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The Ring

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Zoro and Robin made their way to the cafe. The woman couldn't get the giddy feeling in her stomach out. She didn't know why she acting like a school girl on her first date. She was just simply going to a cafe with one of her nakama. Was that what she really thought of the man right next to her, just a nakama? She admired the way he would always protect the ones her cared for. She felt happy, the word she would have never used to describe her life before she joined Luffy's crew. Robin felt especially happy when she was near the swordsman. Is that really a reason to feel this way for him? These questions tugged at her even as the café came into the distance.

'Her smile is beautiful. She should use it more often,' Zoro thought as he saw Robin smile to herself.

'What the hell?! This woman making me think like that pervert cook!' He mentally panicked.

The pair finally reached the door of the quaint café and took a seat. A waiter approached them before they could start a conversation.

"So what would you two like to order?" A man with a small mustache, and slicked back hair asked.

"Water will do." The swordsman ordered. "For the miss?" The mustache man turned to Robin.

A simple cup of coffee would be fine." The archaeologist ordered politely. The man disappeared behind a door to retrieve their orders.

"Robin, can I ask a question?" The young man broke the comfortable silence between them.

"Of course Zoro" The raven haired woman replied. He felt himself sweat for his next question.

"What am I to you?" Zoro asked the odd question.

"Nakama, unless-" Robin was cut off by the 'ahem' of the waiter. He had a tray of three drinks, two coffees and a glass of water.

"Excuse me, I only ordered one coffee," Robin corrected the order.

The waiter replied. "The gentleman over at the next table asked me to add this to your order," he said pointing two tables from them.

The mysterious man who requested for a drink to be added to their order made his way over to their table. "Hey, would you like to leave this joke of a date, and come join me?" The man said, lecherously surveying Robin's body. Zoro felt his nails dig into the palm of his hand.

"I'm fine where I am." She turned him down, but he still persisted.

"Did you know that my fath-" he was cut off by the yell of Zoro. "She said that she would rather stay with me!" He growled with Wadō slightly unsheathed. The man was sweating bullets once he realized who he was talking to.

"I-it's Roronoa Zoro, and Nico Robin…" He shook with his words as he fled the cafe.

"Zoro, we already had instructions to not be recognized." Robin chastised.

"He should have left us alone." He said, slightly annoyed that their conversation was interrupted twice.

"Zoro, are you jealous?" Her brow arched with question.

"I don't get jealous!" The swordsman quickly diminished the thought of him jealous.


Kaze was interrogating the man, which she has now identified as her brother, and an ally. "Ollie, how did you make it so far out into the New World?" He took his time to dust the dirt off his pants from the tackle. He finally stood to the full extent of his height. His wavy hair framing his boyish features. The freckles on his cheeks beamed as he chuckled.

"You're not the only one who has done some traveling. I'm surprised that you became a pirate."

Kaze allowed Sanji to finish his shopping while she, and Ollie could talk.

"What happened to your ring?" Ollie asked, oddly worried. Kaze look at her left hand, and saw that indeed her ring had was damaged. Before the demoness could continue Sanji interrupted.

"Kaze-Chwan~ I'm done with my shopping!" Sanji announced, rushing over to her.

"Sanji-San, I need Ollie to take me to a jeweler. Would you like to join us?" Kaze asked. Sanji, of course was ecstatic at the chance to accompany her.

"Not at all Kaze-Chwan!"


Soon the town looked like a small dot from their position. They walked over a small to find a wooden shack like house. "Oi, is anyone here!" the blonde cook yelled.

No answer.

He yelled again, still nothing. "I don't think anyone is here." Sanji stated, only to be proven wrong.

"Hold on, hold on my body can't move like it used to!" A voice come from the shack. A stout old woman came from the inside of the shack. She had on colorful dress on with dirt stains indicating that she was rather poor. "Are you going to come in, or just stare at me," the woman asked.

The three crammed their way into the small space. The old woman made a gesture to take a seat. They complied and took a seat on one of her small couches, not resting their entire weight on it, not wanting it broken.

"So what brings you to a poor, old woman's house?" She asked rocking back-and-forth in her chair.

"I would like my ring to be repaired." Kaze spoke up first.

"I am afraid that I don't fix jewelry anymore…" the old woman said with a sigh.

"Could you please refurbish this one thing." Ollie pleaded.

"Show me your hand," the older woman ordered. Kaze complied silently, and lifted up her hand, the woman took a long look, and her eyes widened slightly.

"The ring is beyond my fixing, but I do have some in the back. Come with me." she pointed at Kaze. As the two woman took off the only two left were, Sanji and Ollie.

"When was the last time you took off the ring?" the old woman said while rummaged through a small closet.

"Why do you need to know?"

"When you take it off it will hurt." the woman said holding a small crate.

"Why is that," Kaze asked.

"Don't play dumb, I know that you are a demon," the old woman said with a slight smirk. She added, "I'm not as old as I am for no reason."

"So did you work for the Marines, or her?" Kaze asked, her eyes slightly narrowed.

"That's all in the past," the old woman dismissed. Pain flashed in her aged face before she spoke again. "Don't worry about any of that. Now just take off the ring so we can finish here."

Kaze took off the ring, and felt a surge of pain spread through her body. Her teeth changed, into small fangs, and her nails adapting a sharper, and more deadly edge. Waves of silver hair flowed down her back making her look like a completely different person, her once violet hues became a smoldering gold. Her ears became slightly pointed. The old woman opened the crate. Inside of it were various amounts of jewelry, anything from earrings to bracelets. Kaze could imagine Nami passing out from the amount from the amount of gold.

The silver haired woman took her time examining the many colors. She soon found a simple ring with a silver band, and a single onyx diamond in the setting.

"This is all I want." She slid the ring on and felt her demonic features retract.

"Here," the old woman said, handing Kaze a pouch filled with half of the jewelry collection. The demoness just shook her head.

"It's the least I can do," The old woman said as Kaze bowed her head in thanks.

Back with boys, there was an awkward silence between the two. They sat in den like space, only the muffled voices of the women giving sound. "Are you dating Kaze?" the freckled man asked. Sanji visibly blushed at the thought of him, and the young woman in a relationship. Ollie took the silence, and blush as a "no."

"Could you please do me a favor," he asked. "I need you to take care of her for me".

"Of course, I'll take care of any woman," the cook answered proudly.

The topic of the conversation emerged from the back of the shack. "We can leave now," the demoness said while walking towards the exit.


Kaze, and Ollie said there "goodbyes" before she and Ollie reached the Thousand Sunny. By the time the two got to the ship it was almost time for dinner.

"Sanji where-were you! I thought I was going tostarve!" Luffy yelled at the top of the lion figure head.

"Shut it Luffy, I'm only a few minutes late," the cook said. A few moments after Sanji disappeared into the kitchen, Robin, and Zoro came back from their 'date'. The swordsman was greeted by the angry fist from Nami.

"What the hell was that for?!" Zoro angrily roared at navigator.

"Thanks to your laziness, I had to carry some of my bags" Nami said dramatically, putting her hand on her forehead.

"Whatever, you stupid witch!" Zoro muttered as he made his way to the Crow's Nest to train.


Everyone went to bed after dinner except two. It was Kaze, and Robin's turn for night-watch. The night passed by slowly as the demoness waited for her turn to watch the ship. Once it was her turn she made her way up the crow's nest ladder. A part of her was hoping that she, and Robin could finish their talk from before.

Robin's attention was taken away from her book, and was now focused on Kaze as she walked towards her.

"It's my turn for night-watch." Kaze said, her discomfort rolling off her in waves. Robin opted to stay silent as she traded places with the demoness. Robin steeled her nerves before asking Kaze a question.

"Do you remember me meeting me before joining the crew?" Kaze nodded in her eyes gesturing Robin to continue. "Why, you knew who I was?"

The demoness never expected anyone to ever understand her reasons for doing things. "My reasons for not harming you on the island were simple." She answered quietly.

The archaeologist stared at Kaze in rare confusion. The memories from her past were slowly filling her mind. "Then what were they?"

"That's easy, I knew it was all fabrication. The wanted poster; the lies about the six sunken Buster Call ships; being called a demon. The only truth that was there was the fact that you ran, and betrayed organizations to survive."

Robin stood there speechless as she heard Kaze's reasoning.

"That wasn't your home, was it?" The question suddenly tugged at Robin. It seemed odd that Kaze didn't spare a glance to any of the dead bodies as they walked all those years ago. The demoness seemed shocked the question, but smiled. "I wouldn't expect anything less from you, and you are correct. That wasn't my home."

The previous tension in the crow's nest eased slightly, and all was quiet leaving the two women to think. Kaze decided to speak first. "What will you do with this information?" Kaze murmured, but Robin heard it.

"It's not my place to tell any of the crew members until you do so on your own. I do advise that you tell them soon, it is not good to harbor secrets from your nakama." With that Robin left the crow's nest with a slight smile gracing her lips. Knowing she wouldn't have to worry about a demon. Soon the archaeologist went to sleep.


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