A New Demon!

Zoro in a Labyrinth

I will never, ever, claim possession over "One Piece"

'Thinking' "Speaking" Yelling ||Attacks||:

Ollie opened the door to the cell. He unlocked everyone's cuffs starting with Luffy's, then stopping when he reached his sister's. The weight on her shoulders seemed to lessen with each footstep her brother took.

"Are you sure about this," he asked. Ollie had hope in this crew that they could accept her demonic nature.

Kaze shot him a look of certainty as he unlocked her cuffs. The weight completely lifted when she felt her hands fall to her sides, and her demonic features come forth.

The waves of silver cascaded down her back. Long, elegant, and deadly claws took shape of her nails. Sharp violet eyes became a smoldering golden. The blade at her hip hummed in satisfaction. The pain lessened from the last time she became this form.

The nine remaining Strawhats seemed to look in surreal awe towards their nakama's transformation. A demon would certainly be new to anyone.

"Cool!" Luffy's eyes nearly popped out of the sockets.

"M-m-m-" the cook stuttered, blood pouring from his nose.

Being any good doctor, Chopper could predict what would happen to his nakama if he continued any further. "S-Sanji, please calm down! Kaze hide yourself, it's for his own good!" Chopper frazzled over the bloody cook. Ollie and Jackie stood in the middle of the cell puzzled by the scene before them. Their confusion was solved when a large nosebleed erupted from the cook's nose as he uttered undecipherable things.

"Mellorine~" He swooned while doing a note-worthy noodle dance.

With surprising stamina, Sanji sprung towards Kaze. "Your beauty is like the rays of a thousand suns beating upon me. I am simply not worthy of your grace. It is a crime that I did not notice such love-" Sanji was cut off by the rude remark of Zoro.

Switching off his perverseness, Sanji raised his foot to Zoro. "Do you wanna fight, you stupid, moss covered piece of shit!"

"Shut the hell up, Number Seven!" Zoro mocked, making Sanji's face red with anger. The cook was about to land a kick on the swordsman, until they were both punched over the head by Nami.


Everyone made their way out of the cell, and was greeted by four Den-Den Mushi in the first corridor. All of their labels had names on them. The first was Kenji's, then Tao, after that was Zozu, and lastly was Kaguya.

"I'll take Tao," Zoro said.

Kaze leaned to Usopp. "Could someone keep an eye on Zoro? This place is like a maze…" she said, causing the sniper to snicker. The action did not go unnoticed by the said swordsman.

"What the hell?! I have a perfect sense of direction!" Zoro yelled, causing the rest to laugh. Robin walked beside him. "I'll watch him." She announced, leaving the others to sort themselves.

"Brook and I will go check on Sunny." Franky said, pressing his nose causing a mohawk to jut out. "I guess I will go with them." Usopp said hurriedly, only to be fiercely dragged back by Nami. "No way! You're coming with me and Chopper to fight that Zozu guy! Who's going to protect me? A poor, helpless woman." she dramatically said.

"Sanji's with you and Chopper." he defended.

"Shut it. You're coming, and that's it." She said firmly, while Usopp hung his head in defeat.

"I'll follow Nami-Swan anywhere~" The cook sang.

"I'm fighting her!"

"But she didn't let me finish my meat!" Everyone's eyes drifted to the bickering nakama. Soon, a grin plastered Luffy's face as he thought of a solution. "Rock, Paper, Scissors for her!" Promptly, Luffy and Kaze were locked in a fierce battle to see who could challenge Kaguya. Once Luffy thought he had out smarted his nakama by switching his elements in a split second, he change paper to rock, but he failed to notice that Kaze had a triumphant smirk as she covered his hand with "paper".

"Winner." She said happily. The captain looked crestfallen but remembered that he could still fight Kenji. "I'll just fight the braid guy."

"Pur-Pur. Pur-Pur!" Three of the Den-Den Mushi went off. Everyone picked up their designated Mushi, and put them on speaker.

"I suppose that Ollie-San and another has freed all of you." Tao said. Kenji added; "It will be very interesting in fighting anyone of the Strawhats."

"I want to fight the sexy, swirly browed one~" a flamboyant voice said. "I'll see you later Swirly-Chan!" He said, the transponder snail reflecting a seductive wink.

Sanji felt a cold sweat drip down his neck. He was visibly shaking with anger and blushing with embarrassment. He turned to see the four women burst into giggles and everyone else on the floor, laughing to their heart's content. He slumped to the floor, banging his fist against the hard marble. "D-dammit," he sobbed in a very unmanly-like manner.

"Pur-Pur-Click!" This time Ollie picked up the snail. He suspiciously eyed the snail's calculating smirk. He knew what Kaguya could do when she was angered.

"Sorry for the rude interruption of my subordinates. There will be a slight surprise for all of you." She said.

"That was rather odd," Robin said. Ollie couldn't figure out why Kaguya would give any of her enemies even a chance to strike. He only knew the calculating, and cold mind she could have when angered. It wasn't any different for her daughter. They were lucky that one demon was on their side. Ollie wouldn't have too much hope if Kaguya and Kaze were against them.

Everyone made their way further down the hall with a certain pair walking closer than the others. Behind Robin's calm expression, she was worried herself. It was the same coldness she felt before. The same feeling she had on her lonely travels as a child and young adult. Zoro could sense his lover's worry, and he gently reached to her hand. Robin felt Zoro's warm hand reach and snake together with hers. Her previous uneasiness was gone, and a new smile placed itself on her content face.

"Strawhat Crew! Double Edged and The Invisible Woman! Surrender now!" A Marine officer announced. They were about a hundred Marine foot soldiers and gunmen. From the look of it, that seemed to be only a fraction of the men.

"Clear a path for Franky and Brook!" Luffy yelled, rushing into the crowd. They all took their attack positions. Soon they got through a small enough portion for a path. Knowing the number of Marines would increase, everyone split to different places, in hopes of finding their opponent.


Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and Usopp all made their way towards where Zozu would be. The different twist and turns were beginning to confuse the navigator. They ran until they were greeted by a large purple door encrusted with a glittery 'Z'. While cracking a joke about how the door could have been Zoro's, Sanji could sense the presence of up to fifty Marines.

||Mirage Tempo||: They were soon duplicated into different versions. Nami pushed past the massive door to be greeted by the estimated number of attackers. They were weak compared to their strength, the extra boost being Sanji. The Marines didn't wait to give them a moment. They immediately shot at the copies, in turn, destroying them. Usopp and Chopper were fending off the soldiers that didn't have guns. While Nami was taking on a smaller group of Marines.

||Gust Sword||: A powerful gust of wind completely knocking out the group.

||Midori Boshi: Take Jave-rin ||: Usopp yelled. Bamboo stalks popped out of the ground impaling the attackers who crossed it, eventually finishing them. "You're lucky I didn't have to call my eight-hundred-million followers!" The sniper lied, looking at the reindeer. "Cool~" The tiny doctor squealed.

Sanji lit a fresh cigarette. "How dare you shoot at a lady?! You shitty excuse for Marines!" Sanji yelled, visibly angered.

||Party Table Kick Course||: Sanji flipped, landing on a Marine's head. Using it as a platform to deliver devastating kicks to his opponent's faces. Lastly, he jumps off the poor Marine's head, kicking the man down.

Seeing that there were no others to fight and Zozu was nowhere to be seen, an uneasy feeling set in.

"This was too easy…" Nami speculated.

"Swirly-Chan~" a high voice cooed. Sanji felt his breath catch in his throat. His knees seemed to go weak, his face draining of colour. He turned around to see his worst fear.

"OKAMA!" Sanji yelled. The over use of makeup, an unflattering dress, and the terrible face brought back the terrible memories of his two-year break from the crew. He even ran to the sky just to escape from them. Sanji fell to the floor, his legs not able to support the ugliness. Zozu's face looked crestfallen at the sight of his opponent defeated. He decided to fight the navigator. Knowing the cook favored her from his observing.

||New Kama Kempo||: His movements were too fast for Nami to prepare her attack. Usopp and Chopper could only watch, hoping their nakama could block in-time. They both prayed for Sanji to pick himself up.

Usopp looked over to the pale cook, beginning to beg him. "Sanji-San please wakeup, Nami's about to get hurt." At a lightning fast speed, Sanji had already grabbed the queer's foot, before the sniper could finish. Zozu looked up to see the very angry face of the cook. He was happy to get a challenge.

Still holding his foot, Sanji spat: "You shitty excuse for a queer!" Sanji's venomous words stung his opponent. Zozu tried to speak, but he could feel his ankle almost snap from the cook's deadly grip. "S-Swirly-Chan I was just…" Without responding, Sanji prepared new attacks.

||Hell Memories||: The cook's body burst into flames, ready to finish Zozu's meaningless babble. To his surprise Zozu was smiling.

||*New Kama Kenpo Ogi - Otome no Mezame||: Using Sanji's brief confusion, Zozu untwisted himself away from the cook. Quickly, Zozu enveloped Sanji in an embrace, waltzing with him. Sanji recognized the move, it was a move Caroline used toturn him into an okama, not that he would ever tell any of the crew. He cringed, imagining how hard the crew would laugh if they found him in that state. Zozu fought for control as Sanji started to kick at him.

'I-I can feel my inner maiden…-'

-Sanji don't you dare lose!" Nami yelled, waking him from the trance. While in the air Sanji looked at the angry face of Zozu.

His opponent turned his attention to the navigator. He was about to send a kick her way until he was stopped by vines holding him in place and the tanuki in a completely different form. Chopper was in Kung Fu Point, ready if he tried to hurt Nami again.

"Thanks Usopp, Chopper," Sanji said. They just grinned at him. Once he landed on the marble floor he charged at Zozu. "S-Swirly-Chan…" He couldn't utter anything else from sheer fear.

||Hell Memories||:

||21 Bats||:

Sanji sent relentless attacks towards Zozu. The poor queer had no chance to block until he started to dip-in-and-out of consciousness. 'I'm sorry mistress…' He started sadly.

"Oi! Oi, get the hell up!" Zozu's eyes snapped open at the sound of Sanji's voice. He knew that 'his' Swirly-Chan could not leave him in this state. "We need you to guide us around this maze," Usopp finished for the cook. Zozu's face look completely devastated.

Soon he was tied-up, and hefted onto the sniper's back.


Zoro and Robin rounded a corner. The maze-like place was slightly upsetting the swordsman. He resisted the urge to slice through the walls. The action never really helped him in the past, though he would never admit it to the crew. They walked for what seemed like hours. Wanting to fight Tao was one thing, finding him was another.

Soon he and Robin were greeted by a long case of steps leading to the half of upper mansion. They were taken to a large dome shaped room where their soon-to-be opponent was sitting, calmly drinking tea. He took his time before acknowledging their presences.

"Ah, so my assumption was correct." he said, before continuing, "I really am lucky." Tao said, receiving a strange look from Zoro while Robin opted to stay quiet.

Seeing that he was getting no response from his adversaries, Tao, once again, continued. "I get to fight the 'Devil's Child' and 'Demon Cutter'." Tao said, a wide smirk plastering his features. The wrinkles around his mouth showed age. "Excuse me for my actions earlier. I truly did want to fight you, but orders are orders."

"I've had enough of your senseless talking!" Zoro yelled, drawing his katanas. Robin took her stance, crossing her arms. The swordsman wasted no time in sending an attack.

||Oni Giri||: Zoro tried to slice through Tao. He felt a natural excitement when he didn't feel the slicing sensation he would get if he actually cut through something. He was glad that such a basic attack wouldn't defeat his opponent so easily. It seemed that Tao was very capable without a devil fruit. It only seemed to be a useful trump card

He sent out another barrage of slices, but Tao was indeed fast in result slightly pissing Zoro off.

||Tora Gari||: He charged at his adversary, and felt his attack stop at mid stance. His eyes widened when he came face-to-grin with the servant. He was blocking with his bare hands, even the Shit-Cook couldn't take on one of his attack without him using the backs of his swords. Zoro couldn't doge before he felt Tao's knee connect with his chest, knocking all the air from his lungs. Zoro could only register shock.

Robin decided to partake in the fight. She sprouted a giant hand intending to crush the elusive man. She wasn't surprised when he dodged. From the corner of her eye she could see Zoro standing up. They made eye contact. His subtle nod was the only signal she needed. Robin quickly created space between her and Tao. He was still rushing towards her. She smartly maneuvered out of his kicks and punches.

||Mil Fleur Gigantesco Mano Stomp||: She created two giant legs to crush Tao. He was unknowingly exactly where she wanted him. He gave her a confused frown when her legs dispersed into petals. "Done already? I thought the 'Devil's Child' would be more of a challenge?" Tao taunted, trying to bring out an emotion to his opponent's face. She only gave him a mysterious smile in response. He was about to respond until he felt a chilling power behind him.

||Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai||: Zoro rushed, a satisfactory smirk lit his features as his attack finally connected with the servant. Tao passed out on the floor, the blood loss taking its toll on the old man. Zoro turned his back at the seemingly defeated opponent. He flicked the blood off-of his sword, and calmly made his way to go find his captain, even though it was the wrong way. He would help, but doubted that it would be necessary.

Tao smirked, "You really are as arrogant as they say." He said, coughing out a small pool of blood. The comment made angry tics appear on his forehead while Robin giggled. 'I still have enough energy left…' Tao thought.


Zoro watched in horror as he heard the sound of Tao's fruit being activated. Instead of falling asleep he watched his lover's face slip into a deep fear.

Robin stretched out her hand towards the figure in front of her.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

*A "Newkama Kenpo" technique used by Caroline, the okama Sanji challenged, to "awaken your inner maiden."

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