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Nami's Plan

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It has been a month since Kaze joined the Straw Hats and a month closer to the almost unexplored island, Raftel. The island that is said to hold the One Piece.

The three woman were sunbathing on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. Zoro was exercising a few feet away from the females.

"Mellorines~ I have snacks for you!" The blonde cook swooned just before the swordsman interjected.

"Oi, ero-cook I'm trying to work out!" Zoro yelled, causing him to lose count.

"Shut up you shitty swordsman, I'm trying to serve the ladies!" Sanji finished with hearts in his eyes at the mention of ladies.

"Thank you Sanji-san." The women said in unison, ignoring the argument between Zoro and Sanji.

"Land ho!" the captain yelled from the top of the Thousand Sunny's figure head. Nami started to list the pair's responsible for the ship's supplies for the day.

Zoro and Sanji buying food while watching Luffy to make sure he doesn't do anything idiotic before the log pose sets. Franky and Usopp buying cola. Chopper and Brook buying medicine, and sheet paper. Nami, Robin, and Kaze finding an inn for the rest of the crew.

"Nami-Swan is so pretty when she is telling us what to do~" the blonde cook said while swirling.

"Oi, Nami I don't want to be with the shit cook all day." Zoro said.

"If you finish early enough, you can go to a bar." the navigator said. "The island is a winter all around winter season." Nami finished.

"Kaze-Chan, I'll keep you warm with my body heat!" Sanji said, trying to hug demoness.

"That will not be needed Sanji." Kaze said sporting a new coat. The cook fell into a depressed corner, mumbling something about his 'gentleman duty'.

"Tch, stupid love cook."

"What the hell did you say shitty marimo!" The argument ended with both men on the floor holding their bruised heads.

The Straw Hat's came to the island and noticed that there were three ship ports. One for civilians, another for pirates, and last, for Marines. The crew came to a conclusion that it was a neutral island; the biggest reason was that neither a pirate nor a Marine flag was in claim of the island. Everyone still kept their guard on to be ready for any attack.


"That damned marimo got lost again" Sanji said while looking for the lost swordsman. The cook's group just stepped off of the ship and the swordsman was already lost.

"Sanji when can I have meat?!" Luffy whined.

"As soon as it's time for everyone to eat." the cook answered. The captain drawled out a displeased moan. A group of shopping women passed by Sanji's line of direction. "Mellorines~" The blonde man cooed; while the captain snuck a piece of food from the shopping goods.


The female Straw Hat members made their way through the city in hopes of finding a hotel for the rest of the crew to stay in. They stopped when a huge building was in their vision.

"Grand Voyage"

The words were posted in black elegant letters. A tall bald man was at the door to meet them in the lobby.

"My name is Harry, I am the manager of this hotel; what can I do for you today?" He asked, extending his hand. Hair was peeking out the end of his sleeve. It was as if all the hair on his body was too scared to stay on his head, and took refuge on his arms. Nami shook her head to avoid contact with the hairy man.

"I would like to book two rooms for ten people." She said. Harry frowned slightly at her request.

"I'm sorry ma'am," He apologized. "Only two-to-a room."

Why is that?" Robin spoke up.

Harry smiled to her before continuing. "It's the islands protector, Mistress, which wishes it to be so."

Nami batted her lashes at the hairy man. "Can you just bend the rules for me, just for this one-time?"

He made another frown, and refused. "I rather prefer to follow the islands rules."

The navigator deadpanned, and decided to haggle the price for the rooms. "Forty percent off."

"Ten." Nami scoffed at the low percentage.

"Eighty, take it or leave it." In the end Nami managed to get five room keys for the price of almost nothing.

"I have to go. I think I saw a swords shop on the way here." Nami tossed one of the room keys to her before she left.

A few nights ago

It was Kaze's turn for night watch, and the night was too quiet for her taste. That was one of the many reasons why she loves the crew, they always knew how keep themselves entertained. Whether it was just a party, an excitable dinner, or just an adventure.

She compared to herself the pros, and cons of telling the crew about her demonic nature. The demoness quickly snapped out of her inner struggle, when she heard sensed someone coming up the Crow's Nest ladder.

"What can I do for you Nami?" Kaze asked.

The cartographer took a moment to decide how to form her next words. "Let's say I need a certain swordsman to be with a certain archaeologist, but their too stubborn to acknowledge their feelings."

Kaze knitted her brow in doubt. "So, you want me to help you get Zoro, and Robin to be together."

"Oh, I was talking about two other people, but now that you mention it Zoro and Robin would be a good couple." She smiled slyly. "Thanks for the suggestion though."

"Are you even sure that Zoro isn't gay. I've never seen him take the time to even look at a female."

"Let me tell you a little story…"

A Month ago

Luffy was sitting atop the lion figure head whining to himself. "Where's Sanji? He locked the kitchen before he left."

Nami wasn't too far from the captain to hear his complaints. 'I'm a little hungry too,' she thought. 'Maybe I shouldn't spend so much time with Luffy, I'm starting to pick up his eating habits…' Nami chuckled at the image of her eating as much as Luffy.

"What's so funny Nami?" The captain asked, turning on the figure head to face her.

"It's noth-" Nami couldn't finish her statement before she was pulled into her boyfriend's lap in a gentle hug. She chided him on "warning her before he did something like that."

The pair sat there in a comfortable silence, with the occasional mumbles of hunger from the captain. Nami didn't notice before, but the figure head for the Thousand Sunny gave her a great view of the deck and the island. A few moments later she saw Zoro kissing Robin, well more of Zoro kissing Robin on the cheek. The navigator sat stiff with new information brought to light. Could those two be dating?

"Sanji! Where were you, I thought I was going to starve!"

"Shut it Luffy, I'm only a few minutes late."

Before Nami could stop him, Luffy was already rushing to kitchen.


Robin had just finished her, what can be translated into a date, with her nakama Zoro. She contemplated the events during their date. After Zoro had gotten jealous, and scared off the pervert whom wanted to go out with her, they talked over their drinks with banter. Successfully avoiding the swordsman previously uncomfortable question.

The swordsman was also in deep thought.

'That goddamned waiter, and stupid pervert messed up my talk with Robin!' He angrily thought. "Why couldn't she just continue after those two left us alone? Instead she just changed the entire topic.' Zoro almost continued his thoughts before he heard Robin speak. 'Her voice is beautiful…Dammit, I have to stop thinking like that!'


"Hm, I'm listening."

"I said, today has been wonderful. Even though you got jealous," she smirked at him. "I had fun." Zoro blushed with her words, and retraced his action, knowing that he might have overreacted, only slightly. He turned to her when she started chuckling at him. He glared menacingly at her, knowing she said that with the purpose of making him blush.

He grinned knowing exactly what to do, for payback purposes of course. He leaned to her, shocking himself and her. Any of their nakama could see them, and the ship wasn't far either. An electrical charge was sent through his body as his lips connected with the historian's supple cheeks. He wanted to take things further, but she never gave him permission to do so.

He found he missed the warmth her cheeks provided when she stalked away from him, her face an unnatural pink. He stood motionless, he snapped out his trance when Robin called out to him, saying something about getting lost.

Previous Time-Frame

Kaze nodded at the end of the tale. "I'm still not helping."

"I know your secret." Nami said, grinning. "I was talking about it with Robin." Kaze felt herself sweat, and she was about to try making an excuse.

"About that-"

"-About nothing. You're helping me, because I know you like Sanji." With that Nami rushed down the ladder, giving Kaze no room to argue.

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