FMA: Brotherhood - Bloodworks (FMA:ブラザーフッド - ブラッド作品)


*Mixture of both animes and manga* The military has a new member. And he has a secret reason for joining. But, this new experience will open more options for him than he expected.

Action / Humor
Age Rating:

Episode 1: Ceritified


It hurts! It much!

Dammit! This isn't how it was suppose to be!

It feels numb...they're-they're gone!

A young man jolted awake with a gasp. He frantically looked around before calming down. The train's wheels clanked against the tracks, and the sunlight fleeted in and out of the windows. The sun was rising for the early dawn, and the sky was a mural of blue, yellow, orange, and white. The man saw he was one of the only conscious passengers of the few in the train car. He turned to look out the window in disinterest. The only luggage he possessed was a worn, large suitcase of which he gripped the handle of. I'm almost there. My new life starts in Central City.

The train pulled into the station, and several passengers piled out. The young man walked up to nearby map put up for visitors and made his way to his destination. The city was bustling with life. Citizens and tourists walked through the streets, looking at the stores and sights to see. The youth seemed to be the only one pushing passed the current, which was easy to do as the people seemed to lean away from him. Though given his appearance, it was understandable. Lightning and thunder then cracked, and the full streets were soon deserted. The man looked up at the sky, and the rain made his hair stick to his skin. "I forgot. It was suppose to rain today," he said sullenly. He continued walking as if he didn't care. He most likely didn't. Soon, he came to a massive building with a large green flag draped in front of it with a dragon embroidered into it. The symbol of Amestris. "Let's get this over with." He walked up the fleet of stairs and knocked on the door. It was answered by another man in a standard blue military uniform.

"State your business."

"I'm here to take the final part of my exam," he answered. He pulled out official papers and handed them to the officer. He looked them over and nodded, before letting him in.

"Two officers will escort you to the testing room. Wait here."

A few minutes later, he was taking deeper into the building. He had to leave his luggage outside with another man, and he entered the testing area. He observed his surroundings. It was a large spacey room, and there were men watching from the balconies above him. One had dark hair and dangerous eyes. In the front were some more officers, but the one who stuck out the most was the one with an eyepatch and sword by his side. He had a mustache and four stars adorned each shoulder of his uniform. Authority wavered through the air around him.

"Well, I'm glad you were able to make it on such short notice and in such weather. Shall we begin the test?" asked the eyepatched man.

The youth just stared blankly at him. "Who is he?" he questioned one of the escorting officers. The man stared at him in shock.

"That's Fuhrer King Bradley, you dolt! Show your respects," he harshly whispered. The man remained unfazed by the hostility.

"Don't call me a baka."

The officer was taken aback by the response, not because it was aggressive or that it had a term he didn't understand, but rather it was said so emotionlessly, yet so demanding. His eyes followed the young man as he went to stand before his observers.

"Do you need anything to draw transmutation circles with?"

"No. I will be fine." The man pulled a metal ring with a circle engraved on it out from the pocket of his beige trousers. He then placed it on his right index finger.

The Fuhrer decided to proceed on. He had a bucket of water placed before the youth. "Create a statue of ice."

The young man wasted no time. With a flash of blue light, an elegant hummingbird and flowers appeared. He lazily looked around his work at Bradley. "Is this good enough?"

The man pondered, before saying, "Though you skills are impressive, but what makes you unique and benefice to the military?"

In wordless response, the youth walked in front of his statue and flicked open a hidden blade on the bottom of his ring. The officers minus the dark-haired one and the Fuhrer noticeably stiffened. They were all shocked though when he proceeded to pierce his thumb, allowing blood to run down his wrist and palm. "If you wanted unique, here it is," the young man dryly proclaimed. Balling the droplets on his palm into his fist, the standard blue lightning flashed, and the man revealed a nicely sharpened red needle in his hand. The room was silent. In one swift motion, he looked up from his creation and threw it at Bradley's visible eye. The guards around him panicked, but there was nothing to worry about. The needle was effortlessly swatted away by the Fuhrer with his sword. When did he draw that? thought the youth. He didn't bother to look at the officers aiming their guns at him. "You know, leaving yourself open like that would be an assassin's perfect opportunity to kill you," he bluntly said, "Next time, you might want to play it safe."

Surprisingly, the man began to laugh heartily and signaled for the others to lower their guns. "I like you kid. You obviously have guts. This all reminds me of a certain examination three years ago. Not only that," his one eye met with the other's, "but I saw for a second a fire I thought you didn't have ignite in those eyes of yours."

"Excuse me for interrupting , sir, but shouldn't we bandage his wound?" one officer asked. The whole time, the youth's blood had formed a small puddle by his side on the floor. "I can take care of it myself." The man removed another ring from his pocket that had a different transmutation design on it. He griped his wounded thumb and in an instant, the only evidence of the injury was the drying blood. "I studied some medical alchemy in order to use this technique properly. Though I can only on completely heal minor wounds like cuts," he explained. The Fuhrer simply nodded, thus ending the exam.

He was now sitting on a chair in the front office of the headquarters. A few hours had passed since the test. The young man sat waiting, tugging at the sleeves of his plain white dress shirt. Streams of red were still stained in the fabric. His eyes gave off a calm, but sullen vibe.

"Excuse me, sir," a young officer stated, approaching him. He handed the youth a document. "Congratulations, you've officially become a dog of the military."

The new member took the paper and read it over:

This official document certifies that the nation of Amestris, prefecture of the Generalissimo appoints the name Bloodworks to Andrew Siebensins in the name of Fuhrer King Bradley.

The State Alchemist shall follow all orders and policies of the military:

A research assesment examination shall be held once every year. In the case that the State Alchemist does not show signs of progress in his research as a result of the examination, he shall be discharged from the services of State Alchemist.

The State Alchemist is entitled to the use of ample research funds, unrestricted access to classified documentation, access to various governmental facilities, and a military rank equal to that of "major".

- King Bradley

"The Bloodworks Alchemist," the now State Alchemist tested the words on his tongue. "I like it," he blankly said.

"Come with me. I'll get you your uniform. Your work will start tomorrow under Colonel Mustang.

The next day, Andrew walked down the halls of Central Commands HQ towards Mustang's office. I wonder what my new comrades will be like? When he came to the double doors, he lingered outside for a bit, since he didn't hear any voice. When he believed he had stayed outside for enough to time,he knocked on the door.

"Come in," a male voice called. He obliged and walked in.

There were six people, excluding himself, in the room. Five were men, while one was a woman. The man he assumed was Colonel Mustang sat at the desk farthest from the door and was the same dark-haired man Andrew had seen at his exam.

"Ah, good you're here, Major Siebensins. " Mustang said as he stood up and strolled to the newest military dog.

"So, you are Colonel Mustang?" questioned Andrew.

"Yes, I am the Flame Alchemist. You probably heard of me before," the colonel proclaimed proudly, while he confidently stroked his chin.

Almost everyone knew his name. He was considered a war hero back in the days of the Ishval War, and was known for rising through the military ranks at an impressive rate. Most men envied or admired him and many women swooned over him. So, naturally the new recruit's answer was unexpected.

"No, this is the first time I've heard of you," deadpanned Andrew.

Those words instantly and literally turned Roy into stone while his unit just stared at the two in disbelief. Either this guy lived under a rock or he was lying.

"Come on. You've got to be kidding. Everyone knows about the me and my flame alchemy," Mustang said after breaking out of his rock form and patting the other alchemist's shoulders.

"No. Honestly I've never heard of you before, since I never was interested in the military when I was younger. But, taking in the rumors I've heard, you do look like the type to be a womanizer," the younger stated bluntly. Again his words turned the colonel into solid rock, and the others had exaggerates expressions of shock, except for the woman, who just looked surprised. "Getting to business," Andrew continued, while prying the frozen fingers from his uniform. He stood straight in front of the rest of Mustang's unit. "I am Andrew Siebensins. I'm the Bloodworks Alchemist, since I transmute my own blood for combat. I come from the east village Retrawell. The reason I joined the military is my own secret, and I hope to work well with you all." The entire speech was said with an empty voice and a stoic face. No, the alchemist face wasn't blank, but had a small frown etched onto it. The rest of the officers introduced themselves.

"I am Riza Hawkeye. It is a pleasure to meet you," the blonde woman said. She stuck out her hand for a handshake. Andrew stared at it as if he had never seen a hand before, and then he gingerly took it in his own and gave it a weak wobble. This kid seems to not have any social experience, thought Riza, Given how he talked to the colonel and his interaction with me, he seems awkward around others.The rest of the men acquainted themselves with the newbie.

"I'm Kain Fuery, the mechanics and communication specialist," the bespectacled young adult began, "I really am looking forward to working with you." He smiled cheerfully.

A gray-haired man went next. "My name is Vato Falman. My part is as the information specialist. Hopefully, we will get along."

Next was a man with a cigarette. "Name's Jean Havoc. I'm the officer-in-charge. Nice to meet you." He directed a good-natured smirk at Andrew.

"I am Heymans Breda. I am the investigations specialist, and it's great to have you on the team," stated a man with a meat-headed appearance.

Andrew just gazed at them, before shying away and murmuring, "Hi."

"Now, there's no need to be timid," a now-free Roy said while slapping the alchemist on the back. "You're skills in transmutation are pretty impressive, considering you're only 21 years old. Not to rude, but when I first saw you, I didn't expect much."

He wasn't the only one. While, Andrew had seem to have taken the time to get well dressed, allowing himself to get drenched in rainwater was evidence that he did not care how he looked during his performance. But, his facial features are what made him seem improbable in passing his test. Despite his age, Andrew had stark white hair. It only reached his neck, and the bangs were split into three segments. The side segments were thin and curved around in front of his cheeks, while the middle segment was thicker and scruffier; it fell between his eyes. Interestingly, his brows and lashes lacked pigment, too. Anyone could have mistaken him for an albino, if it hadn't been for his eyes' color. Andrew possessed crystal blue orbs, and the dark bags underneath them made it obvious that the alchemist suffered from insomnia. All that coupled with his pale skin made him look like the type of person who stayed cooped up in his home, which would explain his social awkwardness.

"It's fine. You're not the first," the young man assured.

Mustang chuckled and proceeded to walk to his desk and pick up a pile of papers. "For your first job, I need you to run an errand." He handed the bundle to Andrew, who took it without question. "Just take this to the Investigations Office. You need to go-"

"I know where it is," Andrew bluntly interrupted, causing Roy to sweatdrop and his eye twitched a bit. This kid is like Elric, only worse! His monotone voice just makes it even more mocking. The Flame Alchemist watched as his new subordinate left quietly.

"Colonel, I assume your first impressions of Andrew aren't so good," Riza stated.

"No, they are far from "good"! Just the way he talks is worse than Elric's insults!" exclaimed Roy, tick marks popping on to his forehead.

"To be truthful though, it seems he can't really help it," Riza began,"In his eyes, there was just a dead look in them."

Roy Mustang sighed before straightening up. "That's not what I saw," he said with a stern face. His "chess pieces" turned toward him in surprise. They had seen nothing, but a cold glaze in Andrew's blue orbs. "Deep down in those eyes," continued the colonel, "was a dreadful sadness."

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