the door closing. Olivia sat on the bed wondering what just happened.

Mellie sat astride Cyrus's waist, riding him like she was a jockey leading her horse to the finish line. He reached up and touched her face.

"Mellie you are a goddess."

"Cyrus, shut up and get me off!" He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off of him. He turned her over on her stomach, lifted her hips, and plunged into her from behind. She gripped the sheets with both hands and groaned, "That is more like it! Harder! Baby, faster!" Cyrus slapped her on the butt and slammed into her, knowing what she liked. She reached back and spread her cheeks wider. They both shuddered in release at the same time.

"Cy, damn it! That was so good. Feel me. I am still quivering. To bad this is the last time."

"Mel, if I had a dime for every time you said that… Admit it. You can't go more than ten days without letting me love you." Cyrus pulled her into his arms.

"What do you know about Olivia Pope?"

This question gave Cyrus pause because Fitz had recently asked him about her. "Why, Mel?"

"She's screwing Fitz, and she works at his school!" Mellie sat up in the bed.

"She's been at Ambrose for a number of years. She's single and able to date whomever she pleases, Mellie. Now, let's go to sleep!"

"How can the Superintendent of Schools say that?" Mellie said.

"The same Superintendent who has been in an intimate relationship with a school board member for almost two years! Could we not talk about your ex-husband tonight?"

"But Cyrus, you have to help me break them up. I have made contact with a teacher at Ambrose who will be my eyes and ears there. Do you know Sara Marks?"

"Cy, I need you to help me with this."

Cyrus turned over and tried to ignore Mellie. When she was in these "productive" moods, there was no shutting her up. She didn't realize how she hurt him when she obsessed over Fitz. He didn't know how he could make her believe that he was totally and completely in love with her and had been since the days she was a stay at home mom and Fitz was a rising star in the district. The sad thing was that Fitz knew about their relationship. Cyrus had told Fitz when Mellie came crying to him about his divorce threats. Cyrus thought that if he told Fitz he might not go through with it. He loved Mellie that much. He wanted her to be happy no matter what. Fitz was more confused than angry. He had said, "Now I will cease to ever be amazed again." He had told Cyrus of his plans to divorce Mellie, but he had requested that Cyrus not tell Mellie that he knew. Cyrus didn't understand why Fitz wanted to keep Mellie in the dark about that. Cyrus never planned to tell because he never wanted to lose her. Now he wondered if he should warn Fitz about Mellie's plans.

Cyrus turned back over and faced Mellie. He covered her mouth with his, knowing that was the only way to silence her.

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