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"Who are you and where am I?" the woman asked with a wide eye. "I am Nico Robin and your aboard the Strawhat's ship, Thousand Sunny."

"N-Nico Robin I see, well my name is Kaze."

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Robin stared at Kaze in shock. 'No, this can't be real. She can't be who I think she is. They were only dreams.' The raven haired woman thought, while immobile in her seat.

"Um are you okay Robin, your sweating" crimson haired woman asked.

"I-I'm alright, I need to go." Robin said as she quickly went for the door to leave. "Wait, can you at least tell me where my sword is?" the woman asked, with worry in her eye. Robin stood there with her hand on the door handle, about to leave.

"Robin, the shit cook said it's time for lunch" Zoro said while stepping into the room. He came face to-face-to a shocked Robin. The swordsman could feel her warm coffee laced breath on his lips. Zoro's cheeks were tinted pink at the closeness with the raven haired beauty. He turned his head, so she couldn't see his blush. "Um the ero cook said it's time for lunch, and you too." the green haired man said, while pointing at Kaze.

The trio arrived at the kitchen Robin made sure to keep her distance from Kaze. 'This is absurd. It is just a coincidence that she has the same name as the demon from my dream. There are no such things as demons.' The archaeologist thought trying to create a logical reasoning.


"So what is your name, beautiful goddess~" Sanji asked swooning with hearts taking shape of his eyes.

"My name is Kaze," the woman replied with ease.

"What were you doing on that boat" asked the gluttonous captain. Who was stealing everyone's food, while their attention was on Kaze. "Some pirate tried to flirt with me at a bar. I got into a fight with him and his crew. Long story short somebody shot me through the stomach. I had to get out of their quickly. Then I passed out on the boat I was on, due to blood loss," the scarlet haired woman explained. "I need to check your wounds after lunch" the little doctor said. "Also Kaze I wonder how you got that scar on your left eye?" the young doctor questioned. The woman sat there staring at her empty plate curtesy of Luffy. After a few good seconds, she could almost feel the crew's eyes on her waiting on a response. "I would prefer not to talk about that." she excused the subject politely.

For the rest of the lunch the Strawhats asked trivial questions to their guest. Robin's mind had been too cluttered to proceed with the lunch. The crew didn't notice the decrease in numbers, but a certain swordsman did.

Zoro soon left the table, his excuse being that he wanted to train. As the green haired swordsman made his way to the crow's nest he saw the archaeologists staring lifelessly at the ocean. The light baby blue, statured with the sun's rays was enough to enchant him too. The raven haired woman didn't help the situation either. Her ebony locks swaying with the salty air. Her exotic flowery scent reaching him all the way in crow's nest. Zoro saw Robin turn to him, with a frown on her delicate features. He hated the way his heart would sink if she ever caught him ogling at her. Did she not want him looking at her?

Robin turned to see Zoro looking at her. She liked the way the swordsman would sneak quick glances at her, when he thought she wasn't paying attention. The frown wasn't meant for him. Her mind had just been too cluttered today. With thoughts of him and Kaze. The woman had an uncanny resemblance of the demon from her dreams. Were they dreams? She felt her heart constrict, but made her decisions not out of fear. This was too confusing for the older woman.

The Strawhats soon left the kitchen, and settled themselves on the lawn deck. "Nami-San where's my sword?" Kaze quietly asked the navigator. "Oh, I put it over there when we pulled you off the boat." the orange haired woman pointed across the deck.

"So, Kaze when you get better where are you going to go?" the cyborg asked. She stared off for a moment before answering.

"Nowhere actually." The scarlet haired woman replied with a sigh.

"How about you join our crew." The raven haired captain asked. Kaze's hues glazed over with uncertainty before she answered.

"We have a new crew member!" Luffy joyously announced. "Sanji make food, Brook music, everyone else party!" Luffy ordered, even though they just finished eating.

Soon the mid-day party made its way into the night. Brook' fingers got tired. Usopp's voice gave out from too much singing. Nami passed out after ten jugs of beer from a contest with Zoro, who won. Luffy and Chopper also gave up to sleep from having an eating contest. Sanji passed out due to blood loss, from Kaze who kept playfully flirting with him. No one knew where Franky ended up. The only two that were up was Robin and Kaze.

"You seem familiar." the scarlet haired woman said breaking the silence, excluding the some of the crew member's snoring. Robin slightly flinched in her seat from the other woman's voice.


'This is ridiculous. She isn't a demon' Robin tried to reason with herself. "Since your not ready to talk to me, I'll talk". "How come when ever I try to engage you in a simple conversation, you start to stammer? You seem smart enough to talk straight" Kaze teased.


"I'm going to bed if you need me" Kaze said, as she slowly got up.

"A-are you a demon. I know it sounds compleately crazy but..are you" Robin asked looking Kaze in the eye. The scarlet haired stood frozen in her place. Kaze could feel her throate go dry . She could only utter a few words.

"H-how the hell d-do know?


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