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"Speaking" 'Thoughts' Dreams

Once Chopper kicked out everyone out of the sick bay, the rest of the crew gathered on the lawn deck for a meeting about the new guest. They had no doubt in the doctor's ability to help the wounded.

One certain Strawhat couldn't shake off the strong feeling of nostalgia clouding her mind on the Thousand Sunny's lawn deck. Nico Robin couldn't even get her mind to relate to the topic of conversation. On normal circumstances the crew wouldn't listen to their blabbering, but they had to. Captain's orders, was all that needed to be said to get the Strawhats undivided attention.

As the crew made a circle to listen to their captain.

"I wanted to talk about the mystery woman that's in Chopper's office," Luffy announced with a grin. "Not everything new is a mystery Luffy!" Usopp yelled while slapping the captain over the head.

"Yohohoho~ do you think that she will let me see her panties?" the perverted skeleton chimed in.

"This is what I missed map making for..." the agitated navigator said while pinching the bridge of her nose. "Robin what do think," the captain asked his crew member, ignoring the crew member's comments.

The raven haired woman jilted slightly, snapping back into the deck and out of her thoughts. Her mind raced for excuses for not sharing her thoughts.

"Luffy I'm quite tired today, can I be excused to take a nap," She said quietly, glad for her quick thinking. She didn't want to bother anyone with her troubles.

"Sure, but if you miss dinner I'm eating your food." Sanji made a displeased noise at the statement, but the captain ignored him

"Thank you Luffy," the archaeologist said while making her way to the women's cabin.

Once Robin arrived at the women's cabin she laid on her bed. She didn't realize how tired she really was until she was drifting in and out of darkness. It was getting too much for her until her mind surrendered to sleep.

Dream Part: 2

"You were not able to see it, this part of the land is protected by a barrier. Kaze stated a matter- a-factually.

"What type of barrier?" the raven haired girl asked, with her curiosity peaked. Kaze stopped dead in her tracks.

"A-a demonic one" the crimson haired girl responded hesitantly. "W-what", was all Robin could muster in her state of shock.

The young archaeologist's cobalt hues stared at the possible demon in front of her. Not knowing whether she was going to die like the villagers. "I'm glad that you didn't start hysterically crying and running for your life," Kaze said.

"S-so does that mean you are a demon?" the raven haired girl asked. Robin knew the answer but, she just didn't want to believe it for herself. She wanted to hear Kaze say it right out of her mouth just to make sure it wasn't one of her terrible nightmares. "Yes." was the simple yet most mind blowing answer the scarlet haired demoness gave.

Kaze turned her heel and started to walk in the direction of the clearing again. "It truly is getting late, we should go. Don't worry I'm not going to eat you" the violet hued smiled slightly at her teasing. Robin took hesitant steps forward until she was walking at a slow pace behind the demon keeping the gap between the bigger.

Once the latter got the clearing there was a dense forest surrounding them and various colored plant life. The inside of the barrier looked nothing like the village on the other side.

"Why did you bring me here? Don't you know who I am?!" these questions were swimming around in the young girl's confused, and fatigued mind.

"You know what and who I am, but yet you still didn't run away. So what reason do I have to kill you? You are not a real demon I am. If this new upcoming discomforts you, feel free to leave. I will not kill while your back is turned that is not honorable. I will not beg you to stay or leave." Kaze let those words drift within the young girl before sitting next to tree and waiting.

Robin studied her features and realized that it looked like she was thinking instead of sleeping. Nico Robin was standing silently in the middle of the clearing, staring at the abrupt action the young demoness made.

"Are you going to turn your heal and leave or stay? I want the answer before I catch my dinner." Kaze stated in doing so breaking the silence. Was she able to leave and forget about this island?

No. The curiosity will build too much even for her. It was her duty to know all the aspects of the world.

"I will rest over there." Robin stated simply. Kaze opened her eye to see Robin pointing at the tree farthest away from the middle of the clearing.

"Very well you have made the decision to stay. So I choose to stay at the spot I am at." the scarlet haired girl pointed to spot to emphasize the location.


A full moon hung overhead illuminating the two figures under it. Many hours of silence passed until the two talked to each other. Kaze, finished with her thoughts walked over to Robin's post. The raven haired girl's hues opened sharply noticing that the moon's light was not on her. Fear of death still gripped her when she was close to the demoness. "Fish, bear, or pig" was all the crimson haired girl asked. "Fish." Robin answered quickly, not wanting to exchange many words with the demon.

"There is a stream up to about the north of this place. Many fish should be there." Kaze pointed to the direction of where the fish would be.

"I'm heading east to where the pigs are." the young demoness said while heading towards where her dinner would be. In a few short moments Kaze was out of sight. Robin noticed that the young girl left her sword resting beside the tree that she was positioned at.

The sword's sheath was an off putting gold and blue. It had similar ancient writings as the Aztecs. A person could tell that the sword had been used because the hilt looked worn, but still well-kept and cleaned.

When Robin was done inspecting the sword, she made her way to the stream. Kaze was correct fish were an abundance in this stream. Robin used her Devil Fruit powers to catch a bass that decided to jump out of water. As the young archaeologist was making her way back to the clearing she could see the smoke rising over the tall trees. The transparent grey mixing in the pure white of the moon. Once she got in sight range she could see that Kaze was already roasting an average sized bore above the fire. The dinner was quite except the sounds of small bites being taken from their food. "Do you like history?" The young demoness asked breaking the silence.

"Yes I do." Robin answered coolly. "How about this, if we ever meet again I'll tell you my history?" Kaze offered looking directly at the girl in front of her. Robin's hues flickered with uncertainty before agreeing.

The reason unknown to her. It wasn't the fact that she was a demon, the government already demonized her throughout the world. So issue was anew to her. Whenever she would hold a conversation with Kaze she wasn't sure whether it was fear or fatigue, but something lingered inside of her.

Was it comfort? The feeling of being welcomed was so rare to her. No one really liked her presence not in Ohara, not any of the people that she came across in her travels, but Kaze didn't even try to contemplate if there would be betrayal. She just let her walk beside her as an equal...

Next Day

Robin woke up with the same cold sweat from the last morning. She could tell it was late into the midday. She could hear laughter coming from outside of deck. Nami wasn't on her bed, probably in the map room, sunbathing, or with Luffy. Robin knew they were going out for quite some time. She just wished that she could have the same relationship with the swordsman. He still treated her as if she was an enemy, did she not prove her loyalty in Water Seven and Enies Lobby?

Robin decided to push the thoughts about the swordsman and the dream she just had away. The raven haired archaeologist went on the deck with a book and coffee in hand. She went to her favorite lawn chair and tried to focus her thoughts on a new topic. She switched in and out of thought while reading, until Sanji came.

"Robin-Chan your up. Would you like me to make you some food, you missed breakfast." the blonde cook cooed.

"No, Sanji. I'm not hungry right now, but I would like another cup of coffee," the archaeologist said realizing that she finished her cup.

"Anything for my Robin-Chan." Sanji said while taking a deep bow.

"Robin I'm done treating the patient. Could you watch her for me for a while." the blue nosed reindeer asked. "Of course Chopper" the raven haired woman replied with a smile.

"Don't think calling me doctor make me happy or anything" Chopper said while doing a dance.

Once Robin walked into the sick bay a deep scarlet caught her eye immediately. She walked over to the woman's sleeping form and noticed that she looked about the same age as her. She had an eye bandage covering her left eye. When Robin was done gazing at the patient.

The archaeologist took a seat to get comfortable while watching the woman. After a few minutes the patient started to stir in her sleep. She opened her eye to see a room with bright light all around her. Once her violet hues focused she saw Robin sitting across from her.

"Who are you, and where am I?" the woman asked with a wide eye. "I am Nico Robin and you're aboard the Strawhats ship, Thousand Sunny."

"N-Nico Robin I see, well my name is Kaze."


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