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While the Strawhats were resting in their inn, a lone silhouette sat on her thrown waiting for her servants to cater to her every need. This woman was Kaguya or, as the citizens knew her, The Mistress. Laughter gleamed in her teal hues as her body shook with mirth with the thought of their ignorance. Her servants sent her odd looks at her sudden outburst. Seeing that she had caused a distraction, an order for water was sent to the closest servant.

"Kenji," she called, "bring me a glass of water." The man rushed to finish his order as his long raven hair whipped behind him with every stride. Her eyes landed on another man before she could speak he had already answered her.

"All of the town is thriving. The winter season has rolled in, but trade is still in order. On another note," his tone became hushed as he finished, "the Strawhats are currently residing in a hotel for the rest of the week."

A smirk graced her lips at the thought of what she felt earlier was no coincidence.

Her daughter was home.


Robin drowsily opened her eyes to see her room in an utter mess. Clothes littered the floor, the hotel's decorative painting was slanted to a side, and bottles of saké were splayed on top of a dresser. Just what in the hell happened last night? The rush of question gave her a prompt head-ache.

A faint snore from behind her snapped her out of thought. Slowly turning her head, her eyes landed on Zoro peacefully sleeping. He shifted in his sleep, the action causing him to holder her closer. A blush spread across her face at the realization that they were not clothed. She tried to shift out of his hold, and only succeeded in making it tighter. Knowing that she couldn't afford to relax into the swordsman's hold she pressed her elbow to his gut, waking him.

"Huh...what the hell? Where am I?"

Robin inwardly panicked at the sound of his rough voice. She observed as the memories of the previous night flooded to his mind. The internal shock caused his body to become rigid. The historian took his moment of shock to wiggle out of his hold. Modestly, she used the outer layer of the sheets to cover her body.

"Did we…?"

She chewed at her cheek from the question, but answered. "Yes." Zoro's face became blank in response.

Though she was puzzled where her feelings for the swordsman resided, and where it ended she knew they couldn't have a relationship within a pirate crew. Deducing that her nakama couldn't make a decision on the situation, she decided for them. It would be treated as a one-time drunken mishap, for the sake of the crew.

As if reading her thoughts Zoro reached for the historian. His naked front pressed against her covered back. She relaxed to his touch, almost leaning onto him. He respectfully let his hands rest on her shoulders, not wanting to take it any further unless she was adamant on her decision.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The swordsman's steel tainted breath wafted against her ear, causing an involuntary shiver to race down her spine.

"The crew, we can't do this." She whispered, as if it were an apology.

He took a moment to consider her argument, he concluded it absurd. He would always protect his nakama, no matter what. "I'll never stop protecting them, and I'll always protect you."

His words pounded in her head reminding herself that she had a headache. When she realized that he was touching her, and his hands had strictly stayed on her shoulders, the mental blockades she set for her feelings crumbled. She turned to look at the swordsman, hoping she could convey her feelings to him.

Having the historian finally accept her feelings for him the swordsman's hands left her shoulders, and caressed the small of her back. Peeling the sheet off her body allowing them to meet skin-to-skin. Soon, his mouth joined in the ministrations. Licking at the curve of her neck, and finishing with nibbling at her ear.

With each touch and dip of his hands set her skin ablaze. Turning to him, she observed his lust driven gaze. Not waiting for her to say anything the swordsman pressed his lips to hers. The action caused both of them to be locked in a heated battle. The sudden delve into the passionate foreplay turned her mind into mush, only registering the rush of desire. The kiss would have lasted longer if not for the need of air. They stared at each-other, silently communicating. She would have been embarrassed for how much she needed him if not for his unhidden need for her.

The toppled onto the bed with the swordsman over her. His calloused fingers found her hardened nipples enticing more of her moans. His hungry lips sought the unattended breast, and lapped at it. She bucked her hips in hopes that he would taste more of her. He chuckled, the vibrations sending shivers down her spine. Her hands shot into his hair as she felt his other hand tease her clit. She whimpered as he stopped to register her face.


While towered over her his usable eye took-in her features. He felt his already hard member become impossibly harder. "Say it again."


Without any warning he slipped past her folds, and his mouth busied itself with her nipples as another moan emitted from her. She grinded against his hand as he added another finger. A low moan escaped her once his fingers found a change in texture. Soon her lust driven mind turned her into moaning puddle once she came undone under the swordsman. She silently pleaded to herself not to beg, but the words already passed her lips.

"Please Zoro…"

The swordsman lifted his head from her chest. "'Please' what Robin?"

"Take me."

Zoro made his way back to her mouth, hotly sucking on her bottom lip. The tip of his member was aligned with her womanhood. His pushed passed her slick folds in a fluid thrust. Her walls tightened around the intrusion. Once a rhythmic pace was set, Robin was almost screeching his name. She sought out his lips to ride out another orgasm. They climaxed falling onto each other, a foolish grin painting their lips.

As not to crush her under his weight Zoro rolled onto his back to hold Robin. The moment seemed to be golden for them. Robin laid her head on his chest, drawing lazy swirls on his chest. The new lovers seemed to drift off to sleep both tired from their previous affairs.


The sun's rays shown through the wide window of Kaze and Sanji's room. Being the first to wake up, Sanji was greeted by the sight to the demoness cuddled intimately against him. A mad blush spread across his face at the sight. The swordswoman's serene face almost gave the poor cook a nosebleed. His body went stiff as he observed her full lips, he desperately wanted to kiss them. His reflex to bleed was suppressed when she started to stir. His breathe caught in his throat.

Her violet hues adjusted to the sun's harsh rays. Warmth flowed through her, and she leaned onto it. Images of the previous night flooded to her mind. Soon the realization of what happened hit her like a sea train. Kaze quickly turned to come face-to-face with a nosebleed suppressing, very red Sanji.

"Sanji, could you let go of me, please." The cook had failed to realize that he was also holding her.

"O-of course Kaze-Chwan."

Putting aside her embarrassment, Kaze removed herself from the cook's warmth to make her way to the shower. "I'll be taking a shower."

"I can wash your back for you, my sweet!" Unfortunately for the cook, Kaze had already shut the door making sure to lock it.


All of the Strawhats met in the hotel's lobby, some getting down later than others. The hotelier, known as Harry, presented the crew an invitation from the island's Mistress.

Assuming that the captain was the most serious, he handed the card to Luffy. "Here you are Strawhat. This is a great privilege for you all." Nami quickly snatched the letter from Harry before the playful captain could get to it.

Dear Strawhats,

I am the ruler of this island, Madam Kaguya. I would like to invite you to my fortress. I will be having a banquet for you.

As you might have figured out this island is out of the Navy's influence. So please walk, and shop freely. I will have my servant, Kenji escort you to my residence.


Madam Kaguya~

All of the crew sent a knowing glance to the captain, whom was already out of the door at the mention of a banquet. Everyone started to make their way towards the door. While watching the angry navigator chase after her boyfriend.

"Yosh! Food~"

"Get back here Luffy!"

"We all have to be on guard. You never know this could be a trap." The swordsman's words echoed to the crew, before Usopp interjected.

"Why can't you just have some faith that this could be a nice ruler that has no ill intentions, and just wants some pirates to come to her fortress?" The sniper's words fell on deaf ears as the rest of the crew continued on.

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