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Lost Love [J.JK]


"You want me to sleep with you huh?" "No... Live with me." ... Despite a beautiful life... Why has he changed? Gained love after a struggle, but unimaginably lost it sooner. Grief Trauma Regret Guilt Were they destined to meet again? ~~~~ ⚠ ️Warning ⚠️ Mature content (21+) For mature audience only Contains ° SMUT °Kink °Strong Language °Violence Warning has been given! ~~~~

Thriller / Romance
Shina BTS
Age Rating:


A whole new world and new people, but none are strangers?

Never did you know that you had a dark untold past.

Never did you know that you'll be a ray of light in someone's life.

Never did you know that you can see someone's life like it's yours.

Admist all of this, you become the spell that can pour life into a withering soul.




together begin to play their role in your life.

You submit yourself to the love of your life.

Little did you know about the grim reaper lurking behind.


"Who is she? "

"My life"

"Where is she? "

"...... No more"

Life doesn't gift a second chance to everyone.

But you become his second chance.


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