The Coming Storm

Horde: Chapter 3


“Oh, I hope we get to the feast in time.” The pandaren female next to him whined.” I have not had a drink in days.”
The undead hunter merely looked to the forests below as the zeppelin made it’s final approach to the tower near Brill.
“You think those goblins know what they are doing?” Brewmaster Aysha asked.” I heard this zeppelin crashed six times before. I would hate for us to crash.“
“Were we so lucky…” Nathanos groaned.
“Oh I think I see Brill!” Aysha nearly shouted with joy.
Nathanos ignored her as he retreated back into his mind. He imagined the flapping tongue in her mouth was ripped out of her throat before he strangled the Houjin Pandaren to death. He smiled a little as he visualized the big dumb smile on her lips fading as the life was squeezed out of her big dumb face. He exhaled as all his worries flooded out.
His portal from Orgrimmar to Undercity was cancelled for several weeks due to some star alligment nonsense, so he was forced to take the Zeppelin. If he had known he would have to travel with the talkative pandaren he might’ve taken his chances swimming the great ocean rather than put up with her whining and her constant hugging to ‘turn that frown upside down’.
If he had any ounce of respect left for the living, it died just past the Mealstrom.

The zeppelin, sadly, docked with the tower as the passengers got off.
“Brewfest is still here!” Aysha clapped her hands together before she ran toward the fallen capitol of Lordearon. Nathanos took his time as he strolled along with a few other tourists, including a few blood elves and some Tauren, to the gates. He noticed alongside the traditional brewfest banners were several Forsaken flags adorned with black flowers. Roses in fact.
Nathanos raised his brow as he passed through the gates. Already several legs and stalls were scattered over the courtyard as Goblins, Ogres, Trolls and even Pandaren were selling their alcoholic wares. His eyes darted the courtyard as several members of the Horde enjoyed the night’s festivities and escape the rather glom scenery by revelry.
Nathanos was both intrigued and disgusted when he saw Aysha, already quite drunk, talking to an well clothed Furbolg. The intriguing part came from the Furbolg since the Eastern Kingdoms were not indigenous to them and few actually wore clothing. The disgusting part came when he saw the Furbolg stray her arm and say soothing things to her which made the Pandaren giggle.
Annoyed, Nathanos stepped onward and moved toward the ruins further in and the elevators which led to the true Undercity.

As he passed the Throne room the sounds of a bell ringing and the echoes of men cheering made itself known. But as Nathanos looked around the room was as it always was. Cold, empty and elft derelict ever since the day Prince Arthas of the House of Menethil committed both kin slaying and regicide in this very room as thousands outside died by undead horrors and things of nightmare. Nathanos was not present but he died by the same horrors as they came for him on his estate. He shook his head and marched on toward the elevators.
Two undead guardsmen saluted as Nathanos walked past.
“Welcome back, Lord Blightcaller!” they said. One pulled a lever next to her as the stone door behind them opened wide open which revealed the platform. The undead hunter merely nodded his thanks as he stepped inside as the doors closed behind him. He felt himself go down as a small smile crept to his lips. He was home.
The elevator came to an dead stop as the stone doors opened. More guards saluted him as he stepped past. He frowned slightly when he noticed something. “footman.” He called to one of the guards.
“Yes, my lord?!” the guard saluted.
”No more Orcish guards?”
“No, the Troll Warchief had them recalled.” The guard replied.
“About a week ago, my lord.”

Nathanos pondered before he dismissed the man and made his way down the Undercity. The Forsaken continued their lives as usual as he walked past. The Auction Houses were buying and selling goods, the tanners were skinning, an one-armed zombie fished in the murky green water and battle masters were teaching the new recruits, and the stitched together corpses known as abominations, some basic drills.
“Turn yourself away from the false Queen!” an priest on a box said as a small gathering of Forsaken heard his words.” The White Rose is the only righteous one! The dark lady led us astray and away from the Menethil justice!”
“Arthas was monster!” an ghoul in the crowd groaned loudly.
“Yes he was my poor friend, but does the words on the memorial to his father not say ‘May the Father lie blameless for the deeds of the son’?” the priest continued.” Why does Calia Menethil not deserve our loyalty? She is not of this land! Why should we continue serving the dark usurper?!”

Before anyone could reply the sound of a gun rang through the corridor’s as the priest dropped down dead. The crowd parted as Nathanos blew the smoke away from the barrel of his pistol and slid it back in it’s holster.
“Y-you shot him.” One of the Forsaken said shocked.
“He was only speaking his mind!” An Banshee howled.
“He did, that is what got him killed.” Nathanos grabbed the priest under his armpits and dragged him.” I don’t mind free will and speech and all that…” he grunted before he rolled the priest into the green ooze river.” What do I mind is biting the hand that feeds you. And he bite the hand.” He frowned a the crowd.” The Dark Lady saved us in our madness and guided us from the darkness into the shadows were we belong. Queen Sylvanas did that. Not the Alliance or the Menethil’s or the Horde. Remember, the Dark Lady watches over you.” With that he left as the crowd dispersed.

He made his way to the Royal Quarter where he saw some new fresh faces in the Dread Guard, the Dark Lady’s bodyguard.
That was the only reason when they blocked his path why he didn’t immediately showed them their place.
“The Queen will not receive any visitors tonight. If you wish to see her make an appointment.”
“Son, do you know who I am?” Nathanos asked.
“No, nor do I care.” The dread Guard glared.” Now beat it before something bad happens.”

Inside the Dark Lad’s court room other Dread Guards raised their brow as their younger peers were thrown against the wall as Nathanos walked past, and stepped on them.
“Forgive them, Lord Blightcaller.” One of the elder guard said.” They have been resurrected from the Andorhal campaign, they didn’t know.”
“They do now.” An female blood knight smirked.” Sinu a'manore, Lord Blightcaller and welcome home. The Dark Lady and Sharlinda are-“
“I know where they are. Thank you Champion Dawnrose. Shorel'aran.” He replied with respect before he walked to an secluded corner. There he tapped on rock five times and twisted it. A crack in the wall appeared and slowly opened. Nathanos walked in as the door behind him closed. Already he could hear voices cascade from below.

“Fifteen more of our kind have joined the Rebel Queen, Mistress.” A voice as cold as the ice wind whispered.” But it seems that those are the last.”
“I hope so Sharlinda, the last thing we need is more of our kind to defect to the Alliance.” another cold voice replied.” Tighten up security and I want all those who still preach for Calia brought to me. Prepare some sisters to ‘change’ some minds. I don’t want to lose any more of my children to her lies.”
“Of course, Mistress…” the voice whispered.” It will be done.” An moment passed.” Our agent has begun divulging secrets from the Houjin Pandaren.”
“That did not take long…” the other voice scoffed.” Pathetic animals…Let me see.”
“I think it’s best not, Mistress.” Sharlinda sounded embarrassed.” They are…occupied.”
“I hate the living…very well, have we had any word from our Murloc forces?”
“An large armada of trolls are rallying on a island not to farm from Zuldazar and our Puddle Lord claims to have seen Protodrakes carrying gray orcs on their backs flying back and forth….”
“The True Horde and the Zandalari teaming up…could proof useful if we need to apply pressure on Vol’jin and his mongrels.”
“Should we inform the Warchief?”
“Not yet….Speaking of Dragons, have our Wraith's uncovered something about that black whelp?”
"Nothing as of yet." Sharlinda said as Nathanos neared the bottom of the stairs."His home of Ravenhold is heavily guarded by magicks and his servants. The only glimpse we saw was of him being...."
"Occupied?" her mistress sighed." With his orc and human bodyguard I bet. Probably just to mock us to"
"Should we recall our spies at Ravenhold then?"
"No, he is to powerful a player to not keep our eyes on during this stage of the game..."

Nathanos reached the final stairway as he saw the owners of those voices near a viewing globe and several green torches. One was a Banshee, a elven ghost whose screams could kill any man living. The other could’ve been an elf once but now served as a shadow of her former self. Her hair was long and white, her skin as gray as the stone around them and her eyes as red as blood. Those eyes turned immediately to face him and the hints of a small smile curved her lips.
“Nathanos, you finally arrived.”
“Forgiveness my queen…” Nathanos bowed deeply.” I had to take the Zeppelin since portal travel was not aviable for the time being. The weather around the Mealstrom held us up some more as well.”
“Rise, Nathanos.” Sylvanas urged her champion to rise.” Sharlinda, fill him in.”
“How much do you know, Champion?” Sharlinda asked.
“The last I received was your message saying that Calia had escaped.” Nathanos folded his arms.
“A lot has transpired since then.” The Banshee replied.” Calia has now been crowned Queen and is gathering an army. Lordearon survivors, Worgen and our own kind. They call her the White Queen.”
“Hence they call you the Black one?” Nathanos asked the Banshee-Queen.
“The Black rose was always a part of our sigil, it has only been accentuated more as of late.” The Banshee-Queen replied.” Sharlinda, proceed.”
“My sources report that the alliance will not back her officially so we can take her in the field without any repercussions. Save for Vol’jin’s satisfaction.”
“What does Vol’jin have to do with this?” The Blightcaller asked.

“An Alliance envoy has arrived in Durotar, a friend he made in Pandaria. He informed Vol’jin that we held Calia. As a result he pulled away most of the Horde forces here under the pretense that ‘we no longer should be reminded of Garrosh’s cruelty’.”
“My Queen, with all due respect I told you keeping Calia alive was a bad idea. We had the chance to let her die but-“ Nathanos fell silent as his queen glared at him. He gave a groan before he bowed his head.” My apologies.”
“You are forgiven.” She placed her finger under his chin and raised him up.” You know why we kept her alive, Nathanos. She was our bargaining chip in case the Alliance invaded. They might be all high and mighty but once you find their weak spot and push…they are yours.” She moved to the globe as images darted about.” The Alliance proclaims itself to be an united juggernaut after the Siege of Orgrimmar but deep down they are just as corrupt as before. Anduin Lothar liked boys to much to produce an heir, Greymane was inches away from having claimed Alterac for himself and honourable Terenas was willing to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Aspect of Death himself.” She smirked.” Words may be wind, but wind can blown down houses. Varian thinks an proxy war will keep his hands clean but we will beg him to differ.”
“What do you plan to do, mistress?” The banshee asked.
“Simple. We do what Garrosh failed to do…” the Banshee-queen smiled as the map of Azeroth flashed on the globe.” We take it all.”

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