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"H-how the hell d-do you know?"

Current Chapter

Kaze asked as she could feel her palms sweat and throat go dry. Her violet hue trying to focus on an object that wasn't moving, but everything was spinning. 'Was I that easy to see through? No I made sure to conceal my demonic nature well. The leaves the question of how she found out about me so quickly? No one should be able to know about me.' The demoness' mind tried to find an answer to her dilemma.

Similar to Kaze, Robin had a thought she solved her problem by asking Kaze, but was shocked to conclude that her dreams were memories of the demoness.

Kaze recovered from her thoughts only to ask another question. Breaking the thick silence she asked, "I was correct when I thought you were familiar?"

Robin equally came out of the shocked state to answer her question. "It was many years ago, I docked at your island while it was still burning." Robin's sharp eyes caught Kaze's reaction to the memory. "But that wasn't your island, was it?" The historian's mind gathered.

The demoness smirked. "I never said it was. You just made an assumption that I lived there." Knowing that the new information was not properly dealt with Robin made an attempt to interrogate further, but a loud noise caused the conversation to be shortened.


"Meat..." Luffy murmured as he started to stir in his sleep. The captain slowly rose from his place on the deck and walk back to the men's cabin with Chopper and Usopp trailing behind.

A cigarette somehow already made its way to Sanji's mouth as he wished the women a goodnight. "I must depart from you sweet ladies, but do not fear for I, your prince will protect you through your sleep."

"Yohohoho, goodnight everyone." He said before her turned to Kaze. "Before I go to slumber, may I see your panties?" Brook asked expectantly. He was unaware of the heel that was flying towards him until it connected with the back of his skull, leaving him unconscious.

"Goodnight you guys, don't stay out long rains going to come down hard." The cartographer announced. The demoness turned to Robin. "I'm also going to sleep." Robin decided it was time for one of her rare slumbers, her mind had been too over worked for the day despite the party. She watched as the other slowly dispersed from the grassy deck.

Before she could turn a heel, she heard the faint snore of a certain green haired man from behind. The raven haired woman chuckled to herself and, sprouted an artificial limb to wake up the sleeping swordsman. She gently shook Zoro until his only useable eye lazily opened.

Zoro was surprised to wake up and not see the archaeologist polite smile, telling him it was time for a meal or the thief wanted him to do something for her. Instead she woke him using her powers. He was familiar with the use of her abilities in battle or just everyday things, but never waking him. He looked around deck and spotted Robin next to the ship's railing, seemingly thinking.

He slowly walked towards the archaeologist, carefully to study her body. The typical soft smile turned to a hard expression. Moving his eyes form her face to her supple lips. His face turned an impressive shade of red as his thoughts traveled. He imagined her lethal body move under him as they would be pressed together, their clothes becoming uncomfortably hot. They finally meet bare as she presses her chest against his, and she repeatedly screamed his name.

Zoro's head whipped around at the sound of the historian chuckling. He noticed that his pants became tight, and shifted awkwardly. "Oi, woman what is your problem!"

Robin turned to face him her cheeks a rosy colour from her mirth. "Excuse me Zoro, I just saw your face and I couldn't help to think that you look similar to a strawberry*." Laughter shook her body again as the male's face darkened.

"I came here to ask you something, not to be laughed at!" He watched her expression change to signal him to carry on. He sighed and continued. His eyes become hard as he look at her stoic face. "Are you alright?"

Robin felt an uncomfortable sting in her chest as her thoughts drifted to the matter with Kaze. "When did you start to worry for my well-being, Zoro?"

"Cut the crap Robin, I'm being serious." Zoro said firmly. "You've been acting jittery and lost in thought for past two days."

Robin knew it was not her place to tell Kaze's secret despite her discomfort. "There is nothing wrong with me."

Zoro knew that Robin would only tell you as much as she needed you to know, that habit never changed even after the crew's separation. He sighed figuring that his conversation with the archaeologist was over, but still added to the silence. "I trust you now ya'know, so you can always talk to me." Robin smiled at the thought of the swordsman worried her enough to try and talk to her. Zoro spluttered as the historian pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek thanking him for worrying.

Soon they both departed to their respective sleeping areas to shield themselves from the upcoming downpour.

*A little pun from my one-shot, "Littlest Things"


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