A New Demon!

Parlour Tricks

“Gunpowder.” Robin finished for Usopp. Before anyone could utter another syllable, a building was blow-up. If the Thousand Sunny were any closer, it would have been damaged by the building’s large debris. More explosions rattled the town and the agonizing screams of civilians caught in the torturous flames weren’t helping any.

Zoro looked over to Robin in-order to gage her expression, trying to see if she was still thinking about her past. He wasn’t shocked to see how guarded her eyes were. Keeping his uncaring mask on, as a cautionary measure in-case any of his crew members were watching, he walked over to the historian and took her hand in his, shocking her. Making sure none of the crew was paying any mind to them, his lips brushed against her cheek in a chaste kiss. Her previously pale skin was now tinted in a bashful shade of pink.

“Now, who looks cute with pink cheeks?” He teased, getting his pay-back.

He was rewarded with a mock-glare. “Zoro, I thought we were keeping our relationship under-wraps until we were ready to tell the crew?” She chided playfully.

He became more daring as he pulled her closer, capturing her earlobe between his teeth. “So, you want me to stop?” He whispered, his breath tickling her collarbone.

“Let’s go guys!” The cartographer yelled, shattering their intimate moment. Zoro was about to glare at her when she sent him a sly grin, worrying him with what she could know.

A Few Moments Before

Kaze was puzzled, to say the least.

How exactly is Kaguya alive?′

It just did not make any sense; all the odds could not match. The woman shouldn’t even be breathing, let alone fighting an admiral and another demon. And on-top of that, the fact that she was keeping-up with the two well, struck fear in Kaze, not that she would ever dare let Kaguya gain that knowledge; instead, she sneered in disgust.

For demons, it was instinctual not to consume Devil-Fruits. Most who had eaten a Devil-Fruit died within a matter of minutes, bedridden and unable to move.

While in the frozen silence, Momonga decided to speak first, trying to piece-together the information. “The Marines tried to play god, and we failed; so many dead - mutated. The five whom had complete knowledge of the experiment – two dead, would never disclose not an ounce of information to the likes of you.”

“Then what type of species do I have to be in-order to obtain valuable information?” Her gaze pierced the admiral before he could speak. “All I’ll say, my dear Momonga, if you starve a pig long enough, it will squeal.”

All the admiral could do was growl lowly before speaking. “How are you alive?!” He yelled, tired of her antics.

Kaguya smirked as if she had caught someone in a trap. “I see you were not a very good student when it came to listening,” she looked over to the vice-admiral knowing she was threading on his patience. “If I must reiterate, I said I had some of my very own adjustments.” She smirked at her own words, proud.

While Kaguya kept her smile on her face, Kaze realized something.

“You’re stalling.” She said as an explosion from behind solidified her accusation.

Giving Kaguya no-time to guard, Kaze rushed her, causing her to be barrelled through the nearest wall and into the hot jungle air. Before Kaze could land a proper blow, the vice-admiral gave her a haki-fuelled kick squarely to her stomach – immobilizing her.

Momonga raised his sword above his head as he was about to land the final blow. “Just whose Devil-Fruit did you use?” But the vice-admiral did not wait for a retort as he swung, his sword leaving a sizable hole in Kaguya’s chest. He grunted as he dislodged his weapon from her body and turned to Kaze. He took his steps cautiously, knowing how fearsome a demon could be when death was near.

Once he reached her, Kaze was attempting to get to her feet. The vice-admiral placed his boot on her back, raising his sword in the same manner just moments ago. “I’m going to help you join your mother in death.”

Kaze smirked, “You are a fool.”

The air was hot and dusty as the Strawhats ran through the town.

“This place is going to burn to the ground if we don’t do something super fast.” Franky commented as a number of buildings were already smoking piles of dust. People began to haphazardly search for safety.

As they reached the town square, the mayhem became worse. Nami quickly scanned the buildings, putting her plan into action. She looked to her left and found the hotel they were just occupying. The blaze stole its polished shine and left soot stains in its wake. The cartographer nodded to her captain. And soon, she was flung onto the building, her Clima-Tact in-hand.

"Stopright there, Strawhats!” A group of Marine officers yelled as they emerged from various parts of demolished buildings, some of the islanders in the mix. The angry mob enclosed the eight crew members as some even dared to climb to the roof to stop Nami and Luffy. The captain began to fend off those who were trying to attack Nami as she readied more of the rain clouds.

“Nami, stop!”

“What did you say,” the admiral snarled, stopping his advances.

“You are a fool,” Kaze repeated, her confidence strong. Momonga was cut-short in his response as a large hole was taking residence in his stomach, just missing vital organs. The man fell with a dull thud – the sword still lodged inside of him.

Kaguya’s attire was caked in blood, but she was whole. The hole Momonga tried to leave in her would have killed a normal person, but the older demon was far from a normal person. The attack was still too close to killing her.

She lunged at the older demon, knowing that Kaguya was probably expecting the attack. To her surprise, Kaguya simply took the attack head-on, stood again and resumed her musings.

“Kagura,” she began, “let’s finish this once and for all.” Kaguya ended before she grabbed for her sword, her intent clear.

||Serpent’s Wave||: Kaguya’s skin became a deep-set green as large shards grew from them. Their acidic smell a dead-giveaway to just what one shard could do if Kaze came into contact with them. The shards quickly grew in length until it became a towering wall of solid acid.

“Goodbye, Kagura.” The older demon said in a bittersweet tone as she drove the wall towards her daughter.

||Phoenix’s Requiem||: Kaze called quietly as Kaguya’s attack came rushing forth. Before she could be encased in the deadly attack, fire spewed from her sword in the shape of the firebird. The acid started to melt, sending thick pellets to the ground. Kaze spun toward Kaguya, creating a tornado with the collections of acid and fire. Before Kaze could come in-contact of the older demon, Kaguya created another barrier of acid, hoping it would slow Kaze. To her horror, more of the acid collected in Kaze’s tornado.

It was like a blaze to a field of dry grass as Kaguya’s body burst in flames and then only to be burned by her own attack. She screamed bloody murder as she began to frantically roll on the ground. Soon, her screams lessened to short sobs and painful moans.

Kaze began to leave to find her friends, wincing as her wounds from one of Kaguya’s shards, that slashed her side, stretched. She heard faint coughing from where Momonga laid and decided that sitting him against a tree was the least she could do for him. Giving one last glance at Kaguya’s ruined castle, she began to leave.

The hand shot towards her ankle before she could retract. Kaguya’s melting hand greeted her as she tried to pry it off of her.

“I used to love you.” Kaguya said faintly as she began to slip away.

“Yeah, but I never did.” Kaze said stoically, her mouth tasting sour.

Chopper’s nose was something he could always count on and from the moment Nami’s Clima-Tact released its rain, he smelled it. Gas for generators – that would mean it’s an electrical fire, and water would not help.

“Nami, stop!” But he was too late as the town’s fires grew instead of diminishing, electricity surging through them. The cartographer became confused as to why the water did not work before her eyes became unfocused with tears by the realization of what she had done.

The rest of the crew could not focus on the fire as the number of opponents surged. It seemed like if one person were to be defeated, two more would take their place. Zoro slashed at a Marine, who was trying to shoot Chopper from behind, cutting him cleanly in-half.

“What the hell, Zoro?!” Usopp yelled, scared of the swordsman.

“What?! I didn’t do it on purpose. He was just...frail.” Zoro responded, dumbstruck because he was only using the backs of his swords.

“Something is very wrong here,” Robin yelled as she snapped another man’s back. Soon after Robin’s statement, Kaze appeared looking tattered.

“Kaze-Chwan~” The cook chanted before he kicked another man in the throat, sending a resounding “snap” throughout the battlefield.

“Stop,” Kaze commanded but Nami’s rain tempo restricted all sound. As Kaze was about to yell, a islander crept behind her, a spear in-hand.

“Get away from her, you piece of shit,” Sanji yelled as he ran, ready to defend her. Before he could reach her, the spear struck Kaze. But to everyone’s surprise, the weapon shattered, dust in its place, as so did the man’s hand. The shock was enough to pause the battle as pirates and Marines alike stared at Kaze. The battlefield was in pregnant silence as Kaze began to explain.

“I’ll answer all of your questions when we’re all aboard the ship, but as of now, we have to go."

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