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Kimberly Ann Hart never thought that letting her love ones go could hurt her and them but when her former lover comes back, she is face with a lot of decisions and is wishing to go back in time.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

After Tommy finish college, he arrived at the airport. He stood there, waiting for his friend. As he waited, he looked at his watch. "Man, where is she?" asked Tommy, as he looked around. A girl was standing in the corner. "Oh, there she is."

The girl had blonde hair with an Australian accent. "Oh, Tommy," said the girl.

"Katherine," said Tommy. He walked up to her. It's been a while since they have spoke, especially after their break up.

"It's been a while," said Katherine. She was excited to meet him again. It was like her old teenage days. Katherine, like the rest of the rangers, was 22 years old. She wanted to know if he had spoken with Kimberly. "Have you heard from Kimberly?"

"No, I haven't" Tommy sounded a bit off.

"Have you try calling her?" asked Katherine, who was wondering what has happened to his voice.

How could Tommy not think of that idea? He's probably into the communicator, they wore when it was their ranger days. "Okay," he said as he pulled out his cell phone.

He had dialed Kimberly's phone. 106-2141. Kimberly's phone's beep while she was sleeping. She sleepily get her phone by her lantern. "Hello," said Kimberly as she thrown a little groan.

"Hey, it's Tommy, um... Kimberly, are you awake?"

Kimberly began to sit on her bed. "Yeah, I'm awake. What do you want?"

"Um, can you come and see me,"

"I can't"

"Why can't you?"

"I have to go see an old friend and tomorrow, I'm booked with a lot of things."

"Oh, well, then, see you later," Tommy said.

Kimberly shuts her phone off and put it back by the lantern. "Who was that?"

"Oh, you're awake," said Kimberly, "That was Tommy."

"Have you told him, yet?"

"No," Kimberly said as she shook her head.


"Soon," said Kimberly, getting irritated. "But not now, Jase." Jason and Kimberly had been spending a lot of time together since he came to Florida. A lot of things have changed. They were okay with the phrase 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend'. "I'm heading to the shower." She got up and grabbed a towel and some clothes.

When she came back, she walked out with a pink dress. Not too short. Not too long. Jason's jaw dropped. "So, how do I look?"

Jason was trying to say things. "You look... wow... you look amazing," said Jason.

"Now you go," said Kimberly.

"Me?" Jason pointed to himself.

"Yes, you because you stink," Kimberly teased. "Hurry up. Don't want to be late for the airport."

"I know," said Jason. He walked into the bathroom with some clothes and a towel. After a while, he was done with the bathroom.

Katherine asked, "So, what did Kimberly say?"

"She can't, she has work to do," said Tommy, looking down as he put his phone away.

"Well, maybe some other time," said Katherine, as she rubbed his back.

"Yeah, maybe," said Tommy, looking up at her.

Jason got of the bathroom. Kimberly sat on the bed with her hands holding her. "Finally, what took you so long enough."

"You ready," said Jason.

"Yep," said Kimberly.

As they both arrived at the airport, they both saw two old friends. "Aisha, what are you doing here?!" asked Kimberly.

"Just to see an old friend," said Aisha.

As they were waiting, they saw Adam. Adam smiled and he came to the others. "Hey Adam," said Kimberly.

"Hey," he said back as he gave Kimberly a hug and Jason a knuckle-punch.

"Hey, you forgot me," said Aisha. He kissed Aisha on the cheek. Kim's jaw dropped.

"Um... Aisha, can I see you for a minute?" asked Kimberly. She pulled Aisha to a private spot. "Um, you and Adam. You want to tell me something."

"Okay, fine," Aisha started. "Over the four years, he came to Africa to an Architecture and I said that he could stay at my place and things... happened."

Jason asked, "So, what's up with you and Aisha. I thought you were going out with Tanya."

"There's nothing between me and Aisha," started Adam. "And I haven't ask Tanya out, yet. So me and Aisha aren't girlfriend and boyfriend but friends."

Aisha was explaining how she and Adam became boyfriend and girlfriend. "And that's how we came to be as boyfriend and girlfriend." She began to change the subject. "So, how about you and Jason?"

"What?" Kimberly said in a weird high tone.

"Don't give me that 'what' face," said Aisha, getting comfortable. "Come on. I can tell the way he smile at you and how you look at him. So, spill."

"Well," said Kimberly. She talked about how she wrote the 'Dear John Letter' to Tommy and how she express her feelings to Jason after he came back from Angel Grove as an ex-Zeo Gold Ranger.

"Whoa!" said Aisha in shock. "And you didn't tell Tommy that Jason was the boy."

"Nope," Kimberly shook her head.

"So when?" asked Aisha, leaving information.

"When? what?" asked Kimberly, not sure of what she meant.

"So, when are you going to tell him?" asked Aisha, putting her arms cross.

"I don't know," said Kimberly.

Aisha spoke. "Well, you got to tell him someday."

Kimberly blinked twice before she answered back. "I know." After they were done talking, they head back to Jason and Kimberly.

"Finally, you guys are back," said Jason. "Adam was getting boring." Adam punched him on the arm. "Kidding. Kidding."

"Oh, we should get going if we want to live in that flower shop house," said Aisha.

"Wait," said Kimberly. "You guys are living... together."

"Oh, yeah," said Aisha, "I'm also a manager at the flower shop and there's an upstair and like about two floors. Three if you count the flower shop. See ya." She waved at them. Jason and Kim waved back.

Adam and Aisha went out of the airport. Kimberly and Jason are still waiting for their friend. "Well, it might take long. He's gonna come at 10 o'clock and it's 9:31." Kim nodded. They took a seat and waited.

In the plane, Rocky was sleeping. He dreamt that he and Aisha were on picnic date in a carnival. They were eating, having fun, and were doing goofy things. "Hey, Rocky, want to ride the carnival?"

"Yeah, sure," said Rocky, standing up and put his elbow in the air for her to tuck her hand in.

Aisha stood up with him. "Oh, Mr. DeSantos."

Rocky opened his eyes to find a flight attendent calling his name. He screamed in fear thinking the woman is crazy. "Um, Mr. DeSantos."

"Yeah," said Rocky, getting calm and sitting straight.

"Your ride will be ending in five minutes," said the woman. Rocky nodded as he was thinking of his dreams lately. He kept dreaming and asking himself why he kept dreaming of Aisha lately.

Katherine was tired of standing and ask to go take a seat. Tommy followed her. Right behind was two people in there twenties. Katherine looked back to see the girl putting her head on the boy's shoulder. 'Kimberly?' Kat thought. 'Not possible. It couldn't be Jason' she thought again. Kat thought walking up to them and to see if it was really them. Before she could, Tommy spotted Tanya, the zeo and turbo yellow ranger. They both walked up to her. "Hey, Tanya," Kat greeted.

"Hey," said Tanya, "I guess they left. Oh, well, they must've been in a hurry."

"Well, Aisha told us to take you if you want," said Tommy.

"I guess," said Tanya, unsure. They went out and Tommy was driving while Katherine and were in the back.

In the meantime, Jason and Kimberly are still waiting for him. Zack arrived and walked up to them. "Guess, who's back?"

"Hey, where have you been?" said Jason, giving him a high-five.

"The Peace Conference," said Zack, "After we were done, well, I was visiting my cousin, you know Curtis, and we both hang. So what are you guys waiting for?"

"It's a who," corrected Kimberly.

"Yeah, we are still waiting for that special friend you and Trini had never met," said Jason.

Kimberly spotted Trini coming toward Zack. "Look, guys, Trini!"

"Zack, I told you to wait for me," said Trini.

"Sorry, I was so excited to see Jason and Kimberly," said Zack.

Jason and Kimberly stood up. Trini was so surprise to see the both of them. She quickly hugged Kimberly and was crying as so was Kimberly. "What are you doing here?" Trini asked still hugging Kimberly.

"Just waiting for somebody," said Kimberly. Trini let go of Kimberly and was wiping her tears as so was Kimberly. "Are you alright?'

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be," said Trini.

"Well, you guys are joining us even if you guys don't want to," said Jason.

"Jason!" Trini said excitedly, hugging him tightly and then let go. Trini nodded.

As they all sit and wait for their friend, Jason looked at his watch. It's 9:58. "Jason, how long?"

"About two more minutes," said Jason.

After the plane landed, Rocky got up and carried his bag. He walked out of the airplane. Jason was getting impatient as it was 10:04. Rocky arrived at the airport. He was wondering where his driver is. As he kept looking, someone tap on his shoulder. "Sorry, dude, but this has to wait." The guys tapped him, again and annoyed Rocky. "Look, du--" said Rocky, turning around. "Jason?!"

"What took you long enough?" asked Jason.

"Sorry, but the plane had to go at a different direction," said Rocky.

"Come on, " said Jason, motioning his head to where the others are.

Zack stood up. "Hey, who's he?" he asked.

"This guy's name is Rocky," began Jason. "He was the one that replace me."

"Who are all of you?" asked Rocky.

"Rocky, quit joking, come here," said Kimberly. She hugs Rocky.

Jason, being jealous, said, "Okay, that's enought. Come on let's get on the road, guys."

When they reached out side of the airport, the gang got into the car and Jason started the engine. Rocky was in the shotgun seat while Kimberly, Trini, and Zack sit on the back. They were on there way to an apartment.

"So, um, Rocky, how'd you know Jason?" asked Zack, buckling his seatbelt.

"Jason was a power ranger, again," said Rocky, "I used to get jealous of him."

As they began to get use to one another, they arrived at the hotel. Rocky and Jason shared one room as Trini and Kimberly shared one as well. Zack got his place to himself. "So, what's up with you and Kim?" asked Rocky, grabbing a chair to listen to his story.

Jason didn't want to admit anything, yet so he just acted as if he didn't know anything, and said, "How did-How did you? There's nothing going on."

Rocky wasn't buying it. "Come on, it's so obvious that you and Kim are dating. At the airport, when I was hugging her, you go jealous."

"What made you suspect?" asked Jason.

"'Cuz I just know," said Rocky.

In Kimberly and Trini's dorm, Kimberly was talking about everything that have happened after Trini, Zack, and Jason went to the Peace Conference to Trini. "And that's the story."

"And he doesn't even know," said Trini. Kimberly nodded. Jason told them they would have dinner at their dorm so Kimberly and Trini got ready. When they arrived, Rocky and Jason was making dinner. "Hey, I'm going to see if they need any help."

Kimberly sat down next by Zack, who arrived before them. "Hey, this would be like old times if Billy is here," said Zack.

Trini came and sit next by Zack. "Okay, so they didn't need me. Great. Oh, yeah, by the way, where's Billy? I called him at the airport and he didn't answer his phone." Kimberly and Zack were giving her a weird looke. "What? Why are you guys looking at me like that? Did he changed his number or what?"

"No, Billy--," Zack paused. He knew if he continue, Trini would get upset.

"Billy, what?" asked Trini, who folded her arms.

"He went to Aquitar," said Kimberly.

"Aquitar? Where the alien rangers live?" asked Trini. They both nodded. "I think I need to go." Trini grabbed her coat and was about to open the door until Billy opened it. Billy was turned old and then he returned to his normal age in Aquitar. When he came back to Earth, it wore off.

"Hey, Trini," said Billy, "I got your invite. Can I talked to you for a bit?"

"Yeah sure," said Trini. She went out of the dorm and follow Billy down in the hallway. "What do you want?"

"There's something..." he paused as his voice was shaking. "I need to tell you."

Trini rubbed the back of her hair and said, "Billy, I know. You went to Aquitar. Why do you look more elder than before?"

"Look, Trini," Billy begin, "I went to Aquitar because of this aging problem I had when Master Vile turned back time. The Aquitian healed me with there water. I live there because..." He gulped before speaking again. "I fell in love with Cestra."

Trini was feeling upset, more than ever now. She wanted to slap him. "I'll be fine. I always will. I fine." Billy watched her as she walked to her dorm.

Back at Jason and Rocky's dorm, Zack's phone beeps. "Oh, it's mine," he took out his cell and begin to talk to the person. "Hi." Kimberly waited for the food to be ready. Jason arrived with noodle in a big bowl and Rocky put the pot full of spaghetti sauce down on the table. Zack shut his phone off and walked to the others. "Um, guys, I got to go."

"Okay, see you Zack," said Kimberly.

"Let's dig in," said Rocky, grabbing his fork and putting pasta on his plate.

"Rocky?" Kimberly joked.

Jason came in with water. "Where's Trini and Zack?"

"Oh, they left," said Kimberly.

"Well, I'm hungry," said Rocky. Jason and Kimberly laughed as he eats it. "What?"

"Nothing," said Kimberly. Jason nodded.

After dinner, they were beginning to get real tired after they played board games and Kimberly kept winning. Kim was too tired to go back to her dorm so she slept on Jason's bed while he slept on the floor. Jason got out some blankets and before he cleared the floor, he looked at Kimberly sleeping, He gently touched her face and came closer to her. He whispered, "I love you." Kim smiled of the thought she was having in her dream. Rocky came out of the bathroom wearing pajamas.

"Hey, what are you doing?" asked Rocky.

"N-Nothing, of course," said Jason. "Go to bed, Hungry Boy." Rocky rolled his eyes and got into bed. He shut off his side of the bed's light. When Jason was done cleaning the floor, he layed out the blankets, turned off the light and fell asleep.

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