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"Talking" 'Thought' Yelling

I wish I could partake in owning One Piece, but I don't

Before the Strawhat's received the invitation to Madam Kaguya's fortress Zoro, and Robin awakened to find each-other in an intimate embrace. Grinning, Zoro leaned down to kiss her, only to have her head pull away from him. He lowly growled at her actions. Robin gently cupped his cheeks, silently pleading to pay attention.

In the rush of passion her mind still wondered if the possibility of them pursuing a relationship was the wrong decision. She didn't know if her heart could be stringed along; such had already happened too much for her in the past. Robin need the swordsman to assure her that this was not going to be a mistake.

Robin stared at the man towering over her, his murky eyes almost bore into her from her silent worry. Anger and embarrassment pooled in her belly once she observed Zoro's chuckling frame. Deciding not to bare her anger she settled on arching her brow.

Somehow sensing her fury he managed to pull her to his chest. He rested lips against her ear, whispering, "I wouldn't have asked for this if I didn't want this." He continued "I-I well sorta like you, a lot," he said, a light blush staining his cheeks. Robin was speechless at the sudden confession. She soon, too started to laugh herself.

"Oi, what's so funny?"

"It's just that," more laughter shook her, "with some practice you could start to sound like Sanji." She finished with whipping a tear from her mirth.

"Only for you," he breathed, soon enough both were tangled in the sheets with not-so-innocent caress passing between the two. A coy smirk graced her lips as she slowly delved into pleasure.


"Robin-Chan wake up I'm sorry you had to spend even a minute with that disgusting brute in your presence! Oi, you lazy, good for nothing marimo better get your ass away from Robin-Chwan, or I'll fillet your ass!" Sanji's muffled voice came through the door. Zoro bit back his venom as he watched Robin disrobe, and head to the bath. He muttered, but for the most le the comment slide knowing that he was store for an eventful bath.


'That foolish old man leaving me to escort the stupid pirates! I bet Strawhat is as half-assed as any of the rest of the worst generation. Damn Tao* making me responsible for his jobs, 'take care of the Mistress' my ass,' I know the old geezer just has is a pervert like all the rest. Kenji thought spitefully as he watched the pirates leisurely walk towards him. The overly excited captain rush to him with the words of various food hanging from his lips.

"Luffy slow the hell down," Nami yelled, almost reaching him.

"No way! Food~" His joyous yell cut through the air.

Once they were close enough for him to make their features out correctly he etched on his most forced smile. "Hello Strawhat-san, I will be your escort for today to my Mistress' castle."

Mustering as much politeness as he could, Kenji said, "If you may step onto the platform so that we can depart to the castle." The crew gave him blank stares in return the reason being in which Kenji had only gestured to the open air.

Swallowing back an insult, he smiled and rephrased his order. "My apologies, I should have elaborated. You see, I have eaten a devil fruit, Swirl-Swirl fruit. It allows me the ability to levitate, or should I say swirl anything I please."

"It's so obvious now," the crew turned to Zoro waiting for him to finish. "It all makes sense. Now we finally know why the Ero-Cook's eyebrows are so swirled." Zoro said, taking the chance to repay the cook for the previous insults. The swordsman's smirk only widened when the cook began to splutter.

"O-oi, you damned mosshead just shut the hell up!" Sanji yelled, only to throw a kick towards the swordsman in which he blocked with the back of his swords. The cartographer soon intervened, and both promptly passed out onto the ground, their heads swollen.

The crew soon stepped on the desired spot, and felt themselves being lifted off the ground. Luffy kept jumping up and then down, testing ability, and patience, to see if he would fall.

Quickly covering his irritation Kenji announced, "We have arrived."

Again, the Strawhats were left to only give questionable stares in response. Knowing it was his fault for not explaining well.

"Again I am sorry, this part of the island is protected by a barrier," he said dismissively. Kaze's eye darted to Robin to see if the word would have stirred an emotion in the historian, to her shock Robin seemed completely neutral to the suggestion. In the midst of her thinking Kenji had created a small whirlwind, and launched it to the seemingly open air.

As if it were magic, they were transferred into a completely different scenery form the chilly weather, and into a jungle like forest. The crew peeled off their coats, and other snow related items. They chuckled to themselves at the remembrance of Punk Hazard. Kenji soon placed everyone on the ground, and led them to Kaguya's castle. The humid air stuck to their skin. The multiple bodies giving off more heat, made it all the more difficult trek.

The walk seemed to last forever with everyone's hunger growing. Brook decided to sing in hopes of lifting everyone's spirts.


"-Everyone it's here," the captain's excited voice came through the thick foliage, from where he rushed ahead, surprising everyone with how mush stamina he could have.

They quickly made their way through the dense vegetation. Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy's eyes visibility sparkled at the sight before them. A giant stone castle stood, stopping everyone in their tracks. The crew forgot about the humidity, and gazed in awe of the fortress.

Soon a white haired man walked from the outer yard by the name of Tao. He gave a similar greeting to the one Kenji gave when they were still in town. He bowed with his next words. "May you please come with me? I will be your guide through the castle until my mistress returns."

Being unable to hold back her curiosity for any longer, Robin asked, "Where are we exactly?"

He smiled at her, the gesture made her uneasy but she swallowed the emotion. "A very good question. We are still on the island. What you came through is similar to a barrier. Do not worry your ship is in good hand; our most capable soldiers are on guard," He informed them.

Robin could predict that Tao had already won her captain's trust, but still asked him, "How do we know we can trust you?"

"What's wrong with making new friends, Miss Nico?" A sultry tone came from behind the foliage.

The Strawhats looked to the see an elegantly dressed woman with a sword strapped to her waist standing in the clearing. Her eyes scanned the group making sure that all were present. The strange thing was that her gaze lingered on Kaze. Long silver hair flowed down her back with each stride she took as she grew closer to her castle.

"Me-me-me...Mellorine!" Sanji yelled in his melted state.

"Oh no! Sanji has lost too much blood we need a doctor!" Chopper shouted before Usopp reminded him the he was said doctor.

"We can't have him die, let us go, then we can have that banquet I promised. Then we can discuss more." She led them through the front gate.


Nami was nearly drooling over all the treasure she saw while walking through the halls of the large fortress. Kaguya gave them a tour of the palace while leading them to the kitchen. Unbeknownst to the crew Kenji, and Tao had vanished. After getting the proper treatment, Sanji managed to pick himself up from the floor, and followed the rest of the group. Soon they stopped in front a pair of double doors.

Once pushing through the doors the scent of food wafted to them. Everyone turned to see that the captain was already digging in his share.

"Oi, Luffy don't eat it all!" Usopp and Chopper yelled.

"Shishishi~" He laughed, as he dug into more food.

Everyone started to eat respectively. Seeing that everyone occupied with protecting their food from rubber hands, Kaze turned to see Kaguya inch closer to her captain. Her apprehension grew when she started to speak.

"Strawhat, we must spar some time."

Without taking his sight away from his food, he answered, "Okay!"


Everyone turned to see the reason of the outburst. A thick silence coated the room, no one dared to even utter a syllable from the pure rage that glazed Kaze's hues.

"You haven't told them yet, have you?" Kaguya asked, letting out a deep chuckle.

Nami was the first to speak through the chilling conversation. "What is she talking about Kaze?"

"How could you deny your own mother?" Kaguya's teal orbs seemed playful which only strengthened Kaze's angry violet ones.

"Kagura, welcome home."

I personally think I'm doing well this far in the story.

What is in store for the Strawhats?



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