A New Demon!

The Plan-2

'Thoughts' "Speaking"

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[Current Story Timeline]

Kaze swiftly weaved her way through the crowded streets. Islanders were buzzing with news about 'Great Mistress,' which Kaze decided to investigate later. Her first mission was to find the first piece to Nami's, in truth, smart plan. The demoness soon bumped into a familiar moss haired man.

"Oi, watch where you're going!" Zoro yelled, his spilled drink now staining his shirt.

'Perfect.' Kaze thought, a slight smirk on her face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she apologized, pretending to just notice the stain in the center of his shirt. "I was just about to make my way to a pub. Would you like to join me?" she offered.

"Tch, whatever as long as I can get some more saké." He dismissed.

The pair made their way through the crowded streets. Only for Kaze to find Zoro going the opposite way. The demoness mentally sighed. In her short time with the Straw Hats she knew about her nakama's terrible sense of direction. "Wrong way Zoro." she corrected, as he mutter curses.

Kaze and Zoro made their way through the entrance. The yells of drunkards for more drinks could be heard throughout the establishment. The latter finally reached the bar. The green haired man ordered a simple bottle of saké, only to find out that he ran out of money. His companion handed him half of her allowance for the day, "I didn't need anything today" she urged, hoping that he would take it. He gave a curt nod in thanks. She looked over to bartender.

"I would like the finest bottle of wine you have." she requested.

He smiled. "Sure, that will be six-hundred Beli." Knowing that she didn't have that much money on her, she tried to bargain with him.

"How about three-hundred."

The barman was in no mood to bargain, and decided to make a deal with Kaze. "If you can beat me in a drinking contest, I'll take the three-hundred." Kaze thought over the offer, and decided to accept the challenge.

Twenty shots later with Kaze seeming to have no drunken affect the bartender decided to just give her the bottle of wine, forgetting about the entire deal from his drunken haze. Kaze still decided to leave him the money, and gave him instructions to leave it for the rest of the Strawhats. The demoness bid her swordsman nakama a goodbye.


After meeting with the hotelier Robin and Nami decided to go shopping. Nami insisted on going to a bar despite the weather. "When was the last time we had a good drink without any idiots around?" Robin thought back to when Kaze first joined the crew, and her talk with Zoro.

"I don't feel like this is the right weather for drinks," Robin said, trying to take her mind off the swordsman. She finally decided that a glass of wine would take her mind off her feeling for a while.

Eventually the latter made to the bar which Kaze previously occupied. They passed the entrance, and came across the loud yell from the familiar voice of their captain.

"Meat!" he yelled, not caring about the dirty looks the other patrons gave him for disturbing them.

"Luffy," Nami called, "could you help me with my bags" she said eyeing the 'heavy' load.

"But the meat…" he said with teary eyes.

She sighed, "They serve meat at the hotel" she said. An excited 'yes' was all he gave in response. "Oh, before I leave here are your room keys." she said handing two gold keys to Zoro and Robin.

With that, Luffy and Nami left the bar. The two sat in comfortable silence, enjoying each other's peace. Wanting to make small talk with the historian, the swordsman decided to

"I thought you didn't like drinking during the day?"

"I am not drinking." She smirked as he started spluttering.

"Wha-whatever, you know what I meant." As if to save him the, now sober, bartender asked if she would like a glass of wine, in which she gladly accepted.


Time passed and the yells from others dimmed.

"You wanna get out of here?" The swordsman asked, his sentence slightly slurred. He never let himself drink to this much of an extent. There could always be dangers around him, around his nakama, but does that make the woman right next to him?

She had always been different. Her perceptive mind was always a mystery when it was concealed under her old façade; her calm aura told him different from her hard life. He could, and frankly would never stop protecting her even if she was an enemy. He tried to tell himself she was dangerous. Even though she had proven her trust in Water Seven. She managed to sneak her way into the gray area of his life, and stay there.

He knew her more to just be a simple infatuation, no he had known her too long for that. It was something more deep rooted than a meager feeling of lust. He has had his days of stress before he joined the Straw Hats. The strain of training, and not being able to complete his promise to Kuina all weighted. He had to release his physical tension in more ways than one, and he soon found brothels. It didn't become a perverted hobby, he simply summed it to another distant way of pleasure. A switch of some sort flipped in his mind giving him an answer to the confused emotions which flooded his mind since meeting the historian.

Zoro finally lifted his head from thought to look at the archaeologist in similar deep thought.

How many wine glasses? She didn't know. Their small chit-chat was all a blur in her mind. She had never really had a hangover before. Her mouth seemed to move by itself, and she found herself saying 'yes' to her companion's question.

The pair exited the bar and was greeted by a full moon hanging over head. Robin tightened her scarf. A light snow storm was about to hit, she could feel it. She turned to see Zoro heading the opposite direction of the hotel. She was the one who agreed to leave, so she couldn't correct him even if he was going to get them lost.

They walked for what seemed half an hour, and finally came to a clearing. "We're here." He said, turning to her.

Robin turned to see Zoro with a distant look on his face, but paid no mind.

The clearing was beautiful. Small snowflakes danced around them. The dense area creating a breathtaking image. She was always one for the winter season, but not without her coffee and a nice novel.

Robin turned to her companion again, and not noticed his close proximity. She could see his warm breath collide with cold and create a small stream of air.

"You're perfect" he murmured, leaning closer.

She couldn't respond before her lips were captured in hot kiss. Maybe it was the drunken haze that let both of them exploit each other's stupor.

He was about to pull away before her felt her slender arms snake around his neck. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, and soon they fought a heated battle for dominance. The swordsman pulled away for the well needed air. To his satisfaction he saw the flushed face Robin.

He captured her lips again with more vigor. He felt her hands travel down his well-toned biceps. She moaned in his mouth when he felt his hands travel her breasts.

She stopped him.

"Somewhere more private." She huskily whispered.

Zoro quickly rushed to the hotel, his directional issues forgotten. Soon they found Zoro's room, and trapped themselves in a night full of pleasure.


Kaze saw her two friends slip into a room, all the while making out. She gave a content sigh. It was pleasing to see Nami's plan had succeeded, though she didn't want to have any part in it at first.

The demoness made her way to her room's bathroom. She quickly peeled off her clothing, and tied her hair in a bun, leaving her scar visible. The concealment ring was still on her finger. That was too much of a risk to take off. She left her sword on her bed. Her toe dipped in to the water to test it, she found the temperature perfect for the chilling weather, and slipped into the tub.

Kaze closed her eye and let her mind drift, even if it wandered to a certain blonde.

I know you like Sanji.

She scoffed to herself, there was no way she could ever like the perverted cook. Even if he did have his glory moments past his flaw. Sanji claimed to love all women, but could he love a demoness?

The bathroom door flew open with a naked Sanji standing in the door-frame. His face darkened when he noticed the woman currently bathing.



She quickly dunked under the water with her head still above the surface. "How did you get in here Sanji?" The cook was frozen in place, still too shocked to say anything, let alone answer her. A stream of blood escaped him as different scenarios raced through his mind.

'"Kaze-Chwan can I wash your back?"'

'"Of course Sanji-Kun."' She slowly slipped off her towel, exposing her naked form to him….

Sanji's body hit the marble floor, as his fantasy continued. "Kaze-Chwan~" With that, he fell unconscious. A sigh passed Kaze's lips as she knew that it would be her responsibility to put the cook to bed. She wrapped a robe around her body, then she carried the blonde to bed. Kaze blushed when she realized that Sanji was naked, and the robe that was covering fell off while he was being dragged. Luckily the cook set clothes out for himself beforehand. She quickly dressed him, ignoring the thoughts that raced through her mind, and repeatedly reminded herself that she held no affection for the cook.

"I know you like Sanji."

Nami's words rung in her ears giving her a headache. She plopped the cook onto the mattress, then sorted herself.

Somehow during the night, Sanji's arms enveloped Kaze in a protective embrace.



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