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Who is Kagura

"Speaking" "Thoughts" Yelling ||Attacks||:

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The thick silence cloaked the room as all breathers were held. Surprisingly, Luffy stopped eating his gaze shifting from Kaguya to Kaze. Knowing that if Kaguya opened her mouth again it would reveal her secret, she opted to liter her stare with hate towards Kaguya.

Confusion settled when that captain started to giggle, soon his giggles turned into boisterous laughing. After whipping away his tears of mirth he started, "Baka! Her name's Kaze not Kagura!"

Sweat-drops were shared across the room as everyone realized that Luffy correcting Kaguya's supposed error. It was as if the captain had not understood that Kaguya was, in fact, Kaze's mother. The rest stayed silent, waiting for the conversation to finish.

Opting to speak, Usopp asked, "Kaze how come you didn't tell us this was your mother?"

A look of disgust spread across Kaze's face before she spat, "She has no right to even claim that she is related to me. She is the definition of monster."

A false look of hurt etched Kaguya's features. "Now that's just harsh." She continued, "Oh, were did I go wrong with you? I have failed as a mother."

Getting angrier by the minute Kaze yelled, "Stop calling yourself that!"

Acting as if Kaze was a child Kaguya ignored her command, and continued speaking. "You even became a pirate. The worst part of this is that you never bothered to call!"

"Why would I ever think of calling you?! You tried to kill me!"

Seeing that she could not deny the fact Kaguya called to Tao.

Making an exit Kaguya ordered her servant, "I feel a head-ache coming on, and Tao please take care of this."

Tao bowed, smiling.

His smile never faded as he turned to the rest of the crew. "Yes Mistress."

Knowing the mild mannered dinner was over the "Monster Trio" decided to act. Zoro drew his swords, Sanji raised his leg, and Luffy prepared his punch.


||Gomu-Gomu No||:



To everyone's horror Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy dropped to the floor fast asleep. But before anyone could utter a syllable Nami was already beating the three men in hopes of them waking. At the least should expect Sanji to stir, or even Luffy.

After Chopper's yells that she might give them a concussion she stopped.

"I am afraid that won't work miss…?"

"It's "Miss I going to Kick Your Ass" to you. And why can't I wake these idiots up?"

A light smirk gazed his lips as he began to explain. "For you see, I ate the See-See fruit, or Illusion fruit. I can make anyone see anything I like, such as previous memories. As of now they think that they have just defeated me, and are asleep on your ship." He continued, "Take no offense, but I simply must finish my order."


The crew could not react fast enough before Tao snapped his fingers. In their last moments of mental stability the crew could see guards rushing towards them in a frenzy of yells and orders.


'Mm, that was a good nap. That Tao guy was so easy to beat. I only had to use...wait what did I use? That shit-cook used…?' Zoro's once groggy thoughts turned frantic. 'What the hell?! I can't remember anything! Where's Luffy, and the rest of the crew?'

He tried to scratch his head only to feel a restraint chaining him to a wall. With his eye now fully open he looked to see the others chained as well.

"That was a hell of a long sleep moss-head!" Sanji yelled, "I should have expected less from a lazy bum like you!"

With the cook's yelling being the first thing he heard since waking the swordsman was immediately angered. "Come say that to my face! Hell, I bet you can't even get out of those shackles!"

Ignoring their bickering, Robin, also chained with seastone, asked, "Zoro, do you remember anything?"

The swordsman answered, "No, I thought I beat Tao, but that's obviously not what happened."

Before Robin could take the conversation further the captain interjected, "Enough talk! I wanna go beat…up Kaguya…" Then he breathed out, "I'm...tired."

Knowing that his captain would have already broken his bindings unless it was seastone, he cursed.

Usopp, ignoring his friends, turned his attention to Kaze. "Is Kaguya really your mother-"

"-Don't call her that." Kaze firmly cut-off.

The crew turned their attention to Kaze, completely ignoring the captain's groans of 'ass kicking' until Luffy eventually quieted down.

"What happened between you and Kaguya?"

Kaze opened her mouth to explain the details of what is the issue between her and Kaguya, but she was interrupted by a smooth voice.

"Are you sure? It's a boring story." Tao quipped, smiling. His smile faltered slightly when Luffy started to growl.

"Get me outta here! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Unfortunately, for you all, you will be defeated. Kagura-"

"-Don't call me that, old man." Kaze sneered, quieting Luffy's threats.

Tao's eyes flared in anger from her insult. He quickly subdued himself and adapted a new smile. "Have fun in those shackles, demon." In a flash, Tao was gone.

A veil of awkward silence came over the crew, before the captain started to giggle.

"I'm so glad," Luffy started, "that I picked a cool crew-mate!" he exclaimed, a goofy grin plastering his face.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner? It would've just made you more super~" Franky exclaimed, happy his nakama was not hiding anything from the crew.

Kaze looked around the cell, even with all of the Strawhats shackled, they fully accepted her. Her eyes wandered to the cook, his face seemed blank but he look as if her were relieved.

Kaze turned her head to look at Sanji's expression. To her surprise he looked relived. Zoro ignored his nakama's, though he was happy for Kaze, antics, his haki sensed a presence of two people. It was not threatening, but he could never be too sure. Instead, they seemed to be listening to the conversation.

"Come out, now." Zoro said, wishing he had his kantanas. The crew was puzzled from the quite marimo's outspokenness, until they heard the voice of a man.

"That was very rude. I was just about to make my heroic entrance!" Ollie said with a pout.

Without anyone's notice Jackie seemed to appear from behind Ollie. "Don't worry dear, there's always another chance." She consoled her boyfriend.

"You..." Nami said, glaring deeply. "You little cheater! That was my dress." Everyone, besides Luffy, had no idea what was going on.

"Hey, I won that fair and square!" Jackie defended herself as Nami scoffed.

Confusion settled amongst the crew as they contemplated what could have happened between the two.

Ignoring the two's bickering, Ollie revealed a ring of keys. "Now let's get these cuffs off."

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