The Coming Storm

Alliance: Chapter 9


A mournfull melody hung heavy in the air as dying purple leaves fluttered down. Everyone in Darnassus was silent, even the beasts kept their tongue. No doubt thanks to his brother, Illidan thought. A heavily armoured nightsabre huntress cadre mounted on their equally armoured nightsabres as they escorted a bier where the body of Tyrande was, her neck stitched together as a necklace in the shape of a crescent moon covered the killing blow Maeiv Shadowsong inflicted upon her. She was dressed into the proper battle garb of the high priestess of Elune. To her left were her quiver and arrows and to her right her moon glaive. Below her was the body of Ash'alah, who was slain moments after her mistress died and to would join her journey to Elune, as was tradition.
Behind the escort were Shandriss Feathermoon, the new head of the Kaldorei government, along with Jarod Shadowsong. Both were dressed in similar garb and followed the escort mournfully. Illidan tried to look for his brother from a vantage point but he did not find his twin anywhere in the mobs down below. He did see Constance and her lover as well as the Gilnean guard. He sensed another member of the Shadow Council but he dismissed her. Instead his eyeless vision focused on the small lunar energy that remained in Tyrande’s body. He felt another tear moisten his mask and wiped it away.
“I came back for you, Tyrande…” he whispered. The demon hunter was away from the masses and sat alone among the branches of Darnassus. He preferred to be alone, none could see that he was still weak inside. He wiped the tears away and focused back on the funeral as it made its way to the Temple.

Everywhere the sisterhood of Elune honoured the High priestess with sing and song. Elune herself graced the night sky with a full moon. Foreign dignitaries were closer to the temple. The Prophet Velen bowed his head as the barge past and uttered a prayer to the light which was picked up by his followers, King Greymane and his royal guard saluted , Chief Stillpine and the other Furbolg clan leaders growled and howled mournfully into the night sky. Mordent evershade and his Highbourne solemly bowed their heads.
Even Hamuul Runetotem was there with a few of the Horde races. Illidan had overheard Shandris argue with Malfurion about this decision and it seemed the Archdruid had won that discussion.
Illidan leaped from tree branch to tree branch as he followed the barge. When he found a perfect place to stop and see the rest of the ceremony he finally found his brother along with a few druids, one of them Broll Bearmantle. He was dressed as he normally was, which already made Illidan boil, next to the new High Priestess called Belysra Starbreeze and several Priestesses such as Annara,Alathea and so on. As the barge went upward to the temple the honoured guard saluted their fallen leader. The barge stopped in front of the temple as the escort surrounded their new high priestess and the widowed Malfurion Stormrage. Shandris and Jarod took their place beside Malfurion.

The new High Priestess held up her hands in the air as the music died down.
“Sisters!” her voice rang throughout Darnassus.”Brothers! Children of Elune! Hear me!”
Silence cast it’s spell across the city, you could even hear a pin drop Illidan wagered.
“For over ten thousand years has our fallen sister watched over us! For over ten thousand years was our Mother there when we needed her! She guided us through not one but two invasions by the Burning Legion! She kept us strong during the Cataclysm and even brought new friends to our flock.” Belysra’s eyes fell to the Draenei prophet, the Gilnean king and Mordent who met her gaze.
“We will honour her memory and praise Elune for having send one of her own daughters down to our great time of need. We will sing many songs and tell our children and their children and their children so in some part you will stay be here with us. Elune-Adore, Shan’do…”
She stepped back as Shandris stepped forward.

“I am not a woman of many words.” The General said.” But everything I have, everything I have is to thank to you Min’da…” she placed her hand on her adoptive mother’s shoulder.” I promise you I will do my best to hold up your memory and guide our people through these dark days and hopefully to brighter days to come. Shaha lor'ma…” she leaned in and kissed her mother’s forehead before she stepped back.
Illidan spotted Shandris and Jarod holding hands for a brief moment as both looked for comfort.
“Curious, how death brings us together…” Illidan mused. He shook his head when he realized he was speaking to no-one. Before he had the skull of Gul’dan to blame for his insanity, now there was none. Tyrande wouldn’t have wanted to see me like this, he thought. Then again she would never would’ve wanted to see him again either.
Malfurion came forth.” Tyrande, you were the light of my life. I have never loved anyone as much as I loved you. I r-regr…” the archdruid’s voice broke. Broll Bearmantle placed his hand on Malfurion’ shoulder. For a moment Illidan almost felt pity for his twin. Almost.

Furion cleared his throat as Broll stepped back.” I regret not having spend more time with you, not having told you every day that I love you, not having been there for you when…” he paused.” I promise you Tyrande, my beloved. I will find the one who did this to you and END her.” He kissed his wife’s forehead and strayed her cheek and whispered. Illidan used his magic to eavesdrop. ” I will come to you soon my love…” he heard his twin say.” Just a little patience…”
The Archdruid stepped back as the chorus began again as the barge was moved inside the temple.

Hours passed before Illidan entered the most holy of places.
His brother was stood in front of the body, all alone as the entire temple was vacant. Illidan looked up at the statue of Elune, the water that came cascaded with divine light to his non existent eyes, before he walked over, his wings folded behind him. I will find her Tyrande, Illidan thought, and I will make her scream so loud even you and Elune will be able to hear it. The Stormrage brothers said nothing as they peered at the body of their long lost friend and love. Moments passed until Illidan finally spoke.
“You didn’t even bother wearing a shirt during the ceremony?” the former lord of Outland asked.
“That is your opening gambit?” his antler headed brother glared.” My sense of fashion?”
“You look like a savage at your wife’s funeral.”
“Yes. MY wife, Illidan. She knew my best and this is how I honour her, by being myself. The reason why she loved me.”
The Demon hunter snarled but quickly composed himself when he remembered where he was.
“Why couldn’t it have been you…?” Furion asked with a tear in his eye.” Why couldn’t she have back and not you?”
“Because I am what you need right now, Mal.” Illidan turned to face his twin.” I can give you what you need.”
“What is that?” Furion turned as well.
“Revenge. A chance to save our people from the Coming Storm by finding the whore who did this to Tyrande and as you so aptly said, END her.”
“How?” Furion asked.” In all these years Meaiv chased you.”
“Now it’s time for the hunter to become the hunted.” Illidan grinned.” But I need your help brother. I cannot do this on my own.” He extended his hand. ”Truce?”
The Arch druid peered at the hand before he took it and shook.” Truce.”

“It is a shame how violence and hatred are what brings people together…” a serene voice said. The two brothers turned as Velen walked up to them with his cane.
“Prophet.” Furion said.” What brings you here?”
“I am paying my respects to one of the bravest women I have met in long life.” The draenei said as he gazed down at the body.” She always reminded me of Yrel. Strong, brave…stubborn.” The last he added with a chuckle.
“Why are you here, old man?” Illidan glared.” Really.”
“ To warn you of the dangers of revenge.” Velen replied.” Your emotions colour your judgement.”
“My wife just died, Velen.” Furion said.
“For which you have my sympathies, Archdruid Stormrage. I to have lost many friends and loved ones in my time. Even some who were very close to me. The pain does not go away but it dulls in time…but you must not sully your wife’s memory will blind vengeance.”
“Blind vengeance is my expertise.” Illidan replied.” Also I am not sure we should follow the advice of a old man who fled while most of his people and other species died by the hands of the legion! I saw what’s left of Fanlin'Deskor you cow-”
“Illidan, ENOUGH!” Furion growled at his twin.

The former lord of Outland grumbled but did as his brother commanded. Malfurion turned. “ Velen I appreciate your kind words but you cannot ask me to not chase my wife’s murderer.”
“I do not ask that of you, if anything you two are the only chance this world has of preventing another war. By all means go after her.”
“I hear a but…” Illidan said.
“But instead of killing her, bring her in.” the old Draenei said with a sad smile.” Let her face justice and confess her crimes. When she does the battle that goes on in the Barrens will end. And perhaps in time the conflict in Lordearon might seize as well.”
Illidan saw his brother contemplate the matter. After a think the archdruid replied.” I will consider it.”
“Good, all I ask for.” Velen smiled and bowed.” I will leave you to mourn, may the Naaru guide your path...” his eyes fell on Illidan.” For some more than others.” With that the prophet left.
“Do we have a lead?” Furion asked to which his brother nodded.” Then let us go. “

Illidan flapped his wings hard as a Hippogriff riding Malfurion flew beside him. It did not take long before Darnassus disappeared into the ocean and Darkshore came up. The lights of the village of Lor’danel were dimmed, since the sun was already coming up. Faintly he heard the same sad song from Darnassus in Lor’danel as well. He looked to his brother who merely looked straight ahead. They flew past the village and towards the mountains.
“The spy I caught mentioned they were in Mount Hyjal.” Illidan shouted to his brother.
” It makes sense to hide there! After the Cataclysm ended we had little men to spare and with all these tunnels and mountain passes it would take us many years to find them.” Furion turned to his brother.” How did you find the spy? Did your friend in the Shadow Council aid you?”

He remembered Wrathion, after that woman Constance’s urging, giving him a special gift (or curse depending on whom to ask) which allowed the demon lord to see everything bad a person had done in their lifetime. While the arrangements for the funeral were mad, Illidan transformed himself as he was before the gift Sargeras bestowed upon him and walked around Darnassus. It had not taken him long to find Maeiv’s pawn, a Sentinel of average looks, it took him even less time to seduce her and take her to her quarters just outside of Darnassus, far away enough to not be disturbed. After he bedded her he took his time to extract the information from her, very painfully. A cave on the eastern ridge close to Winterspring. The question was where…
“Illidan.” His brother snapped him back to the present.
“Yes, he aided me.”
“And the spy?”
Illidan ignored the question and led his brother to the Winterspring side of the mountain chain.

Days passed and still the brothers were in no luck finding the cave. They found signs that people came by but that was it. While the hippogriff slept, Furion was meditating and asked nature to help them find the cave which had to be large enough to hide a group of zeppelins. Illidan kept his eye in the world however and used his “eye of Kilrogg” spell to gaze over the world, or at least eastern Kalimdor. In Ashenvale he saw a large group of Night elves, Furbolgs, Draenei , humans and Worgen march to the Barrens and Azshara to join their brothers. With them were artillery, cavalry, camp followers...the usual.

In Azshara the assault towards Orgrimmar stopped as a army of mechanical soldiers, headed by a gobblin wearing goggles and a white coat as he cackled madly, gave the Night elven crusade a serious blow. The Barrens was a different story altogether. Despite the Horde reinforcements from their tauren allies and the fleets with fresh men and supplies docked at Ratchet, The Crossroads was under heavy siege and if it weren’t for the shields cast by the Highbourne’s descendants, the Sindorie, it would have been conquered long ago. The Troll Warchief held the line. During the battle the troll peered at Illidan, as if he saw him. Illidan disconnected the spell after that.

As his sight reverted back to his own surroundings he saw his brother was standing up and dusted himself off.” Well?” Illidan asked.
“I know where it is.” The Archdruid said and picked up his staff. Without a word the brothers made their way to a mountain road as the hippogriff remained behind. The road led into the mountain where soon enough they were greeted by ruins of Kaldorei origins. It’s beauty mirrored that of his childhood home of Suramar. Crystals illuminated the cave walls and thus the structures inside the mountain. A city inside the mountain.

“I didn’t know of this place…” Illidan said in wonder.
“There were legends of the lost city of diamond when we were children.” Furion leaned on his staff.” Remember those?”
“Oh yes, jewels as big as your ears and diamonds as thick s your fist. Rivers made out of gold and statues made out of the shiniest of marble.” Illidan smiled.” I remember we used to play explorers trying to find the Lost City. Remember what we used for the treasure?”
“Oh yes, mother’s jewelry!” Furion laughed.” She got so angry when we hid those and couldn’t find them again. And you always tried to blame me!”
“I had to, you were the smartest of the two of us. And the oldest.” Illidan grinned.
“By one minute, hardly a moment of time where you can accumulate a trove of wisdom.”
“Yes, one. Always blame your sibling.”
The two brothers chuckled before they started laughing and laughing. Furion was wiping his tears before the laughter faded.” I feel guilty….for laughing.” He admitted.
“ She would’ve wanted us to move on, big brother.” Illidan smiled and placed his hand on his shoulder.” She loved you.”
“I know.” His brother nodded.” She loved you to.”
Illidan took his hand of his brother’ shoulder and moved passed him, not looking back.” We should keep going.”

The two moved further inside the city where they saw a movement at last. They took cover as they saw a large group of Wardens and Orcs were arguing while a troll in robes was conjuring a spell. “A portal spell.” Illidan said.” Guessing by the amount to another continent.”
“Which one?” Furion asked in a whisper.
“I don’t know. Northrend, Pandaria….” Illidan shrugged.” We’ll ask them after we beat them up enough. Sound good?” the demon lord drew his twin blades.
“Sounds good.” Furion nodded and drew his staff.
As one the two brothers leaped down and attacked the confused masses.

Green flames surrounded Illidan as he engulfed his opponents in flame while his blades made quick work of those that remained. Furion called out to nature as tree roots burst through the floor and roof as they slapped and crushed the enemy. The troll opened the portal and immediately ran for in, abandoning his friends. The Wardens and Orcs ran toward the portal, shoving the other race aside if they got in the way.
“We need one alive!” Illidan shouted to his brother. As in reply a root grabbed a Orc before a cave in and Illidan’s fire killed the other or drove them into the portal. The thing closed after the last Warden jumped in, leaving only the twins and their prisoner.

The root lowered the orc down.
“Orc, where are you companions?” Furion asked. The creature threw back his head before he spat the druid in the face, a big grin on his lips. Furion frowned and punched the orc in the nose, black blood running down.” WHERE ARE THEY?!”
“is Maeiv Shadowsong with them? Is she still here?!” Illidan held up his hand which flamed green.” Don’t say anything, I like to hear people scream…”
“Go to hell, demon!” the orc snarled.
“I’ve been, NOW TALK!” the demon hunter placed his hand on the orc’s chest who began to scream as the sound of meat burning came from his chest.
“Illidan!” Furion tried to stop his brother but the orc spoke.
“GRIM BATOL!” the creature cried out.” She’s in Grim Batol!”

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