All in One Sky

Vol 1: The Beggar Princess - Part 2






"Hmm, no."


"You're only one year older than me, nyan."


"Do you like having balls?"

"YES, MA'AM!" Issei shouted as he covered his groin in fear and imagined pain.

For the ten minutes he had been arguing with the young catlike Devil, about which form of address to use for her. Along the way, she had decided that "Koneko-san" was boring, and demanded that Issei only calls her "Koneko-sama" for allowing him to talk to her. He's been trying to convince her to change that, but so far no such luck.

"Look, I'm just not calling you with 'sama', Koneko-san." Issei said, in his attempt at an "authority tone".

Koneko held up her fist to him with a sly look. "Rock-Paper-Scissors?"

Issei narrowed his eyes at the challenge. He rolled back his sleeve and readied his good arm.

"I'll have you know, I was the champion of this game in elementary school."

"I'm sure every elementary kid shakes at the mentions of your name at schoolyard games."

"Hah! You may joke now but by the end of this, you'll be call me 'Issei-sama'."

Koneko gave a mocking grin.

"Rock-Paper-Scissors!" They said at once.

Five minutes later.

"Be-best t-twenty one out of nineteen." Issei said near tears. The champion of Isaku Elementary School, beaten by his kouhai. "Y-you're cheating! You have to be. You haven't been even looking for the past three games."

"No one likes a sore loser, nyan."

"But come on, I didn't win even once. No one is that good or lucky."

"That's because I was cheating."

"You just said you didn't!" He cried out.

"No," Koneko began in a condescending tone. "I said you're being a sore loser. I never said I wasn't cheating. I have supersenses, I can tell what move you will make before you make them."

"What! How is that fair?"

"You're the one who challenged a Devil thinking their normal abilities are the same as a human, nyan. Making assumptions like that come back and land you on the rear." Koneko continued on her way, with a satisfied smile and giving a sagely nod to what she just said.

"Fine, fine. Lesson learned." Issei gave a long sigh, realizing he underestimated the petite catgirl, thinking the game he was familiar with would be an easy win.

"Now let's hear it." Koneko cocked her head in Issei's direction, a smug smile on her face.

Mumble, mumble.

"Louder, Issei-chaaaan."

"I am your humble servant, Koneko-sama." He said in a resided tone.


"And..." Issei started tearing up. "And per your orders I, I... I will not look, say or do anything perverted," he actually began sniffing from his runny nose. "FOR A WHOLE WEEK!"

And then Issei broke down crying.

He should have quit the game while Koneko's only demand was adding the "sama" suffix to her name. Now, he must call her that as well as give up his passion for a week. He even agree to burn his current porn magazines. He had been a fool to accept those terms. Truly, she's an Evil Devil that preyed on his innocence.


"Witch! Demon! Devil!" He cursed her with all his resentment and on coming frustrations.

"Of course, I'm a Devil. Fear me mortal, I came to take your porno mags away, nyahahahaha!"

"DAAAAAMN YOOOU!" Issei shouted to the heavens. Tear ran down his face at the injustice of the world. Why? Why did this happen to me? Why do my beloved Oppai have to be stolen from me? Why must this suffering be allowed? Grandfather in heaven, I despair for Oppai have failed me. God is dead. GOD IS DEAD!

"Toujou Koneko," Issei pointed with loathly at his new nemesis. "Know that you will pay for today's transgressions. My porn will be avenged, you hear me. AVENGED!"


The owner of a nearby apartment shouted at them. Issei, red faced, quickly took Koneko's hand and ran on their way.


Later on as the duo entered Issei's neighborhood and headed toward his home, found his curiosity springing up again.

"So, what's being a Devil like? If there is no soul-sucking or anything like that, and you go to school, and probably get a job after graduation, is there a difference between that and normal humans?"

"Hmm, there isn't much of a difference if you think about in a general sense, nyan." Koneko place a hand on her chin, in deep thought as she looked toward the night sky. She could make out some of the stars past the light pollution of the city lights. "We have our own society, culture, history, and wars, just like humans. Physical-wise we are stronger, but affected by light, so weak Devils will feel sluggish in the day. We age slower once we hit our prime, even then our lifespan are pretty long nyan."

"Really, how much?" Well they can't live that much longer, right? Three hundred to five hundred years probably, maybe a thousand for the higher classes.

"Well, a Low Class Devil lifespan on average of five thousand years." Said Koneko as a feel mischief came to her again.

"F-f-five thousand!" He cried out.

"Yep, and you double that for each class up."

"H-how many classes are there?" Issei asked with awed curiosity.

"Well, you can ask Onee-sama about the titles and jobs of each class. There are Low Class Devils, Mid Class Devil, High Class Devils, and finally Ultimate Class Devils. Buuut~"

For some reason Issei began to feel dread from the look in Koneko's eyes.

"You shouldn't let looks fool you. Some High Class Devils can use their powers to change their appearance, so no matter how old they are, they can look as young as they like."

Issei stopped in his tracks. His eyes widen as realization set in.

"S-say, Koneko-ch- Err, sama. Which class is Rias-senp-"

"High Class Devil. Can't be able to have your own Peerage without it." Her grin was now full blown.

"Oh...And how old...?"

Koneko kept her grin and continued walking.

"H-hey, hey! Koneko! Koneko-sama! Beautiful, lovely and awesome Koneko-sama, what is it? How old is senpai?" Issei pleaded.

"Nyehehehehe..." Koneko started shaking in mirth from Issei's reactions.

"Are the Oppai real or not!?" Issei cried out, desperate for the truth.

"Hahahahahahaha!" She guffawed in laughter.

It started as buzz. Like a fly coming toward you from far away, and you are not sure if it's here yet or not.

They are supposed to be a premonition. A sign that Sitri Sona had gotten used to, that meant something...annoying was on its way. She didn't always catch this sign, either because she was busy with something else, didn't listen fast enough, or because she was simply tired of a long day of coordinating with Rias to trap and bind five different Stray Devil till the order for their disposal had arrived.

I swear those Barons and Counts had to have been working together to give so many conflicting orders.

The five Stray Devils didn't enter Kuoh City at the same time. One Baron gave the order to kill another Devil that had yet to enter the city. A Count sent the kill order for one that had been captured, but didn't do so right away, so they had to keep it contained while dealing with others till the order came.

Then there were the two Barons, each of whom gave the order to kill one of twin Stray Devils, but no they didn't give clear enough details to know which twin, till both kill orders were given. Until then, they had to deal with two Stray Devils with Bishop pieces that could supplement and empower one another.

And of course all five had to be Mid Class Devils, with two nearing High Class, that were all "mistakenly" reported as Low Class.

Sona gritted her teeth in memory of the first encounter. It's not like she expected them to be weak, or for one or two to be "mislabeled" but all?

They will all pay for this. Someday, they will.

Her Peerage took care of two of the five, while Rias and her Peerage dealt with the rest.

At least we now know who else wants to screw us over.

While Stray Devil hunt are pretty straight forward, Rias "surprisingly" tended to get the political cases. A Devil that might have someone in a high position, or one who held an important secret, or simply one who is well connected. They couldn't kill them haphazardly, lest they end up facing charges and court order to "killing an innocent and important Peerage member whom we absolved".

It was all pure bullshit but they had to deal with it. And of course Rias being the ever vigilant and high moral holder that she is, she wouldn't simply let Stray Devils run around in her territory lest they harm someone. No she instantly act on them, so there wasn't even a chance of those Stray Devils preying on anyone.

It was a good prerogative. It showed that Rias is a good governor and it sent a strong message that her area isn't one, anyone with ill intentions or inherit danger can walk into without severe consequences.

Doesn't mean that having to deal with all these irritating "games" aren't a pain in the ass.

Another frustrating thing was how all the kill order were forwarded to Sona, thus Rias couldn't act without Sona's consent. Unofficially, all it took was a phone call, or a communication spell to Rias. Officially, she needed to write an entire report to each and every single Lord or Lady on why she had asked another Devil and their Peerage to help with a task assigned to her.

Sallos. Naberius. Berith. You fuckers, now along with the others, are added to my shit list. When I become Head of the Sitri Family, I swear I'll-

The buzzing was there again. It felt familiar, like it meant something. Something that she had to do. Something that-

Her instincts screamed at her. She could hear the beginnings of an echo of music in the distance.


On Sona's desk, to the far right was a large red button. It is one that is hidden by weak illusions, as it was meant to be invisible for normal people. Sona instantly slammed her hand on it, activating her security and "Anti-Rias" systems.

It was late and all the student had went home, she was sure of it. While the trap doors, magic seals, summoned monsters, and other mechanics wouldn't stand a full powered blast from the Power of Destruction Rias had, long ago Sona got Rias to promise to never use it during these exchanges between them.

Thus if Rias was beaten or stopped in her tracks, she would leave Sona alone, and come to her with whatever problem she had the next day. In the morning. When all the students were there, and Rias cannot ask for favor that was too big and too crazy, and Sona could have a break after a long day without Rias's nagging her.

While all of this might seem excessive, Sona really didn't want to deal with Rias at the moment.

Seriously, how is she not tired after today! We had to hold some of those Devils in seals for twenty hours.

They had to rotate shifts, make excuses at school, and even use illusions for some meetings. For the whole student council, plus the Occult Club to be absent on the same day would have been far too suspicious, especially that it had happened last week. And Rias unaccommodatingly didn't like using hypnosis on humans unless it can't be helped.

Please, please, please fail this time. I know the security system isn't completely fixed from last time, but please fail. I need some peace and quiet, and to finish these reports, so they would be handed by morning.

The music was actually becoming more audible now, words couldn't be distinguished but it was clear that something was playing. Also explosions started sounding out in the distance.

Sona looked at the panel in front of her to see where Rias had reached and what systems were active. She looked up the magic gate in front outside of her office door. She could divert all the power to it, but Rias would then just speed past everything, since nothing would stall her. But if she kept the systems up, the door would take too long to close, and power was being drained for those security systems.

Dammit, why did I give my Peerage the day off? Oh yeah, there were all exhausted, on their last leg, and this was Saji's first Stray Devil hunt, and he needs to adjust to how difficult and dangerous it is.

Rias had made it quarter of the way through. Sona was tired. She honestly wanted to sleep. Rias would just nag or throw something at her with her endless energy, and try to bring her into whatever shenanigans that would last all day, that she simply can't deal with right now.

Sona took manual control of the security systems.

She started directing the attack, using feints and delays to throw Rias off while the magic gate started to go down. She fed its activation the minimum energy while focusing the rest on stalling Rias.

She didn't use the illusions. Rias would simply be able to tell by the magical energy that they are not there. Throwing objects within illusions was also useless since Rias doesn't even use her eyes.

Freaking senjutsu bullshit.

What Sona could do however, was confuse Rias's magical senses while creating a roadblock. She made the trap doors and secret guns and cannons attack her while she brought one wall down to block her paths.

Predictably Rias evades the guns and cannons, gathered directed magical into her fist and broke through the wall, only to see the floor leading up to Sona's office was removed, and what was left was a deep pit with teleportation seal filling the bottom. Instantly, Rias spread her bat wings and took to the air.

Sona smirked.

The floor was returned, and then it, the walls and ceiling were charged with lightning magic, while a laser grid manually controlled by Sona was fired from those walls, floor and ceiling.

Rias quickly set to flying and maneuvering through the crazy targeting laser. These ones were like the movies, met to set off the alarm, but strong enough to cut through steel. Rias of course didn't focus on her durability, but her speed, and poured her demonic energy into her wings.

While Sona controlled and maneuvered the laser grid with one hand, with the other she was giving instructions to the rest of the systems down the path of Rias, to create a gravity field. She needed to stall Rias with the laser grid till it was finished.

Gravity Field Completion: 30 %

Rias flew, twisted, backtracked, and speed in all direction to make it through the laser grid.

Gravity Field Completion: 53 %

Rias had made it quarter of the way down, before she instantly stopped in midair. All the lasers pointed to her before Sona realized her mistake.


Rias forced all her demonic energy to move to the side, and through a narrow opening in the lasers from where they were hitting. However she wasn't unharmed. Some of the laser torn through her bits of her clothes, one went through her nicked her arm, and one went through her hair lighting it on fire.

Gravity Field Completion: 78 %

"Come on!" Sona shouted urgently. " Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!"

Rias made it halfway through the laser grid. The music was louder.

Gravity Field Completion: 97 %

"GOOD ENOUGH!" Sona quickly dropped a wall at the end of the laser grid and turned it off, diverting its power to the magic gate.

Rias instantly crossed that space, reach the wall with a wide grin and her fist ready.


She tore right through the wall and Sona's office was in sight with a gate lit with many seal slowly coming down.

"Too bad, Sona-chan!"

Rias flew forward. Sona was despairing, and oddly beginning to make out the lyrics to the music she had been hearing.

"I'm gonna shoot you down, yeah yeah"

But then the lovely words appeared on Sona's monitor.

Gravity Field Completion: 100 %


"Ugh!" Rias dropped to the ground, unable to keep herself flying. Quickly she diverted her energy from her wings ─ which she dissolved magic into her ─ and focused on strengthening her body to withstand the field's effect.

Rias started running forward, her goal in sight.

Sona left one last trump card. It was either that, or focus on speeding up the magical gate. She didn't think the gravity field alone would have stopped Rias.


"Eh?" Rias looked down on what she stepped on.

The gravity field was also filled with randomly moving mines


Sona sat back and let herself sink into her chair. She did everything she could. There was nothing else to do.

The music grew closer and so did the explosions.

"I'm gonna get you down, down down down down

Shoot you, shoot you, shoot you, shoot you down,

Shoot you, shoot you, shoot you down

I'm gonna shoot to thrill"

The last defense, the remade and improved magic gate was half way down, its mechanisms were slow from the last time it was broken.

Dammit, why did the magic gate take so long to repair? It wasn't even repaired right. Dammit, dammit dammit!

The music got louder.

"Play to kill"

The magic gate was almost closed.

YES! She didn't make-

Sona's elated thoughts were broken as the door to her office were blasted open by a magic force, and just before the magic gate could close down, Rias burst into the room with a powerslide, and stopped with her hands pointing in the air, and her head down.


Rias brought her hand down, holding an air guitar, and throwing her hand down at the last note.

"Thank you! Thank you!" She raised her head shouting her gratitude to the "masses". The sound of people "woahing" was actually heard in the background.

Sona simply let herself stay sunk in her chair. She lost her peace and quiet. Again.

She looked at Rias to see that bits of her clothes were ripped and stained, along with a cut on her arm that was starting to heal. Oh, and her hair was on fire.

It was a consolation at least.

"Rias, your hair's on fire." Sona said in a calm manner and not in any way trying to rub it in.

"I know, it's awesome!"

And there goes that feeling of glee. Sona frowned grumpily.

"I'm thinking of making a part of my super mode's look." Rias got up and went to grab a chair.

"You don't have a super mode." Sona said lazily.

"I can dream, can't I?"

"And I'm here to crush your dream. Also douse your hair now before you end up smoking up the room." Sona was beginning to feel sleepy. She had used the last of her energy to deal with Rias's arrival and simply wanted to meet the sandman now.

"Alright, alright." Rias used a quick water spell to extinguish the fire. Parts of her head were now bald, eventually they would heal and regrow hair. Rias placed a chair in front of Sona's desk and sat down with a sigh. "That was fun, right Sona?"

"Hm." Maybe if I answer her with hums and sighs she'll leave. It was a weak hope.

"But wow, today was a real mayhem. First that call about the Stray Devil sighting which were in the completely wrong place, then there was..." Rias began babbling on.

Oh Maou-sama, she isn't gonna stop!

Seeing that the only thing she can do to get her much deserved rest was to make Rias get to the point of her visit, Sona sat up, shook herself awake and interrupted her. "Do you have to add insult to injury?"

"I've never insulted you, Sona-chan!" Rias immediately said aghast.

"Really? So using wind magic to play a soundtrack and people cheering in the area around you, while evading or destroying my security measures, showing that you are treating this whole thing as a play exercise isn't an insult?"

"You mean the whole 'traps and death lasers' isn't just a little game between us?" Said Rias in genuinely stunned at this revelation.

Sona sighed as she massaged her temples.

"Rias just...what do you want now? I already sent the monthly funds to your account the other day, and I'm pretty sure there is nothing urgent for you to come here. And no! I am not up to snorkeling, race driving, videogaming, karaoke, or whatever else that popped into your head." Sona said in tired exasperation.

"I need a favor." Said Rias putting her elbows on the desk and resting her head on her palms.

"" Sona deadpanned.

"I need to get into contact with Sera-chan."

Sona was quickly roused up, sleep fleeing away from her.

Oh crap, this is serious.

"To be exact, I need Demon Lord Levitation to send an inquiry for me."

Sona leaned forward, resting her arms on the table, and she focused on Rias.


"There are Fallen Angels in Kuoh."


"One of them, she, attacked a civilian. A human."

"It might be a misunderstanding, or a couples dispute. Some Fallen are known to be extremely emotional, and might attack in anger. It is not unknown to happen, and the human in question should have been prepared when he entered a relationship with a Fallen." That might be harsh, and even wrong, since it happens a lot for a person to hide their race while in a relationship with a human. In Sona's defense, she was just too tired to care about ─ what she saw at the moment as ─ something trivial.

"I got it on tape that she planned to kill him from the start because it was her mission."

"He could be a spy. An escaped Magician. A crazy person or something we don't know."

"It's Hyoudou Issei."

"He definitely did something to piss her off."

"No, she asked him on a date to lure him out, and Sona-chan, I need you to focus. I already said that the Fallen said it was her mission."

"Then what is it!?" Sona cried out.

"He's the Sekiryuutei."

Sona's eyes snapped wide open. She looked at Rias carefully, trying to see if she was joking or not.

Rias held Sona's gaze. Well, held her gaze with her eyes closed, but held it nonetheless.

Sona fell back into her seat, staring upward.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-aaahhhhhh." Sona began to swear only to see it as wasted effort and just sighed.

Rias fell back into her own chair and looked to the ceiling as well. "You said it."

They both fell into silence. The day's event catching up to them. Their bodies felt chained in place as it screamed for them to rest, while their minds were awake due the sheer weight of the responsibility that fell on them.

"Why did you come the usual way rather than phoning me that you wanted to talk about something important?" Sona broke the silence.

"Good training. A simulation for when I am in enemy territory, being attacked from all sides while not at full health." Rias's voice held a calm quality to it, rather than her usual cheer.

"Oh," Sona acknowledged with a small nod.

The two Devil heirs fell silent again.

"Sophia," Sona said in a quiet yet commanding tone. While Sona was near empty of demonic energy, she had a few seal filled with energy to execute different commands when she needed them. This one was for a summoning spell.

"Why are you calling your familiar?"

"Clean up."

"Oh," Rias gave her own nod.

A magic circle lit up next to Sona and soon enough a petite girl with short blond near orange hair, and a sizable bust to her size.

"You called, Sona-sama!" She cried out happily.

The girl was Sona's familiar. A Selkie named Sophia. She had a wide smile and an ever excitable energy about her. Sophia like Sona, as while she was strict she was a fair master who brought out her talents with her training.

As long as that other one isn't here-

Then she turned and saw Rias.

"No," she said in a low voice.

Sophia's smile was gone. She paled and the excitement about her was gone. She turned to her master with a pleading look.

"Sona-sama." Those eye quivered and watered in hope of salvation.

"Sophia, please go clean and fix up the hallways."

Yet there was none to be given.

Sophia dragged herself to the office door and looked out. Her eyes widened in horror at the sheer destruction she saw. Knowing that her master didn't want any noise from how tired she looked, she calmly closed the doors.

Then she screamed.


"Nice girl," Said Rias.

Sona glared at her closest and most annoying friend. Overworking her familiar was just one of the downsides of keeping Rias as a friend.

"So, we have a squad of Fallen Angels wanting to kill the Boosted Gear User. They are..." Sona left the answer open to Rias.

"There are three Fallen Angels and twenty one exorcists, all located at the rundown church in the Sanaka Area. For now, they seem stationed there and won't change location as long as we don't spook them. So we have a one visit card on the table."

"Fucking senjutsu." Sona muttered.

"You said that out loud."

"I know, and I'm tired so I have an excuse."

"I can teach you."

"Sure, I might take you up on that." Sona paused for dramatic effect. "When there are a few peaceful years, so I can learn a skill that requires that I unlearn everything I know about energy sensing from my own physiology to whatever it is senjutsu uses." She replied sardonically. "Of course, between Stray Devil, running this school, and dealing with whichever Pillar Family that wants to throw something at you, I don't see that happening anytime soon."

"Awww, it would have been so much fun, being Sona-chan's mentor." Rias lamented with a pout.

Sona felt a shiver run down her spine. She had the feeling that she may have just dodged a bullet.

"Anyways," Sona continued. "What's your plan?" Sona sat back, but didn't slouch. Her back was straight, and her eyes focused.

Rias leaned back and rested her elbow on one of the armchairs, and place her face on her closed hand.

"I want Serafall to send a copy of the tape I took to the Grigori General Governor, Azazel with an inquire of what this unit of Fallen Angels doing in my territory." Rias began the discussion.

"He could say, it's a rogue unit or refuse to comment. He is the leader of the Fallen Angels, and can easily pull status on you." Sona countered her point.

"If it's a rogue unit, I can just dispose of them, after investigating who they are, in case one of them is important. If he refuses to comment, I'll ask that for the sake of maintaining the peace, that he orders them to leave." Rias offered her solutions.

"You think he would just do that?" Sona asked.

"No leader of the Three Faction wants to be the one known as the 'person who restarted the Great War', especially after a silly reason like ignoring the Devil governor of the territory his troops are in." She said with a sly smile.

"And if he says it's an important mission or reason, we can pull in my sister, and make this a full on external affairs investigation. He would know we can pull it, since she's the one who would send the inquiry." Sona finished the analysis of their talk. "Smart." She said with a small nod. "And the Sekiryuutei?"

Rias grew quiet. She thought about Issei. His situation personality and likely choices. Rias also considered Sona's situation and all the things she gave even at risk of her own status for her.

"I guess, you will want to ask him to join your Peerage?" Rias already knew the answer.

"Wha... Rias, even now with this opportunity, you're still not going to try and add to your Peerage?" Sona asked, mouth near dropping from surprise.

Or I do not know her answer. Thought Rias.

"Sona, you know me. You know my policy." Rias stated calmly.

"You will never need to recruit anyone after him. Practically any problem with the Pillar Families, you would be able to bulldoze over with a rating game." Sona said heatedly.

"Even so, I'm not going to change my mind." Rias tried to smile with reassurance for Sona, but her expression only gave resignation. "I'm going to stick to my guns, and keep facing those problems, while changing things one bit at a time. Eventually it will work out."

Sona sighed in exasperation. Her Rias to those who don't know her, was quite the idealist in her own stubborn way. "I suppose you would like for him to stay human?"

"I..." Rias paused thinking of agree, before shaking her head. "No, you want to recruit him, right? Then go ahead, you have my blessing. He would help you a lot once you became Head of the Sitri."

"You sound sure that I'm going to succeed." Sona said with a slight attempt at sound smug, but unable to put the energy into it.

"More like I have faith in Issei-san's nature." Rias said with a chuckles. "Just one thing, after everything is done, and you say whatever you're going to say to him... Give him a day. Just one day to think it over."

Sona was quiet, looking at Rias intently. She wasn't sure which outcome Rias was hoping for. For Issei to stay human, or for her to gain a powerful ally.

I would say, she herself isn't sure. But even so, for her friend, she can accept such a small condition.

"So, after I threw in my speech, my presentations, and completely bedazzle him. You want me to give him the chance to hesitate, doubt and think of reasons to say no?" Sona paused. Sadly she knew Rias wouldn't grow nervous from their exchange. "Sure," she gave a nod. "Besides, my Peerage would be unbalanced with him around. Not to mention how much he'll probably argue with Saji."

"Thank you, Sona-chan." Rias gave a grateful soft smile.

"You know, you should smile like that more often." Sona found herself smiling in turn.

"Please," Rias said dismissively. "This is my winning smile." Her energetic grin was back.

Suddenly the place shook, and the sound of rocks breaking and falling could be heard.


"You're doing great, Sophia-chan!" Rias looked back and shouted encouragingly.

"WAAAAAAH!" Sophia's wails were heard in the background.

"See Sona-chan," Rias turn back to Sona. "A kind word can do a lot."

Sona was slowly shaking her head at this hypocrisy.

"Anyways," Sona promised in her heart to make it up to Sophia later on. "Do you have a copy of that tape?"

"Akeno is bringing it in, she should be arriving soon."

"Alright, in the mean time, I've got reports to finish." Sona gathered up the papers in front of her and got to work. She heard the screeching of a chair being dragged. She looked up to see Rias, doing so, and bring the chair next to her. "What are you doing?" Sona asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Helping. I know how to do these reports with my eyes closed. Well, technically-" Rias began a joke only to be cut off by her friend.

"I get it." Sona gave a deadpan nod.

"So, since you had such a rough day, how about you take it easy for now, and let me handle it?" Rias took some of the papers and began to rearrange them, so she could start.

Sona was tempted. Really tempted, but this was her responsibility and she should throw it one someone else for convenience.

"No," She shook her head. "I'm the one who has to write the report. Unlike you I don't like to delegate, as I give each person their assigned task. This one is for me." She moved and took back the paper work.

Seeing her friend's unchanged stance of not wanting to let someone else carry her duties, Rias helped in another way.

The redhead Devil placed her hand on Sona's shoulder and concentrated. Sona began to slowly feel losing her fatigue, and regaining its strength. Not much but enough to do a menial task like paperwork without any trouble. Looking at Rias she realized what she was doing.


"Rias, what are you doing?" Sona already knew the answer.

"Sona," Rias stopped and looked directly at the Sitri heir, as this skill was one she couldn't multitask in, even for something simple as talking. Ki sharing was a senjutsu skill she had a hard time with. She couldn't use it without absolute concentration. She can't do any other task while using it, and it restored only a little energy to the recipient. "We're friends, I'm helping you out. I can't do much with the ki sharing skill, but for something this small, it should help." With that she returned to her task.

Sona remembering the times, she had to helped Rias out in somewhat similar situations, where the Gremory wild Devil was tired but insisted on finishing a certain task. Sona gave a small nod, conceding to Rias's point. Grumbling simply for the sake of it at the moment, she nodded and got back to work.

Sona would have been angry at Rias had she taken the papers from her or tried to do some of them. Even if it wasn't true, it would have insinuated that she needed to be carried or cuddled, not strong enough to finish her responsibilities on her. Yet, Rias understood that and help in another way. It was a small stubbornness. A childish pride in wanting strength next to one who already had so much of it.

For Sona, at least being able to carry out her own duties meant she was strong, right?

While there are many perils to having Rias as a friend, her understanding was one of her many benefits.

Later on Rias's Queen arrived with a USB and other digital storage forms of the video, just in case. While Sona phoned and talked to her sister, Akeno helped the overworked Selkie familiar who tearfully thanked her and hailed her as her savior.

After the paperwork was done, and a digital copy of the video sent to Leviathan, Rias then took Sona on a night out for karaoke and other fun activity.

"After all, you have the energy for it now, right?"

"Was that your goal, all along!?" Sona shouted in baffled shock.

Rias gave her usual cheerful grin.

Ultimately, thought Sona as she was dragged along. There are worse friends to have.

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