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Klance Stories


A klance hanahaki au, Lost in space

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Finding Flowers

AN: So I have been writing Klance stories for a while and since I started the solangelo one-shots I figured why not post my Klance stories even if some of them aren’t that good. So here is a hanahaki au. I will try to update either daily or weekly.

Story 1: Flower Child


It was a beautiful day. Allura had picked up a signal of a planet named Fotiasiti. There had been a Galra ship that crashed there and they didn’t know what to do. Voltron headed down to the planet to investigate the ship.

Lance landed in a flower field near where the Galra ship had landed. The flowers looked similar to ones on earth but they smelled really spicy. The Galra ship was at the other end of the flower field and over a hill. He followed the group over to the ship. After scanning the ship for lifeforms, Pidge went inside the ship as she was the only one who could fit inside with the way it landed. Hunk and Shiro guarded the ship and that left Lance and Keith to do whatever they wanted while they were waiting.

“Why don’t you pick those flowers and see if they are edible?” Hunk suggested.

“Race you,” Lance shouted. Keith shook his head but ran after Lance anyways. Lance tripped over his foot and rolled down the hill. Luckily there were only a few rocks to hit on the way down.

“Ow,” Lance said rubbing his head.

“That’s why you don’t make everything a challenge,” Keith said in between laughs.

Lance stuck his tongue out at Keith and stood up. He got to work picking the flowers for Hunk. Lance ended up taking off his helmet and putting the flowers in it to hold more. Lance got bored and started making a flower crown out of them.

“How do you know how to make a flower crown?” Keith asked.

“My sisters taught me,” Lance answered. “You should try it sometime.”

“I haven’t even worn a flower crown before. How would I know how to make one?”

“I could teach you. Here.” Lance placed the finished crown on Keith’s head. “Now you’re a prince.” Lance saw Keith blushing and couldn’t help but smile at how cute Keith was being. Wait cute? There was no way he thought Keith of all people was cute. They were rivals after all. Though it had gotten to be more of a friendly rivalry over the time they’ve been in space. OK maybe Lance could admit that Keith looked cute in a flower crown, but anyone looks cute in a flower crown.

“Come on ga-guys,” Pidge called over the hill. Lance picked up his helmet full of flowers and climbed into Blue.

Back at the castle, Lance was on his way to the kitchen when he ran into Keith. “Hey Lance, can you give this to Hunk?” Keith handed Lance the flowers he had picked. “Thanks, Lance. I have to get to training.” Lance was left to stare after Keith. He noticed that Keith still had the flower crown on.

Lance continued on his way to the kitchen with even more flowers. They were starting to make his eyes water. The flowers had a certain smell to them that he recognized but couldn’t quite place.

Finally, he was in the Kitchen. Lance dropped to flowers on the kitchen table for Hunk. After a few minutes Hunk walked in with a device that looked like if a waffle iron was flower-shaped.

“Hey Lance,” Hunk greeted. “Could you put one of the flowers in here without its stem. Thanks.”

Lance put the flower into the machine and closed the top. The machine started making noise and was slightly shaking. Lance backed away from the kitchen counter in case of an explosion.

“Hunk! Is this normal?” Lance called out to his friend.

“Yeah, Lance. It’s supposed to do that.”

“You didn’t even look at it!”

“Lance, It’s fine. It’s not going to kill you.” The machine stopped. Lance carefully lifted up the top of the machine to see the flower unchanged.

“Hunk, it didn’t work.”

Hunk walked over to the machine.

“It worked fine. It shows the data here.” Hunk pulled out a screen from the side of the machine.

“See, it shows that the flower petals are like peppers. They are just slightly hotter than jalapeno peppers.”

“That’s so cool! I love jalapeno peppers.”

“I can make some food with the petals tonight.”

“Thanks, Hunk. You’re the best.”

“No problem Lance. Could you bring this back to Coran? Thanks.” Hunk handed the flower machine to Lance. Lance sighed and began his journey to find Coran.

He finally found him in the ceiling of one of the empty rooms.

“Coran?” Lance called.

Coran popped his head out of the ceiling. “Oh! Hello Lance! What brings you here?”

“What are you doing in the ceiling?”

“I’m fixing some of the pipes that run through here. They have fallen out of place over the years and have caused problems in this area of the castle.”

“I brought you the machine Hunk borrowed from you.”

“Thank you, just leave it on the floor. Also, tell Pidge I won’t need her help with the pipes anymore.”

“Ok, good luck Coran.” And with that, Lance was off to Pidge’s room.

Lance got to Pidge’s room and she was huddled under a pile of blankets.

“Hey Lance,” Pidge said.

“Hey, Coran wants you to know he doesn’t need any more help with the ceiling,” Lance replied.

“Thanks, Lance. Oh! Can you return this to Keith?” Pidge threw a small knife at Lance.

“Why do you? Nevermind.”

“Thanks, Lance!”

Lance walked to the training room. He knew Keith would be in there like he always was. He also knew that Keith had been in there for at least two hours more than he was supposed to today. Shiro had given Keith a time limit after Keith nearly passed out from exhaustion one day, not that Keith listened.

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