A New Demon!

Commander Kenji

"Speaking" 'Thoughts' Yelling ||Attacks||:

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After agreeing to split from his crew, Luffy ran through the halls of the fortress. Somehow he made it to the upper level, wondering around dumbly. 'I could fight Kaguya, then Kenji…no I can't get in Kaze's way.' Luffy thought. Soon, he found a pair of familiar double-doors that made his eyes sparkled with excitement accompanied with drool dripping down his chin. The captain's stomach rumbled with the thought. "Meat…"

He happily walked through the passage, oblivious to that there were enemies lurking in the fortress. Forgetting that he had to fight Kenji, the captain dived into the food that was still left on the floor from their earlier encounter with Kaguya. His fight with the braided man could wait when there was so much food to eat.

With almost half of the food gone Luffy heard the familiar voice of one of his nakama through the big doors. His eyes reflected sheer terror as he recognized the voice.

"Usopp keep a look-out for treasure!" The navigator ordered.

"B-b-but Nami what if K-Kaguya is around…" the cowardly sniper asked.

"I'll follow Nami-Swan anywhere~" The perverted cook sang before turning his attention to the doctor.

"Chopper you better hold the terrible creature tight." The blonde said directing his attention towards the okama. Zozu already tried to escape three times, threatening Nami's life each time, which only managed to get him more bruises.

"The great Captain Usopp has found the treasure room!" Usopp proclaimed, failing to recognize the kitchen doors.

"Money, money…" Nami said as Beli signs appeared in her eyes. Rubbing her hands together rather greedily, she pushed the double-doors open to see, not only to her surprise, Luffy sitting in the middle of the kitchen eating a large plate of meat, only to stopping to stare at them. He broke into a nervous sweat as his nakama's auras darkened. Nami was the first to react.

"Luffy…" She said sweetly. "Aren't you supposed to be fighting Kenji?" Her smile was not fooling the captain.

"I-was…um, I needed to…" He tried to reason his actions only to be hit by an onslaught of attacks from his nakama. Each of them muttering curses towards him.

Before anyone could blink, a giant double-edged longsword pierced the elegant marble reducing everything around it to rubble; the odd thing was that it reverted, to what was probably its normal size.

'That bastard, how did I not notice him before? He could have hurt Nami-Swan!' The cook already had his attack ready before his train of thought finished. He was about to launch the attack but was stopped by his captain's steaming arm. "Go take Nami somewhere safe. I'm the only one that will fight Kenji." He said, surprisingly serious.

"Hey! What about us?!" The doctor and sniper wailed. Usopp promptly picked himself off the floor and then proceeded to lie to the small reindeer.

"You see, the Great Captain Usopp knew that Kenji was there all along. He was just so frightened of my eighty-thousand men that he decided to hide." Chopper was about to praise him before he started to scream. Everyone looked at the reindeer in confusion before they all started to scream themselves. The color drained from Usopp's face as he watched a huge knife fly to them. He closed his eyes ready for pain to shoot through his body, but it never came. His opened to see his captain shattering the weapon with an armament fist.

"That shitty servant almost hit Nami…" Sanji angrily muttered. Seeing that none of his nakama were hurt Luffy started to yelling at Kenji, who was still hidden, to come fight him.

"Come face me like a man!" As ordered Kenji stepped out of the shadows, surprising the crew with his attire.

"You're a Marine?!" They yelled.

"Are you going to fight me or talk about my Marine status?"

Seeing Luffy in his fighting stance Kenji also lowered himself incase Luffy lunged at him first.

"You guys get outta here! I'm takin' on Kenji!" Luffy yelled as the other ran out of the kitchen door.

"You were supposed to do that in the first place!" The captain ignored Usopp and continued.

"And Nami find that treasure! I want Sanji to but lots of meat~" Finally with that, he turned to his opponent ready to fight.

Kenji grabbed his sword from where it was lodged in the floor and Luffy looked in shock as the blade grew. The Marine commander smirked.

"I thought you said you ate the Swirl-Swirl fruit?!" Luffy yelled as he dodged the giant sword.

"I ate the Swirly-Swirl Fruit, but my sword ate the Growth Fruit." Kenji explained.

A happy grin spread across the captain's face as he thought of the powers of the fruit. "Cool~ can it grow meat?!"

Quickly losing his patience Kenji yelled at him. "Can we just fight now?!"


||Grow-Grow Sword||: The commander yelled as his longsword grew to a size rivaling a giant and was racing towards captain.

||Gomu-Gomu no Gigant Pistol||: Luffy yelled. The attack shattered his opponent's weapon, reducing it to shards of metal. Without having a blockade Kenji was forced to block the punch with his hands but before the attack could connect with his body he activated his fruit.

||Swirl Up-Right||: Once the marine commander's body touched Luffy's fist the entirety of his arm was swirled to face the roof of the palace, ultimately destroying it. Seeing that Luffy had no defense the Marine was going to strike again. Using the broken shards of his sword he enlarged them, making them deadlier then before.

||Dagger Sl-Pur-Pur-Pur-Click!

"Bring the report now!" A stern voice resonated from the Den-Den Mushi. Kenji let out an annoyed sigh as he responded to the man.

"But you said I could take on Strawhat first!"

"Forget about that!" The man answered in a clipped tone.

"And if I don't?" Kenji smirked.

The eyes on the snail became hard as the next words were uttered.



"Treacherous pirates!"

"Don't let them escape!"

"Protect the Mistress!"

The Strawhats stopped as they saw the townspeople blocking their passage to the port. Zoro and the others could not use their powers against the angry people. Brook somehow made his way over to one of the women, which were very few in the angry mob, in a short amount of time.

"May I see your panties young miss?" The perverted skeleton asked. The woman started at him but before she could answer, which would have been a beating, Zoro quickly dragged Brook back.

"Why are you trying to take away our Mistress?!" One of the citizens asked.

"Ow!" Franky yelled striking his signature pose. "Your "Mistress" is a super~ fake!" The townspeople seemed to become angrier at the statement and in-turn started to throw trash at the group. Brook and Zoro cut the flying waste, reducing them to smaller pieces in a matter of seconds.

"Stop this!" Someone yelled from behind the group of citizens. To the Strawhat's, and citizen's shock a Marine Vice Admiral emerged from within the crowd of distressed citizens. The townspeople became more frazzled by the vice admirals appearance. Seeing that the people have quieted *Momonga continued.

"The Marines are taking action on this island. We have direct orders from the Gorosei to act. Please evacuate, we cannot promise safety if you stay here, that includes you too Strawhats." Momonga turned to the group. Zoro eyed the man wondering why he was giving them the go-head to leave the island freely. "There is no trap waiting for you at sea." He assured them.

Without moving, a citizen yelled, "Why are the Marines attacking the island! Won't the Mistress protect us?!"

Another added, "They're just like pirates!" Having enough of the allegations and complaints Momonga decided to speak again.

"Your "Mistress" is a wanted criminal. That's the only information I am allowed to disclose to you." Momonga said finally and turned to the Strawhats. "I'm trying my best to settle this with words." he waited for them to leave, but wasn't surprised when they didn't bat an eye.

"Do you think this crew is going to leave without a fight?" Zoro said drawing his three kantanas. "She threatened my nakama, and I won't be able to let that slide. I'm also sure that my captain won't leave this place standing."

"It seems we are having a continuation from the Zephyr incident," Momonga drew his sword, ready to face off with the swordsman.

"It wasn't an incident if you were too weak to stop it before a group of pirates could." Zoro retorted, causing the foot soldiers to aim at the rest of the group. Zoro was about to lunge at the vice admiral but was stopped by his captain's body crashing into him digging both of them into the dirt. Everyone's attention was on the two that were stuck in the ground.

"Zoro! There you are! C'mon we have to go find Kaguya!" The captain said with a laugh not noticing the swordsman's angry aura.

"Ruffy…" Zoro threateningly, his face still in the dirt. Pushing himself off the ground Zoro promptly hit Luffy over the head with a string of curses.

"Shishishi~" He laughed.

Ignoring the twos antics Robin turned to her attention to Kenji who was standing patiently behind them. She noticed that his attire was changed from baggy pants and an open shirt to a Navy Commander uniform, but his braided hair stayed the same. The sight shocked her, not that her face mirrored it, she then saw him calmly walk up to Momonga, and handing him a report.

"You're still alive?" Kenji greeted, rather rudely.

"Is that how you treat your superiors? Especially the man that trained you?" The vice admiral asked with slight anger.

"Yeah, yeah just take the account. That's all the dirt on her, everything from slave trading, to underworld drug smuggling." The commander said irritability, showing that he obviously did not want to be in this mission. Momonga turned away from the half of the Strawhats and started to walk away from them.

"This is the last time I'll warn you, leave this island," With that, he left them, running towards the barrier's hole. The crew watched the exchange in silence.

The townspeople panicked and started to haphazardly prepare to leave the island.

With the vice admiral gone Robin started to ask the captain questions. "Was it not Kaze who said that she will fight Kaguya?" Luffy had seemed to recover quickly from the beating that Zoro was giving him, and turned his attention to his nakama.

Luffy retold the events of his fight. Telling them about the conversation between Kenji and Momonga. The rest of the Strawhats came from the palace, excluding Kaze, in time for the ending of their captain's story.

"Kaguya's going to burn the island down."

*Momonga is a Marine Vice admiral. He was the Marine with the spider legs coming out of his back during the Marineford Arc. He was also the one who fought Zoro during the search for Zephyr.


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