The Coming Storm

Horde: Chapter 1


“You still be wanting me, don’t you?” her sultry voice brought shivers to his spine. Her caresses strayed his scar on his neck, his cheek, his tusks, his lips…”You still be thinking about me.”
“Every day.” He admitted” But I killed you for a reason.”
She embraced him as their lips touched, the sweet smell of herbs and sea salt filled his sense.” You did, Son of Sen’jin.”
“Why are you here?” Vol’jin asked.” Did the Loa send you?”
“Someone did.” She bit his lower lip gently.” There’s to be a trial.”
“You not be talkin’ bout Garrosh I assume.” he strayed her long, dark hair.
“No, not Garrosh. You.” She leaned in for a kiss which Vol’jin hungrily replied to. His mind went back to that one night in the Mogu’Shan palace gardens, to what may or may not have been. Back then he was more certain of himself, but in this realm of dreams he was not so sure. She pulled away.” You be in an ideal place soon. A place to bring back our people to their full glory.”

Images flashed by. He saw many ships sailing toward Orgrimmar, all from varying shapes and sizes but all had one thing in common. They were manned and filled with trolls. Forest, Jungle, Desert and even a few Zandalari. He at first thought he saw an invasion force much like how Hir'eek, the loa of bats, and Elortha no Shadra, the Venom Queen warned him of the Zandalari invasion fleet that came to reclaim Pandaria in name of their Mogu allies but he noticed most were elderly and children. These were no warriors but refugees, he realized. Already several ships had arrived in Orgrimmar with several trolls that asked for amnesty, if the vision was true MANY more would follow.
The image changed again. This time he saw himself stood outside Grommash Fortress addressing hundreds if not thousands of trolls cheered his name as they flew the Horde banner into the air above them. The imagine changed again as Vol’jin led the Horde and their new Troll allies into battle. He was running up a pyramide as the Zandalari foe tried to hold back the wave of Troll, Orc, Tauren and even a few Blood elves from going any higher. He saw Zul throw down dark spells which ate the flesh away from a few Orcs before he challenged the warchief to a duel. Zul’s staff was raised to the air as Vol’jin’s blade was to meet it.
The last image flashed in front of him as Vol’jin was sat on an elaborate throne in King Rastakhan’s former throne room as a harem of female trolls laid beside him and strong guards protected him while even more trolls cheered his name. However the more he looked, the more he saw it was just trolls that cheered for him. The Horde banner was gone as well, replaced by the Darkspear banner.
“You be wanting this….” he heard her whisper.” You wanting this…”

Vol’jin sat up straight as cold sweat ran down his back. It took him a moment to catch his breath as he denied the vision. “The Horde be a family…” he placed his face in his hands.” The Horde be more than just trolls or orcs…” He took a few deep breathes as his heart stopped racing and began to beat back in it’s normal pace. He lowered his hands and looked to both his sides to see if he did not wake his bed mates. He gave a small sigh of relief as both his lovers were still fast asleep. He gave them a small smile before he snuck out of the pelt and dressed before he left his bed chambers.
“Warchief.” His Orc and Troll guard saluted as he left his room.” Good morning.”
“Morning to you.” Vol’jin replied.” There be any word from the Dry Hills?”
“Not as far as we know, Warchief.” The Orc said.
The troll thanked them and went to the kitchen. When he came in, he found that a group of peons were already making breakfast.

“Warchief!” the chef bowed his head.” Breakfast is not ready yet. I did not know you were awake, our apologies. Our most humble-“
Vol’jin held up his hand.” It be fine, brotha. I rather be makin’ my own.”
“We cannot allow that, Warchief.” Marogg persisted.” It is our duty to the Horde to see you fed and by the blessed ancestors we will make it so! Please go to the Throne Room, we will serve you shortly.”
The warchief knew better than to object so he thanked the chef before he left the room. He walked through the hallways when the door of Ambassador Dawnsinger opened. The Ambasador giggled as one of the Silvermoon spellbreakers quickly dressed buckled his belt up. They said something in their thalassian tongue before she kissed him on the cheek and slapped the warrior on his behind before closing the door. The male Blood elf smirked from ear to ear until he saw the Darkspear Warchief.
“Oh, good morning Warchief.” He saluted nervously.” I did not see you.”
“A fine morning indeed.” Vol’jin smirked.” I see you be leaving da ambassador’s room.”
“Yes. Lady Dawnsinger needed…help with something in her room.”
“Oh?” the troll leaned on the wall.” Such as?”
“A lizard, Warchief.” The elf replied as he tried, and failed, to hide the blush on his cheeks.” It took us all night but we found the creature.”
“I bet.” Vol’jin chuckled.” How big was this lizard?”
“Oh, very!” the spellbreaker exclaimed.” Why as tall as my sword.”
“I not be surprised-“ Vol’jin tried to say as someone else entered the hallway.

“Don’t be so cruel to the boy.” A red haired troll female said as she walked over.” Go child, before the Warchief makes further abuse of his power.” The spellbreaker eagerely accepted the exit and walked as fast as he could to the blood elven barracks. “You be a very bad mon at times, son of Sen’jin.” She folded her arms as a sly smirk appeared on her lips.
“Part o’ da charm.” Vol’jin smiled and walked with her to the throne room.” Ah am surprised you be up so early.”
“How can’t I be, I felt you tossin’ and turnin’ all night.” Moraya said.” Bwonsamdi troubling you again?”
“If he is, you gonna tell him off?”
“Of course, dere be other people ta annoy to. Like Zen’Tabra, dat wo-mon learned to many druid tricks for her own good. She be sleepin’ as much as those Night Elven men in their Emerald dream.”
Vol’jin chuckled.

When they entered the throne room and sat next to each other at the breakfast table, it did not take long or Marogg appeared and laid down a platter of boiled crocolisk egg with some straps of boar bacon, spiced with some Sin’Dorei spices and topped with a Cactus flower for Moraya. He wished them a fine breakfast before he returned back to the kitchen to begin cooking more for the other ambassadors and the guard.
“Dat one be very eager ta prove himself.” Moraya said before she tapped the egg on the wooden table and began to peel away the skin.
“A few months before the siege, he asked some adventurers ta steal barrels of Darkspear rice ta fill Kor’Kron bellies.” Vol’jin munched on some bacon.” I think this be his redemption of sorts.”
“He be close to be forgiven?” she asked.
“I think so. It be very good bacon.” He chuckled and ate some more.

“Lok Tar Ogar, Warchief.” An older orc said as he entered the throne room.
“Eitrigg, good morning.” Vol’jin said.” Ya came just in time to have breakfast.”
“No thank you, I already ate.” The older orc smiled.” I bring good news. The True Horde bulwark at the Dry Hills has fallen, Rexxar and the others will be here in a few days with the prisoners.”
“Dat be good news.” Moraya smiled.
“It be news.” Vol’jin admitted.” It means we will have ta throw an celebration. Except I don’t think our coffers can handle that strain. We haven’t paid off Gazlowe yet. ”
“We’ll keep the celebration small.” Moraya suggested.
“Not with Chen Stormstout and Rexxar in ta same room ya wont.” Vol’jin smiled.” Dey be needing two kegs each for starters.” He leaned back.” That not the only thing either. If the people of Orgrimmar see us hold a small feast they can see it as a weakness. The damage is repaired but the memories of the Siege still linger on both sides.”
“You mean Tyrathan Khort and that House Vanyst escort?” Eitrigg asked to which the troll male nodded. An Alliance vessel with an ambasaddor was to arrive in a week. Lord Vanyst was to dicuss terms on occupied land on both sides while Tyrathan, Vol'jin's old friend, no doubt came along as an escort.

“Tyrathan might not mention that to Varian, we bled together in Pandaria when we fought da Zandalari. But those with him might. The Horde be limping still after the Siege and we cannot show throat to da Alliance. Granting da Frostmane tribe asylum was a good snarl for both da Alliance and our self esteem, however...”
“Some of the Horde is still not on our side entirely.” Eitrigg agreed sadly.” I have complaints from Orc merchants that they feel…unsafe with so many Troll and Tauren guards patrolling about. Especially since quite a few of your kin are not Darkspear.”
“Da Revantusk tribe vouches for the Forest Trolls, Da Frostmane aided the Horde a long time ago during the Second War so we owe dem a Blood Oath and I saw the fear in the eyes of da farraki.” Vol’jin looked Eitrigg in the eyes.” The Horde is a family and we look after each other. But if one of us goes out of line I will be there to dispense justice if needed.”
“Like Sylvanas?” a female voice said before large yawn.

The three at the table turned their heads when the green haired troll female stretched and strolled over with ease to her seat beside Vol’jin and gladly helped herself to some cactus apples that were brought to the table.” Ya inherited Thrall’s and Garrosh’s burden with dat one.”
“Me and Thrall aided her in reclaiming Undercity during the War against the Lich King.” Vol’jin said.” She be wise to remember that. Do not fret, I have eyes on dat one.”
“You do not trust her.” Eitrigg did not as much ask an question but made an observation.
“Ya.” Vol’jin agreed.” But da Forsaken be family. If she aims ta misbehave ah will not let her entire race suffer. Many Forsaken aided us during the rebellion and the siege. Ah will not let people suffer for the sins of their leaders. I made a promise to Thrall to keep this Horde together one way or anotha. And I always be keepin' my promises.”
“Dabu.” Eitrigg agreed.” But still it is best not to mention that to the Dark Cleric or the Blightcaller when he returns…”
“Agreed.” Vol’jin pushed his empty plate away.” I’ll talk to Gazlowe about the payment, right now let’s welcome our Champions home”.

A few days passed as Orgrimmar was fitted our for a great feast. The Horde banners were displaced outside the gates, children played in the streets as they re-enacted battles long past, market places erected and riders were spread out to Azshara, the Barrens, Durotar, Mulgore and even to Tirisfall Glades and Eversong Forest by portals. When the Orgrimmar gates opened for the returning champions, it was to a city that clearly were pleased to have their Champions come back victorious.

The Champions were a small but powerful force that marched toward Grommash Hold as the Horde cheered, much to Vol’jin’s pleasure. The Horde was a family. It did not matter if you were an Orc or Troll. Tauren or Forsaken. Blood elf or Goblin. Pandaren or Ogre. The blood of the Horde pumped through the hearts of everyone inside Orgrimmar. For a brief moment Vol’jin felt his father’s presence with him.
The crowd cheered as their Champions neared the hold. Up first was the mok’nathal Rexxar and his bear Misha. He raised his twin axes into the air and roared into the sky which made the people cheer even louder if that was possible. He helped Orgrimmar during it’s foundation by defending it against quilboars, harpies, centaurs, Admiral Proudmoore’s forces and any threat foolish enough to go against the beastmaster. He rallied the Stonemaul Ogres to the Horde cause and spearheaded the Horde expedition to Outland and back. He defended Orgrimmar when the elementals invaded shortly before the Cataclysm and was there in the Barrens, fighting the True Horde forces when Vol’jin’s call to rebellion came.
Next to him was one of Vol’jin’s people, the Darkspear Shadow hunter by the name of Rok’han. One of the best trackers the Darkspears had to offer and one of the few expert Frostwyrm Hunters, he proved himself during the foundation of Orgrimmar alongside his friend Rexxar but also during the war against the Lich King.
And to complete the three who helped save Orgrimmar in the past, Chen Stormstout walked with them. The pandaren brewmaster was not alone however as Vol’jin recognized he walked arms linked together with a female pandaren monk and a small female pandaren cub who ran around them, doing cart wheels and urging them to move faster.

There were other Champions, one of each race of the Horde at least. That was the idea when Vol’jin assembled his task force. It did not matter it took some time to find all and bring them together to break the final bulwark of Garrosh’s fallen true Horde. Each Champion had their own skill to bring to bear true, but the assembly was also a patriotic boost to all members of the Horde. The Gob Squad represented the Goblins, Aponi Brightmane was the Sunwalker and Gamon who represented the Tauren, Champion Bachi was the Blood Knight who represented his Sindorei kin during the assault. Rokaro the Orcish champion of the Horde skulked to the sides and unlike most of his peers did not seem to like the attention given to him. The last one was Nathanos Blightcaller and his two large hounds whose size even rivaled the size of the Orc’ wolf mounts. Behind them was a cart filled with chained Orc prisoners, True Horde members, as they were surrounded by a group of Tauren and Ogre warriors. The rotten fruit came flying at them, completed with boos and cheers. A few Orcs in the crowd did not show any emotion toward their brothers and sisters in the cart. Vol’jin had half a mind to remember their faces and ask his Shadow Hunters to keep an eye on them but decided against it. For that way was Garrosh’ and that way was madness.

With a smile, Vol’jin walked down the stairs and greeted Rexxar.
“Rexxar, well met old friend.” The Warchief smiled.
“Lok Tar, Warchief Vol’jin.” Rexxar replied.” It has been a long time.”
“It has.” Vol’jin agreed before he held up both his arms as he watched over the crowd. The cheering slowly seized.” Today be a great day for the Horde! Today the last of the corruption has been cut out!” The crowd jeered and threw more rotten fruit at the cart while the prisoners sat still. The Warchief called for silence and soon silence returned again to Orgrimmar.” In Pandaria I learned that the Horde was a family! And that Garrosh wanted to break it! Those who were not Orc were not Horde, they were not family! He be wrong as are all those who followed him! It was all of us dat took Orgrimmar, it was all of us dat helped rebuild it and it was all of us-!” Vol’jin motioned to the Champions.” That defeated the one who would break the family! We be Horde! Orc, Troll, Tauren and so forth! We be Horde…AND WE BE HORDE TO STAY!”

The crowd cheered once more as the cart was driven away. A goblin crew pushed forward a series of kegs and tables of meat, Kodo and Tallstrider and all other kinds, to the valley of strength. One of them gave Vol’jin the hammer and a nail where Vol’jin proceeded to tap the keg. Ale flowed as Vol’jin held up a pint and shouted. “Ziggy Zoggy Ziggy Zoggy Oy Oy Oy! The keg has been tapped! The battle begins! Now raise your glasses with me, as I toast our champions... Brew for the Horde! Drink for the Horde!”
“FOR THE HORDE!” the crowd cheered and began taking part at the festivities.

The Champions (save for Rokaro, the Gob Squad and Nathanos who disappeared into the crowd) were seated at a large long table inside the fortress as they were given the finest meats, drink and storytelling with Vol'jin at the head. .
“I was fighting in the Barrens sure, I tried to get to Razor Hill but those Kor'kron seemed to have a fascination to slay me. So i figured the longer me and Rok'han stayed, the more caravans could make it to you instead." The Beastmaster took a drink as Rok'han nodded in agreemnt. "Wave after wave they came at us, but me and Misha kept fighting on.” Rexxar said as his ursine companion slept next to him on the floor.” After a while it just was not a challenge anymore.”
“That would explain why the Siege was such a breeze then.” Gamon snorted.” You killed all the good ones by the time the liberation came.”
“Coming from the man who was tied up by those that remained to a tree.” Bachi took a sip from his wine before he shook his head and poured it on the ground. Gamon’s eyes flared but a few strong words from Aponi calmed him down, but it did not stop the hostility toward each other. However Chen eagerly poured in some of his wine in both Bachi’s and Gamon’s cups and shortly afterward both the Tauren and the Blood Knight jested and laughed again as if they were old friends. Yalia whispered something into her lover’s ear which made Chen blush much to Rexxar and Rokhan’s amusement.
Chen’s niece Li Li stuck out her tongue in disgust from the open affection before she ran off. It was shortly after that a worried Chen found her outside teaching the other children some basic monk fighting techniques.

The Warchief took a moment aside from the merrymaking in a quiet corner to gather his sense. He saw Moraya arm wrestling with Yalia as Zen’Tabra was discussing heatedly with Aponi about the Loa’s possible connection to the Earthmother, or something in those regards.
“Those your…’wives’?” he heard a raspy voice say. The troll turned his head and found Nathanos standing there as he drank something black and vile reeking.
“Sort of speak.” Vol’jin replied.” Zen’tabra is a strong female who helps me guide the Darkspear tribe. She’s pretty much be leading most of it now since Thrall made me Warchief. Moraya makes sure I not be breaking under da pressure.”
“I see…” Nathanos drank some more of his vile drink.” No Thrall or Baine?”
“No, Baine and Thrall be in Pandaria to talk to Lord Taran Zhu.” The Troll said.” Thrall and Aggra might be able to help heal the Vale of Eternal Blossoms even fastah with de aid of the Earthen Ring. Baine be trying to induct the Yaungol into the Tauren tribes. He even has a Taunka emissary with-“
“Sounds fascinating…” Nathanos sounded bored.

“You be wanting to be alone then?” The Shadow Hunter asked with a frown.
“I was until you showed up, Warchief.” The Blightcaller replied.
Vol’jin glared.” If ya want to be alone, a crowded fortress is not a good place ta be.”
“I will leave soon enough, do not fret.” He replied.” There is trouble brewing in the Eastern Kingdoms and my Queen needs my help soon.”

“What kind of troubles?” Vol’jin asked.” Didn’t I ask your Queen to pull out of Gilneas?”
“We did as you told us to do, Warchief.” Nathanos put a lot of stress on ‘Warchief’.” The Alliance can have their Gilneas and Ogres back. It’s not them we are worried about as long you keep that peace treaty going.”
“Then what?” Vol’jin crossed his arms.
“We’ve been hearing rumours that Zaela of the Dragonmaw survived the Siege and has now fled to some sanctuary with whats left of the True Horde.” The Blightcaller turned his head to Vol’jin.” Rumours say she is with child.”
“Rumours be wind.” Vol’jin retorted.
“Words are powerful tools.” Nathanos took a black vial from his belt and poured himself in some more.” Especially if they turn out to be true. If Garrosh left an heir in her belly, you might have another war on your hands.”
“It will not come to that.” He said.” The True Horde do not have enough numbers to pose a threat.”
“The blood of Hellscream is a strong one Warchief. Alone the True Horde do not have enough men but add in the Warsong Clan and those who fought alongside Garrosh and his father. Your orc pets may be in check now but who knows for how long? Family or no, a dog will always leap for freedom, no matter how hard you train it and make it part of your family.” Nathanos had a drink. “ If it does come to that, the True Horde would rally under her and with you stealing most of the Zandalari’s forces I wouldn’t put it above them to ally with another.” The Forsaken said.
“Dat be anotha rumour and rumours not always be true.” Vol’jin smirked.” Rumours say I was dead when Garrosh tried ta kill me.”
“There is that.” Nathanos admitted.” I’m just saying something big is going to happen. Be it True Horde or Alliance or Zandalari.”
“What makes you say that?” the Warchief asked.
Nathanos motioned to Ambassador Dawnsinger and Champion Bachi dancing as Forsaken and Sindorei muscians played a slow song which seemed to intone romantic over tunes. Vol’jin found the spellbreaker in the crowd soon enough, his face one of restrained pain.
“War is like an endless waltz.” Nathanos said. “Three steps. War, peace, revolution. An endless dance, constant and ever adapting.” With that the Blightcaller finished his drink.
“If that be the case…” Vol’jin smiled.” I be ready to defend the Horde to the last breath. I made a promise to Bwonsamdi and I always be keeping me promises.”
“So you do.” Nathanos gave a hint of a smile before he stood up straight. ” I best get going. I have a Portal headed to Undercity in ten minutes.”
“You sure you don’t want ta stay?” Vol’jin asked. The Blightcaller smiled and turned to leave. “No rest for the wicked, as they say. Goodnight Warchief, enjoy your feast.”

The hours passed soon enough and Vol’jin did not remember much of it. When he came to, he was covered in scratches and bite-marks as both his lovers lay to either side, snoring. His troll healing factor was busy at work healing his wounds. As he guessed by the scars he still had it must've been quite the struggle. Before he could admire it some more, a series of knocks on the door drew his attention. Both Moraya and Zen’tabra groaned annoyed as Vol’jin wobbled his way to the door.” Who it be?”
“It’s Eitrigg.” The voice on the other end said.” We have a problem.”

Eitrigg rode with the Warchief, the former on a wolf and the other on his trusted Raptor, out of Orgrimmar as they passed through the rows of drunks and envious city guards. They made their way to Bladefist bay where a female orc and a group of her kin were stood on the docks. She saluted them both as they rode in.” Sergra Darkhorn, at your service Warchief.” She said before she pointed her ax at the sea.” We kept watch during the festivities in case the enemy showed up to attack.”
Vol’jin followed her ax and saw a ship in the distance as it sailed closer. It was a lone Zandalari ship, a small destroyer type vessel he recognized from sketches made by veterans of the Second war. He then thought of the vision. Of hundreds of ships, filled with troll refugees sailed his way.
“Orders?” Eitrigg asked.
“Let them dock.” Vol’jin commanded.” The Alliance I be expecting in a few days, da Zandalari…not so much.”
Eitrigg nodded and relayed the orders along with Sergra.
The cannons did not open fire as the lighthouse guided the ship in.

The Zandalari arrived first. As the board hit the docks, a group of diverse trolls went ashore.
“Warchief Vol’jin.” The Zandalari female bowed her head.” I be Chronicler Bah’Kini of da Zandalari. Dis be Captain Jin’Zar and Katoom of da Revantusk. We humbly ask to have an audience with ya and amnesty from da Zandalari.”
“I will grant both.” Vol’jin bowed his head.” Be welcome in Durota-“
He fell silent as he saw one more person leave the boat. It was an old orc who moved with a very slow pace with his Imp minion on his shoulder. Eitrigg stared with disbelief at the orc warlock and even growled.
“Who he be, Eitrigg?” Vol’jin asked.
“That is Drak’Thul, Warchief. One of Gul’dan’s cronies back in the day. I thought he died with the other monsters at the end of the Second War. Or had the decency to anyways.”
“I am sorry to disappoint.” Drak’Thul bowed his head.” I also wish to ask for amnesty and offer my skills and teachings to the Horde’s new generation of Warlocks.”
“You have a lot of nerve to come here, monster.” Eitrigg glared.” You are just as bad as Gul’dan was.”
“Would Gul’dan bring you warnings then?” Drak’thul asked.” On the way here, I picked up an magical transmission that happened between here and far to the east. One of the speakers was a…Sylvanas Windrunner if I recall.”
Vol’jin frowned. Eitrigg was about to speak when Vol’jin held up his hand.” What was the message?”
Drak’Thul looked Vol’jin straight in the eye.” They found the White Queen.”

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