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'Thoughts' "Speaking" *Sounds*

The Strawhat's storm from the night before lasted until afternoon. Leaving the crew members hungry and tired. 'I always hated the way the rain would make the days feel so sad. You would never think that a rainbow would be on the other side.' Kaze thought to herself in the Thousand Sunny's sick bay.


"What was that-"

"-Your lunch is ready, my sweet mellorines~" Sanji swooned, completely forgetting about the other men. Kaze could have sworn the rain had not stopped its downpour yet. She only proved herself wrong when she couldn't hear the droplets against the porthole.

She stepped out of the sick bay only to be almost run over by her captain. In contrast to her bustling captain, Kaze calmly entered the kitchen. Her eye scanned over the lively dinner table with a majority of the crew present. The only two crew members which were missing the beginnings of lunch were Zoro and Franky.

Previous Night

'I have to tell Zoro not to leave his barbells around the ship. Dammit, did Luffy scuff the floorboards again?' Franky thought, as he was coming back from making a bed for his new crew mate. 'It looks like the party over. I just hope there aren't any damages to the ship-"

"-H-how the hell d-do you know?" he heard Kaze ask.

"It was many years ago, I docked at your island while it was still burning." he heard Robin answer. Franky's eyes widened with the new realization. Franky was about to make his way to the lawn deck to hear the conversation better until he tripped on an unseen barbell and crashed on the table behind him. "Shit!" he quietly muttered. The cyborg quickly scrambled to his workshop, just before his captain mentioned food.

Current Day

"Okay guys we are about to reach an island to restock on supplies." Nami shot an accusing glance towards Luffy. "I already have information on the island. That means it will take a week for the log pose to set." She continued, "There's also a little spending money from the last island, so we all get an equal share." She finished.

"When has she been this generous?" Usopp whispered to Chopper.

"What was that Usopp…?" Nami said flashing a sweet smile.

The sniper started to sweat, knowing if he didn't choose his words correctly he would surely get a beating. "N-nothing Nami! Chopper and I were just talking about how beautiful you are!" He answered, hoping the navigator would be satisfied with that answer. She nodded his direction, and finished her lunch.


The swordsman walked aimlessly through the center of the town, looking for a pub. He grunted in defeat, knowing he was lost.'The old man at the pear told me that the pub would be here…' the lost man thought, while walking through the center of town

'All these stupid buildings keep moving-'

"-Is this the third time you've walked past here?" The swordsman already had a mental image of the woman before he could answer.

"Pfft, were you stalking me?"

She arched her brow at the swordsman's stubbornness. "You don't want directions to the pub then?"

"Are you a mind reader now? How do you even know I wanted to go to a pub?" He wondered if the historian could sprout ears in a person's head, and listen to their thoughts.

"No, you've been muttering out-loud for the past twenty minutes."

"Could you just give directions?" He asked, knowing he couldn't against Robin's teasing.

Robin let out a quiet sigh, and pointed to the building behind him. Zoro turned to see that indeed the pub was behind him. His eye spotted the historian about to take her leave, before e could stop himself he grabbed her wrist.

"Wanna join me?"

"I'm sorry Zoro, but I don't enjoy saké at this hour." Robin politely rejected his offer.

Zoro inwardly slapped himself for his stupidity. It finally clicked in his mind for an idea so that historian could go with him. He ruled in his mind that it wasn't a date, because Robin was not interested in him. "How about a café?"

Robin was inwardly shock at his persistence. Usually the swordsman would silently go to the pub, and leave. He never been so insistent, she had to accept.

"I cannot reject now."


Kaze somehow got the chance to watch Sanji to make sure he doesn't die of a nosebleed from the women on the island.

"Sanji we have to finish shopping!" Kaze said dragging the blonde cook away from a group of women.

"Stupid cook…" The demoness muttered.

"Hai, Kaze-Chwan~" Sanji cooed, another nosebleed poured from him.

"Bye Sanji-kun!" one of the women said, while Kaze gave them a menacing glare. If another woman talked to Sanji she was going to scream; she reasoned in her mind that it was not because she had feelings for the perverted cook.

'I don't even know why I agreed to watch him.' She angrily thought, making future plans to beat Brook that got her roped into the situation.

When Kaze stopped dragging him the cook regained his cool.

"The last thing on the list is: fish" Sanji said trying not to look at Kaze's outfit. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and a tight tank top with 'Bad' printed on it. Sanji was never one to refrain himself from looking at beautiful woman. So what's so different about Kaze?

The latter walked down the path to the market.

"He's been following us for about a few minutes…" Kaze said reaching for her sword, ready to attack. Sanji noticed this and thought as his duty as a gentleman to protect a lady.

"Don't worry Kaze-Chwan, I'll fight him!" He yelled alerting the approaching figure. The person of course noticed their battle stances, and did likewise. They noticed that it was a hooded man, before they could ask his identity he lunged at them.

Kaze attacked the man before Sanji could. The cook watched the woman enter a fierce a battle with man. He heard the woman gasp before tackling the man to the ground.

"Do you know this guy Kaze-Chwan?"

"He's my brother, Ollie."


Nami went to shopping, and brought Luffy to carry her things. Zoro didn't want to be her 'pack mule' for the day, and Sanji left with Kaze before she could ask.

"Nami I'm hungry…" the captain whined. She let out a sigh, this was the umpteenth time he's complained about his hunger.

"You'll get something to eat after I'm done shopping."

"Meat!" Luffy quietly chanted to himself.

"I swear sometimes it feels like I'm dating a child" Nami mumbled to herself.

Nami saw a short white V-neck dress and tried to reach for it, but another hand grabbed it before she could.

"Hey!" the orange haired woman yelled.

"Finders keepers." The other woman said with a smirk. She had light chestnut hair tied in a stylish messy bun.

"Well I 'found' it first, so I get to keep it." Nami argued, Luffy interjected the upcoming argument.

"Just flip a coin…" The raven haired man groaned.

"Okay then, whoever wins gets the dress, I pick tails." The woman flashed a mischievous smile.

Nami recognized that type of grin anywhere, but agreed to the terms anyway.

"You can do the honors, and the name's Jackie." the chestnut haired woman handed the coin to Nami. She flipped and it landed right on tails.

"Looks like I keep the dress." Jackie said as she paid for the new piece of clothing. Nami watched as the woman took off with the stylish attire. The orange haired woman picked up the coin from the floor and noticed that it had tails on both sides.

'Why that lying little-'

"-Nami are you done shopping, I'm hungry" Luffy whined again. "I wanna go buy meat."

"Shut it Luffy."


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