The Coming Storm


The Black Prince

Wrathion was stood with two others at what once was their headquarters in the astral plane.
The castle still burned, pieces of the ground floated into limbo as wards were set up by the Kirin Tor.
Drak’thul and Irriende merely stared at the destruction. They knew this was coming but the sudden ferocity shocked them.
“How many did we lose?” the highborne asked.
“Around fifty. “ Drak’thul replied.” Most were rank and file but we had to sacrifice some of our more senior members to make our defeat seem plausible.” He gave a weak chuckle.” Twice I have seen a Shadow Council rise and twice have I seen it fall. It is a curious thing…”
“The Alliance and the Horde needed this victory, believe the Shadow Council is gone. Kairozdormu’s and everyone else’ sacrifice will not be forgotten…” the prince of the black dragon solemnly stated.” It is best we avoid contact until the time is right and the Legion is on our doorstep.”
“What if something happens that we did not predict?” Drak’thul asked.” Queen Calia for example or Garrosh and Zaela’s child?”
“We will intervene when needed. Azeroth survived without us before and will survive withouth us once the threat is over. Rely on our agents who remain undiscovered. For the rest put your faith in Warchief Vol’jin and High King Anduin Wrynn.” The black prince turned to the two other members of the Shadow Council and smiled. “Gentlemen, It’s been a privilege.”
“Likewise, Prince Wrathion.” Drak’thul nodded his head.
“May Elune guide you, Prince Wrathion.” Magna Irriende bowed hers.

The black prince bowed his head….and awoke on the boat. A brunette human girl was seated on a chair next to his bed, a gun by her side. When she saw the prince awake she gave a small smile.” Welcome back, Prince Wrathion.”
“Thank you, Right.” Wrathion replied and sat up.
“Easy, my prince.” She said and offered a glance of water. He didn’t like being coddled like a child but he had taken both Right and Left oaths for a reason. They had his best interests in mind and would give their lives for him. It also helped that their…expertise in bed gave them all plenty of warmth during some cold nights.
He took the glass of water and drained it.” Are we nearly there?” he asked.
“Left said we would be there in a hour…and that was two hours ago.” She said with a smirk.

He shook his head and got up. His cabin, well THEIR cabin since his bodyguards never left his side, was luxurious befitting a noble such as he was. The sigil above the queen sized bed was the one of House Prestor, a purple gem on a red field. Of course House Prestor never really existed. His father Deathwing and his sister Onyxia had created the house in order to worm their way into the human higher echelons. Deathwing, under the guise of Daval Prestor, created the house but save for a few dragonsworn of his own who posed as servants did not spin any more tales. His sister Onyxia, under the guise of Katrana Prestor, elaborated on the lie with the sigil and some ships, holdings and such.
This ship, the Dauntless, was a gift from Anduin since technically he was Katrana’s next of kin and needed an owner.
He and Right left the cabin and walked up the stairs and the crew, a mix of different races all united in their cause to serve the last black dragon on Azeroth.

As Wrathion reached the deck, he saw Left was steering the ship toward a small island chain in the distance. With his dragon eyes he could see the massive ship that had crashed a few years ago and the small towns that were raised around the island.
The orc turned to face her master.” Prince Wrathion, we will reach the rendez-vous in a hour!”
“Thank you, Left.” Wrathion replied.
“You said that two hours ago, Left!” Right grinned.
“We had to evade Alliance patrols, I didn’t see you do anything whilst you scurried down below like a frightened pup!”
“I made sure the prince was safe from your stupidity! Remember that little excursion to Kezan?” she folded her arms.
“Those gobbos had it coming!” Left retorted.” Now shut up before I toss you off the ship!”
“Witch…” Right snorted.
“Child.” Left growled.
The prince shook his head and watched the tides as the ship got closer.

When they reached the shore his bodyguard’ sense of professionalism returned. Both remained behind their master as they disembarked the smaller ship at the shore of a remote part of the isle chain. There they found a old draenei man fishing, hooded to protect his face and his frail bones from the cold one could assume. He was seated down on a chair as he held out his fishing rod as a staff leaned on the nearby tree.
The prince made his way to the lone robed figure who was seated on a small chair. He placed his fishing rod aside and took up his staff as he greeted the prince.
“Prince Wrathion.” The figure bowed and motioned the black dragon to walk with him.” You scared away my fish.”
“My apologies, old friend.” The prince returned the gesture before he did follow his ally, Left and Right behind them within a reasonable distance. The two talked about smaller topics like the weather before the real dialogue began.
“How is the state of the Shadow Council?” the old man asked, his tone now turned serious.
“It was a significant loss. One fourth of our group has been apprehended and we lost our headquarters.”
“You found a way to keep in contact with the others?”
The black prince nodded.” We can contact each other via dreams but we will keep that at a minimum for now.”
“And a new headquarters?” the old man asked.
“Is under construction. It will be a physical place now. Ravenhold. My first home.”

The old man turned.” Is that wise? That close to the Horde and the Alliance?”
“It will be for when the storm comes as you have foreseen, prophet.” Wrathion replied.
The old man threw back his hood which revealed his aged and wise face as the moon shone on his alabaster skin. The Mark of the Naaru floated in front of his forehead as Velen continued his walk.
“It is coming ever closer…but Azeroth has been prepared. The Horde and Alliance are at peace. The Zandalari and True Horde have been eliminated and we have our agents at play for the more unruly elements.”
“Queen Calia?” Wrathion asked to which Velen grunted in agreement.
“Also the Old gods, the Scourge, anyone else who poses a threat to our unified world.” Velen rubbed his beard.” You no doubt heard of Halmadir Dawnsong?”
“ Yes I did.” Wrathion replied.” Helped summon Illidan and lead a Horde strikeforce into Grim Batol. He could be a usefull ally. Should I extend a invitation?”
“See that it is so.” Velen replied.

They stopped at a glade which oversaw the Azuremyst isles down below. The forests, the draenei villages, the boats and of course the Exodar.
“Me and my people have fled the Burning Legion for so long…sacrificed so much to find this world.” Velen sighed sadly.” It hurts me to manipulate people like this.”
“We both know under Varian this peace would not last, Velen. You made the correct call.”
“I wonder if Anduin shares our sentiment…” the draenei prophet sat down on a rock outcropping, Wrathion preferred to remain standing.
“I only have two real friends on this earth, Velen, and I might have lost both. Kairozdormu sacrificed himself because I asked him to and I put Anduin through a horrific ordeal to give him that crown. And the Shadow Council was of my making. I sacrificed to much to start second guessing now.”
“Child, what do you know of sacrifice?” Velen shook his head.” I lost most of my people, I lost both my brothers to this insanity. Others died so I could life. Millions upon millions, just so we could have one chance to end this Burning Crusade.” He turned his head to face the black dragon prince.” To serve the light, sometimes it demands us to work in the shadow.”
Wrathion agreed but had to ask.” Is it all worth it? The sacrifices, the lying, the deaths?”
“Not even the very wise know that, young prince. I only hope the choices we have made will never have to be made again.”
” So…what now, prophet?”
The prophet looked up to the stars and leaned on his staff.” Now we wait for the Coming Storm.”

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