The Coming Storm



The palisade began to break as the boulders were thrown into them. Each throw sounded as if a enormous giant came closer. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. To the troll who just came to, it sounded like hell had come. Frak’jin, the Amani troll, was buried under a pile of rubble which once was the watchtower. The orc commander threw the wooden debris off and helped Frak’jin up.” You alright Frak?!” he shouted as the Demolisher behind them fired it’s deadly and burning payload across the wall. The other watchtower was still erect but it’s archers had to take cover more often and were unable to get to get more than one shot out. The torches on the watch tower were dimmed but that did not seem to stop the enemy as they managed to sometimes hit the target in the pitch blackness.
The Amani troll nodded and looked somewhat surprised, back in Zul’ Aman his masters were not in the slightest concerned about their well-being.
“Taz Dingo.” Frak nodded.” I got a few hits in with ma axes but ah ran out. Ah tried to get more but it got dark…”
“The watchtower fell from under you, the archers beneath you got squished.” Kadrak shoved a axe in Frak’s hands along with a chipped wooden shield along with a horn.” The gate is going to break any second, get in with the others and hold the line. Two blasts is attack, one is retreat.”
“Ya mon!” Frak’jin saluted and got in line with the others. He was not the only troll. He saw several more of his Amani kin but also a few Guurubashi and even a Zandalari mage. She was stood on top of a hill with the moons above her and summoned a rain of ice behind the walls. The sound of a creature in pain sounded which seemed to halt the boulders a little.

Frak’jin saw the Zandalari mage grin in the torch light until a twirling sound seemed to come closer. Before anyone could react, a large glaive flew toward the mage and flew past her. The mage looked around and blinked.
“Zen’tra, are you alright?!” the Tauren female shouted as she looked up from healing one of the wounded. The mage nodded until she made a step forward…and the top half of her body fell off from the waist. Zan’thra’s top half rolled down the hill until it stopped at the Demolisher. It’s pilot looked downward in horror. Even Frak’jin felt ill.
“Keep firing!” Kadrak shouted at the pilot.” Keep firing!”

More glaives came from over the wall as the grunts all sought protection at the crumbling palisade. The gate began to crack as a Furbolg popped it’s snarling head through the gap, it’s face made more monstrous by the shadow play. A orc archer took a shot and the arrow found it’s mark in the furbolg’s eye. It yelped in pain as he fell back while spears and other projectiles flew through the gap.
“SHIELDWALL!” Kadrak commanded as Frak’jin and the others instinctively fell into one place and held the shields in front and above of them. He felt the spears and arrow pierce at his shield and oen actually came through. Then the world seemed to shatter.
“The palisade is down! Hold the line!” Commander Kadrak shouted.” Hold the line!”

Frak’jin stood ready as the enemy came charging in while they shouted their fierce battle cries. He did not understand their tongue but he did recognize the names ‘Elune’ and ‘Tyrande’.
He had never seen a night elf before that day. Unlike the squishy elves he had fought all his life in the Eversong forest, these elves were larger, more muscular…and savage. The half-naked females, covered in war paint and zealotry charged in with their glaives and sliced through the wooden shields as if they were made out of paper. Several hordes lost their limbs while others managed to deflect the strikes and even managed to kill a few of the Kaldorei in return. It was as if they did not fear death at all. A Night elf charged at him but the troll remembered his own training and lopped a axe at his opponent. The axe lodged itself into her skull and she fell down with a thud. He quickly drew his dagger and held his shield close. “I be comin’ home, Jaznir ma brotha…” he said to muster courage within himself.” I be comin’ home…”
More night elves came through and more of the Horde fell. The archers at the remaining watch tower turned their fire at the incoming elves. Arrows penetrated night elven flesh as boulders missed the watch tower and glaive throwers were stuck in the wood. The night elves fell back as the Horde pushed forward.” Frak’jin, two blasts! Attack!”
Frak’jin held the horn to his lips and gave two long blasts to sound the advance.

“Keep pushing!” Kadrak shield bashed a kaldorei back before he slammed his axe into her gut. ”Keep pushing forward!” He charged forward with the remaining hordes and chased the kaldorei forces back.” And stay out! You witches!” He turned to Dinah.” Roots, no-!”
Frak’jin heard the twirling sound again and instinctively tackled his superior to the ground. He felt a wind flying above him as dozens of orcs and trolls cried out in pain-and were suddenly silenced. Kadrak pushed Frak’jin aside as he got up. The grizzled commander’s face went pale as he looked at the damage the glaive left behind. “ Holy ancestors…”
Frak’jin followed the orc’s line of sight…and saw a pile of dying hordes missing limps, torso’s, faces…and worse.

A night elven warhorn sounded as the ground began to shake. “Ana'duna thera!” a loud voice sounded.
The Amani turned around and saw dozens of lit up eyes appear in the dark of Ashenvale forest. A series of growls were heard as a regiment of panthers charged toward them. Kadrak called for the survivors to fall back and Frak’jin immediately ran off. One wounded orc tried to leave but her short cry of fear before the sounds of meat being ripped apart would hound the troll forever in his nightmares.
“Kadrak, I’m out of ammo!” The Demolisher pilot shouted.” Now what?!”
Frak’jin saw the commander’s face turn to brief panic. Frak’jin turned around and saw the damage done. A watch tower gone, the other was barely standing. More than half the garrison was dead or wounded and above all, the sole demolisher ran out of ammo.
“I failed…” Kadrak sighed and turned to Frak’jin.” Frak, take Dinah and all those who can run to the Crossroads. Warn them of what has happened.”
“Commander, what bout ya?” Frak asked.
“We will hold the line, give you time…now go!”

The wooden walls collapsed as rock giants burst through and tackled the last tower over. A tree like creature burst through another section of the wall and threw a rock at the Demolisher. Frak ducked just in time as the rock flew overhead and smashed the artillery to pieces.
“GO!” Kardak shouted and charged towards a large kaldorei male who shapeshifted into a bear. Frak dropped his shield and ran toward the Wyvern rider while he blew his horn to retreat with one long blast.
Dinah and a few others got one and flew off. Before Frak could ask for a Wyvern, a loud screech filled the air and lightning came from the skies. Large flying two headed beasts flew overhead and zapped wyverns down or snatched them in their big maws. One Wyvern with a brave orc charged at one two headed beast but the two heads picked up the riders and ripped him apart. The wyvern tried to avenge it’s rider and jabbed it’s tail in the creature’s neck. The creature flailed once before it crashed down below.

The Amani troll shook his head and ran as fast as he could. Several others followed. He heard arrows coming down as a few Horde fell down and cried for help. But Frak’jin ignored them, he couldn’t help them.
He did not know how long he ran. Could’ve been thirty minutes or a hour. When his body finally couldn’t take it anymore he collapsed on his knees and took a breather. He turned around and saw no-one else was behind him. No Horde, no Night elves, no two headed winged beasts. Nothing.
He took a moment to take a breather before he followed the road south.

The sun was beginning to rise when he arrived at a large town flying the Horde banner. It’s gates were opened as a Orc rider made his way to Frak’jin.
“Lok tar Ogar, friend.” The rider stopped in front of the Amani.” What brings yo-“
“Mor’shan has fallen!” Jin fell down on his knees and began sobbing.”Mor’shan!”
The rider dismounted and quickly gave the troll something to drink.” Calm down, it’s alright.”
“Did anyone…did anyone else…?” Frak could barely speak Zandali let alone Orcish.
“Brother, I do not understand you. What happened? Is there news from Mor’shan?” the rider asked.
Frak’jin held his horn and cried out in anguish.

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