No Rest For The Traitor

Basic Training: Guardian Angel

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Memories, memories... they're all I have now. The sad thing is that even the good ones only serve to remind me of all I've lost. Thinking back, the same party three years ago where I was a bartender started all this.

Things have changed a lot though. Chrysalis was disguised this time not to break somepony for information and food but just to fit in and possibly give some adventurous pony a night he'll never forget.

I'm a unicorn again though I'm not sure whether that's a plus or not. Oh the irony that I've never actually been through Royal Guard training and got my position by going berserk and almost killing Valiant Charge.

I would believe in coincidence if I was younger but the bastard is back and I saw the way he looks at Chokey. Is it also a coincidence that I'm back just in time? I still believe I'm not a murderer, that everypony I killed deserved it or... there was no other choice but I feel this time I should strike preemptively and kill Valiant before he does whatever he's planning.

On the other hoof, I should know the value of forgiveness after what I did.

Words can't express how happy I was to see Heavy with another stallion. True, Chrysalis told me he was a changeling but both of them seemed nervous, yet happy enough to be together. I'm also grateful to Celestia for not pressing Guiding's enmity towards Luna and still being a great host to her.

All that... ALL OF THAT, my past friends, my daugher, was overshadowed by Chokey aimlessly wandering through the ballroom and trying to land somepony for the night. It really appears Bright Eye was right and I am the only cure to her sex addiction. From what rumors say she's sleeping around every few days again.

I wish I could help her but I can't even begin trying to get close to her with Sombra still inside me. I can't ask Luna for help with Valiant still being a threat and I've exhausted all other options. Finding Void or Scream is impossible if they're hiding.

And there's the final problem - I'm out of solutions.

I don't know what to do.

On a lighter note, where did Cromach go? I think trying to seduce Chrysalis didn't really agree with his stomach.

[End Entry]

*swish swish*

"Mhmmm," I groan.

*swish swish*

I'm on my back.

*swish swish*

Can't move.

*swish swish*

Chrysalis? I remember meeting her at the party. Did she do something to me? No, something else happened after that.

The shock of recalling the Hunter makes the haze in my head evaporate instantly and I open my eyes.

*swish swish*

I'm in a well-lit room with stairs leading down to it, probably the basement of some building. There are various steel instruments hanging on the walls, some of which I vaguely recognize from my rare visits to the hospital.

*swish swish*

The sound is something I know well enough. Soldiers in the fortress used grindstones most of the time to keep their weapons sharp but when there was none around the best way was to grind two steel blades together.

"Betty?" I whisper to myself, remembering Mistake's advice.

Unsurprisingly, nothing happens. I wasn't expecting much but it was worth a try.

I'm naked. Not that I mind, I usually don't wear clothes but in the company of the pony who tried to get into my head I [i]feel[/i] naked. Speaking of the devil, he's on the other side of the room, sharpening what looks like two knives of strange shapes used for something I'm not familiar with. Not that it matters, even if they're short they're still sharp.

Still can't move.

Now that I'm aware of myself though I can feel it's not because of poison like in the bathroom but because I'm lying on some sort of a table with leather shackles binding my claws and legs to it. The binding straps are tight enough so I can't rip them off or slide my libs out of them but a second of exploration shows me that I can bend my talons far enough to start scratching their surface.

It seems that the guy has experience with capturing ponies but he underestimated a griffon. Now if only I had enough time to claw through the bindings.

"Ah, it looks like my latest guest is awake," says the brown unicorn after finishing whatever he was doing.

I try to rip off the bindings. First, to show him that I'm still completely harmless and second, to actually test whether they give in at least a little after my efforts. They don't which seems to amuse my captor.

"Struggle more, please. I love the taste of sweat so much."

"What?" I croak.

He pushes a button and the table moves, propping my back up to allow me to look him in the face. It's like one of those hospital beds a patient can set himself to be comfortable.

"You see, I take pride in my work. While the contract on your head technically requires only the proof of your death such as a photo and your talons, I like to keep things organized."

He levitates an instrument looking like an ice cream scoop.

"This, for example, is used when dissecting a bird to remove the beak. Yes, yes, I know it looks too small for you but I think I'm skilled enough to make it work."

I resume my scratching the bindings with renewed vigor. He puts the instrument on the tray next to the table and picks up a pair of thongs.

"Barbaric and tiring to use, I must admit, but there's no other way to pluck all your feathers without butchering the skin underneath," he runs his hoof over my belly to the spread wings, "It hurts at first but pegasi often enjoy it in the end with enough," his hoof traces my belly again and slides lower, "persuasion."

I could wonder about how sick this abomination is but I'm barely listening, focusing only on cutting the bindings around my arms. Even if I succeed I'll still have my legs tied to the table but that's a problem for later... when I still have my wings, beak and guts in their right place.

"You might be wondering - will I give you sedatives before I disassemble you?" he smiles, "Of course not. Where would be the fun in that? I want you to feel my every touch and enjoy it thoroughly."

My eyes bulge as he lowers his mouth to my crotch and licks the area playfully.

"I'm not a monster-"

Yes, you bloody fucking are!

"-I know mind can be easily confused to mistake pain with pleasure and I can assure you that once I let your blood leave your body drop by drop, you'll be begging for another cut. At that point I'll be your kind master and owner and open a second wound."

He brings another piece of sterile steel and presents it.

"I just know you'll love this. A little nuzzle here," he lowers his head once again to my privates, "and here and I can easily deduce you've had your fair share of stallions. With just the right amount of blood loss you'll become slightly light-headed and then I'll, what an ugly word, castrate you. The best part - at that point you'll be enjoying it more than me."

I stop cutting the bounds. In fact, I freeze completely as a shiny scalpel traces the two bulges he seems to be so interested in.

He suddenly looks at my chest and grins. Levitating the scalpel on the tray with the other instruments, he digs both his front legs into my chest and starts kneading the muscles.

"Mmmm. Such a well-trained mare you'll be when I'm done with you. I just know you'll be moaning my name as I pound you away into oblivion."

I see my opportunity.

"And that name is?" I hiss.


The bonds feel like they might snap any second but I need to keep him talking, to buy time.

"How can I please you, master?" I pretend to sniffle.

He crawls up on the table, presses his body against mine tightly and licks my face. Gotta admit, I'm sweating like a marathon runner.

In this position he can't see me assault the bonds by struggling wildly and I make it seem like I just want to feel him closer to me.

The bonds around my claws finally snap.

He might be a Hunter and thus pretty well-trained but I'm a griffon, bigger and naturally stronger than a unicorn even without me being forced every day to do pushups until I almost pass out by Rising Thunder.

I bury the talons of one hand into his back, pull him away and then impale his chest with my other one. Flinging him away, I begin to undo the bindings around my legs when an invisible force slams me back on the table. Through the weight of a mountain crushing me I manage to look at the heavily bleeding unicorn whose horn is burning with power.

"I wanted both of us to enjoy this but I guess I'll just have to settle for the money," he growls.

His telekinesis is insane. I feel like my bones will snap just with him holding me and his every step makes the pressure on my ribs get stronger. My muscles are just good enough so he doesn't pop me like a balloon but the creaking of my ribcage is the only thing I can focus on.

Even with him pulverizing me, the pressure doesn't relent when he levitates a long stiletto and aims it at my chest. Muscles or not, that thin knife will pierce my heart without bones getting in the way.

Even breathing becomes impossible under the pressure.

"Betty! Betty! BETTY!" I groan, eyes closed.

The stiletto moves. I taste copper.

"Call me that one more time and you're next," says a voice I've never heard before.

Blood starts flowing through my bruised body again and I realize the pressure disappeared. Coughing and squirming as needles feel to be stabbed into every pore of my body, I look around.

I blink, understanding nothing.

The unicorn is dead, very very dead. He's sort of here... and there... aaand over there as well. Leaning forwards, I reach for the bindings around my legs but stop when I feel the point of a sword pressed against my neck.

"Oooookaaaay? What's going on?" I say slowly, freezing at the touch.

"I could ask the same thing. How do you know about me?" says a disembodied voice seemingly coming from the levitating sword at my neck.

"My probably friend told me to steal a necklace from commander Darkness and then call for Be-"

"I will wipe you from existence!"

"-for you if I got into a really bad situation."

"Hmmmm," the sword changes into a dagger and cuts the bindings around my legs, "I would like to have a word with your... friend."

When I drop down from the table and stomp a bit of life back into my crushed limbs Betty turns back into a necklace around my neck.

"Talking sword?" I say into the air.


I suppose there's not much to do around here. Being found in a basement full of torture instruments with a unicorn body cut to pieces doesn't seem like a good idea so I carefully creep out of the house. It's an unremarkable house somewhere in Canterlot. Flying upwards, I find my way around and aim for where my apartment should be.

Mistake... when I see you again I'll bring out the biggest bucket of whipped cream and strawberries I can buy, spread myself on the bed and draw an arrow made of scented candles aiming at me. I'm not sure whether you're into male griffons but I'm sure as hell going to give you an evening you'll remember.

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