A New Demon!

The Battle Has Begun

"Talking" 'Thoughts' Yelling ||Attacks||:

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Robin stared in disbelief at the figure in front of her. She looked up to see the smiling face of her mother, Olvia. She felt tears slowly come to her eyes but quickly blinked them away. Somewhere in the back of her mind, her morbid thoughts were telling her that Olvia was dead. She quickly dashed away the thought.

'It's a trap!'

She ignored the lucid part of her mind and entwined her finger with her mother.

Her features were now childlike with the curvaceous body gone. She stared down at her clothing; she wore a simple violet dress.

'Is this real?' She questioned herself, hoping it was. For the first time in her life, she doubted her own senses. The archaeologist looked at her surroundings. The area was filled with lush grass, and tall, grassy hills. She stared in awe at the giant tree. "The Tree of Omniscience." Her voice a hoarse whisper as sobs threaten escape her.

She walked hand-in-hand with her mother around the busy streets. Robin hoped to herself that it wasn't one of her terrible nightmares.


She couldn't bring herself to try to discharge the memory. Everything seemed normal. Nothing was too out of the ordinary, but the raw feelings of lies and deceit laced around her, and her mind agreed.

Her thoughts were stopped by the scream of one of the civilians yelled for help. Olvia and Robin stopped at the entrance of the library to witness Clover's chest erupt with blood, a bullet wound that he would not heal. Robin sank to her knees with tears running down her cheeks.

'Not the professor…' Her mind trailed off as she realized the warmth of her mother's hand was gone and a feeling a fear settled in her. A rush of instances flashed in-front of her, some hazy, others clearer than the illusion she was in.

Robin felt the sensation of being lifted, and saw the face of Saul. He looked nervous but she could only focus on her mother.

"Live Robin!" Olvia shouted with all her strength, tears streaming freely down her face.

"Mommy!" Robin pleaded, "Don't leave me!"

It was to no avail. Tears rolled down young Robin's cheeks. Robin's young mind couldn't focus on the destruction around her. The giant dropped her once they were at the shore. Everything was happening too fast for her to understand. She turned to look at the giant that was carrying her. His body was almost half frozen. Robin saw a marine behind him. She watched as ice was slowly taking over his features.

"Saul!" The name unconsciously left her lips, as she prayed he wouldn't leave her too. Her attention turned to the man who was the cause of his slow death. Her eyes were darting between the two men. She quickly sprinted to the other port to detour the threat. Canon fire was erupting behind her. Her frail body was spun in the air from the force of the weapon. The rough impact bruised her skin, but that didn't stop her.

Outside of the Illusion

Zoro stared at Robin in confusion. She sunk to floor, her eyes glazed over with devastation and fear. He heard her murmur something about her mother. Zoro's attention went back to the opponent in front of him. One would have thought that he would use the swordsman's distraction as an escape plan.

Tao was already heavily damaged, and Zoro doubted that he could last another one of his attacks. Zoro quickly slashed at Tao but was impressed when he dodged. Even with his injuries Tao still held his ground. Zoro had to hand it to the older man, he could hold up a good fight.

Zoro felt himself being pushed back to the same spot that he were previously at. One thing still irked him. Why did he still insist on stating in the same spot? The swordsman was noticing that his opponent's moves were becoming sluggish. Zoro figured that using a devil fruit along with his wounds, and dodging Zoro's relentless attacks must have drained his energy. He also noticed that whenever he would dodge Tao would always lead them back to where Robin was.

He needed to break her out of the trance. He grinned wickedly as he thought of a brilliant idea. Zoro used all of his might to push Tao back and quickly ran to Robin. He noticed that it was encased by a thin film, similar to that of Trafalgar Law's powers. He knew that slashing through it would do nothing to turn-off the devil fruit. Zoro was about to go inside of the illusion until he was blocked by Tao. Both men intently stared at each other with their pants the only sound in the chamber like area.

"I had direct orders from my Mistress," he said. "I must defeat whatever advisory that picked to fight me. I will not lose to lowly pirates like you," Tao spat as he prepared for his final attack. "If it kills me, I will honorably die for the happiness of my Mistress Kaguya." he stated.

Zoro respected the man's devotion for his mistress, but he had to protect his nakama. He gathered all of his strength, and prepared to cut down the man in front of him.

||Fūjin's Wrath||: Tao yelled. He bent his knees then ran to Zoro, intent on finishing his orders. He aimed his kicks, and punches for Zoro's head, thinking it was a vulnerable area. A powerful gust seemed to come from his attacks.

||Toro Nagashi||: Zoro deftly whispered. The swordsman inwardly laughed at the skilled opponent's ignorance regarding his tactics. He leaned toward Tao's attacks, and blocked them with Sandai Kitetsu, and Shusui. He twisted his body to evade his opponent's powerful wind like attacks. Finally Zoro used his prized sword Wadō Ichimonji, and slit open Tao's stomach. The servant fell to the floor, his injuries finally making him give into defeat. His body was crumpled on the elegant marble floor in bloody distortion. Zoro flicked the bloody off of his blades, and looked over to Robin. Still surprised to see her on the floor, he rushed through the thin film.

Inside The Illusion

Zoro felt a rush of hot air hit his skin as he entered the memory. His eyes darted the area cautiously in case of any enemy that could be lurking. He could only sense the complete destruction that was around him.

'Is this what she had to go through?' The swordsman thought. Zoro knew about how her home was attacked, but he never thought it would be to this extent.

Everything was ablaze, the screams of the unlucky villagers that couldn't escape, all was utter pandemonium. His ears picked up a faint cry from the other side of the island. Zoro threw caution to the wind as he followed the yelp with his directional skills the last thing on his mind. He was surprised when go to his destination in less time than even he estimated. He saw a small girl in boat slowly drifting away from the disastrous island.

She didn't even seem to notice him. Zoro gave on last glance at the girl before she lifted her head. Once the girl exposed her identity to him, he almost slapped himself. He should have figured that was Robin, with her being the only one to have survived the vicious attack of her home.

He jumped to her. Once he was on the boat he noticed that Robin's frail body was trembling. There was no enemy for him to defeat, the Marines seemed to be stuck in place, he just a burning island being repeatedly attacked even with all life already drained from it and a distraught Robin by him. He looked back at his companion. 'She is still trapped in the stupid memory.' He thought, seeing more tears flow from her eyes when she looked back at the island. He didn't know how to help her brake the destructive memory. He thought that when Tao was knocked out the memory would dissipate but that obviously wasn't going to happen. He crouched down to her height finding it more difficult than he planned due to the small space of the boat.

Zoro carefully pulled the young Robin into his arms. She seemed to realize the contact by the way her entire body tensed. "You're not alone anymore." Zoro whispered hoping that his message would reach her in the tranced state. He relaxed as the memory started to slowly dissolve. Soon they both were inside the familiar room when they encountered Tao, not that they ever left. Zoro looked down to still see Robin's head buried in his chest. He let a pleased smile paint his lips as he felt her tears subside. Robin lifted her head from his chest to see his eyes solely on her.

"Zoro-" The swordsman shook his head, predicting that the historian would want to thank him. Seeing that the swordsman wouldn't accept any thanks, Robin leaned to his strong lips, savoring the moment. He was about to deepen the kiss before she pulled away. "You look cute with pink cheeks." She teased him, trying to lighten the mood with an accompanied amused smirk gracing her features.

She watched him scramble to his feet from embarrassment while pulling her up with him. "Damn woman!" She heard him mutter. Both Robin and Zoro's head turned in shock when they heard Tao's laughter. Zoro's hand immediately reached for his swords and Robin crossed her arms.

"Don't bother…" Tao lifted his head weakly, a peaceful smile plastering his lips. They dropped their hands, but their guards didn't falter. "I'm too weak to have another battle especially if it's against the both of you, but I am happy to have fought with you Roronoa." he stated, his voice a whisper.

"Forget that. How do we find the top level?" Zoro rudely asked. He had a feeling that the Marines that greeted them before were not the only ones on this island.

"You may have defeated me, but that does not mean I am entitled to disclose any information to you." Tao replied, a faltering grin on his lips.

"Why you-" Zoro about to beat the directions out of him, though he would probably get lost even with Robin guiding him, "Let me." Robin interrupted him. She lightly touched his shoulder gesturing him to move aside.

After painful sounds of Tao's bones being slowly broken he finally gave in. "There's a hatch at the top of the ceiling. It will lead you the dining area…" Tao's eyes rolled to the back of his head; all of his previous wounds, and new ones took its toll knocking him unconscious yet again.


Franky, and Brook were running towards the Thousand Sunny. "Franky-San I was wondering," the musician said with a thoughtful look, not that you could honestly tell with his boney features, "how are we going to get out of this barrier?" Brook questioned. The cyborg stopped as he pondered over the dilemma.

"We'll just have to get there first," Franky said, striking his signature pose. As they weaved their way through the thick underbrush they could see the gleam of the barrier. Franky was about to brace his hands on the blockade to see how much force it would take to bust through it until Brook stopped him.

"What?" Franky responded, anxious to be with the Thousand Sunny.

"Just look." Brook ordered. The cyborg's eyes followed the musician's boney finger. A small beetle was crawling in the direction of the barrier. Once it touched the blockade its entire body was burned to a crisp. Franky broke off a branch of a tree, the same result as the bug. They examined the burned item.

"I have an idea!" the shipwright smirked.

||Franky Radical Beam||: The pressure from the attack was enough for the barrier to open creating a giant hole to the other side of the island. As if getting a silent signal, Brook launched another attack to the blockade.

||Kasuriuta: Fubuki Giri||: Brook raced towards the hole, freezing its edges momentarily stopping its burning effects.

Before they could utter a single word the Marines were already shooting, with some of Kaguya's soldiers shooting as well. Franky took the attack head-on confident in his body's durability to withstand the attack, while Brook dodged the onslaught of bullets.

"Catch the Strawhats!" Either side yelled.

||Quinte Tierce Fantasia||: Brook yelled as he slashed through another group of Marines and soldiers. "I'm felling extra super today!" The cyborg yelled as he joined fending off the attackers.

||General Cannon||: Franky yelled. A powerful gust of air came of his hands.

The two split-up on either side of the opponents, making a break for the Thousand Sunny.

||Party Music||: A soft tune started to play as the soldiers that surrounded him were transported to a beautiful dance hall filled with dancers. "Drop your weapons, and dance~" Brook coaxed. Once their guards were dropped, the skeleton quickly slashed through the group. He started to run again but failed to notice the Marine behind him. As the officer was about to shoot two hands sprouted out of his back.

||Dos Fleur: Clutch||: The Marine dropped to the ground, his neck snapped.

Oni Giri||: Zoro said as he cut through another group that tried to attack them.

Soon Zoro and Robin were running towards the Sunny. "How did you guys get out of the barrier?" Franky asked.

"It wasn't so hard when you leave giant hole to go through." Zoro replied nonchalantly.

"Yet, you still managed to get lost." Robin giggled.

"I don't get lost dammit!" Zoro yelled as Brook and Franky snickered.

"May I see your panties?" Brook asked Robin expectantly, and was only answered with silence, but didn't notice Zoro's dark aura behind him.

The group soon started to make their way to the Thousand Sunny with Brook, who was sporting new bruises from the earlier conversation, stopping to view the scene in front of them. The town's people, with rage, wished curses toward the Strawhats.

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