The Coming Storm

Horde: Chapter 4


“This is an outrage!” Lord Vanyst’s voice rang through the great hall as his guardsmen held their hands on their swords as the Horde members around them glared daggers to the Alliance party, to which the Lord was either oblivious to or did not care. Vol’jin’s eyes went to Vanyst’s aide, Tyrathan Khort, who shook his head. Another man to yell at his warchieftancy, Vol’jin thought, and the audition only began one hour ago.
“One of your leaders kidnapped our beloved Princess-!”
“Queen, now milord…” Kort added.
“Yes, Queen Calia Menethil and held her imprisoned for over an decade!”
“I did not know she was.” Vol’jin sat on his throne with Zen’tabra stood on his left and Eitrigg on his right.” And even so she be free now. I will tell you like I said yesterday and da day before. Sylvanas will have no aid from da Horde, men or equipment, should there be a reprisal.”
“So you will leave this unpunished?!” the lord’s head began to turn people which seemed to amuse Zen’tabra.” You should have her head! It is agreed in the treaty!”

Vol’jin closed his eyes as he imagined using his powers to turn the pompous human lord into a frog and tossing him into a soup. He savoured that image before he opened his eyes again.
“I be aware of what is and is not in the treaty. No mention was made of Queen Calia or any war crimes. Sylvanas be reaping the storm she conjured but I will not kill one of my own to appease your Alliance.”
“So you will not uphold your end of the treaty then?” Vanyst glared.
“The fact you are not a stain of blood in my hall is because of how much respect dat treaty. You may go now and I suggest ya stay in your quarters until your zeppelin arrives to take ya home.”
The lord opened his mouth but his aide quickly took his arm and spoke for his master.” Thank you Warchief, we will do so.”
Vanyst glared at Kort but cowered when the hunter glared right back. Kort turned around again to face Vol’jin and bowed his head lightly, which Vol’jin returned, before the Alliance party was led off.
The Warchief motioned Eitrigg closer.” Send some extra guards to the guest quarters. Da people be angry and his words may have made him an perfect target for their venting.”

“Dabu, Warchief.” Eitrigg replied before he walked over to an Grunt and relayed the message.
“NEXT!” Zen’tabra shouted as she slammed her staff on the ground with a loud THUMP. The next came when an young Orcish workers with an pickaxe and a small goblin female in similar garb behind him walked in. He wore the necklace made out of bone, which was an Warsong tradition Vol’jin recalled, and looked more like an warrior than an worker of metals.
“Throm Ka, Warchief!” the young orc saluted.” I am Thorgal, son of Thazz’ril.” Vol’jin nodded as well, he had heard of Thazz’ril before.
“And who be she?” Zen’tabra motioned to the goblin female.
“M-midna Steamwheezle, Arch-Druid!” the goblin replied.
“Lok tar, Thorgal and Midna.” Vol’jin bowed his head.” What can ol’ Vol’jin do for ya?”

“Bring my father’s murder to justice.” Thorgal glared. The crowd grumbled and gasped until Zen’tabra slammed her staff on the ground again. “SILENCE!” she bellowed which shut them up.
“Your father’s murderer?” Vol’jin frowned.
“You don’t know yet?” Thorgal’s eyes filled with rage.” It has been three days and you don’t know?”
“Don’t forget who you are talking to, whelp.” Eitrigg stepped in.” Say your piece before we throw you out.”
“Very well. Three days ago my father and I stayed at the Wyvern’s tail where one night we were attacked by trolls. Not your kin but the tribes that stay outside your walls. Two orcs died that night and nearly all the trolls save one. Me and the innkeeper owe our lives to your friends.” Thorgal motioned his head to Chen and Yalia behind Vol’jin who stood with Rexxar and Rokhan.” One troll survived though and I wish to have his head. Kill him with my own hands so I can avenge my father!”

Yalia stepped closer.” I was there as well Vol’jin.” She said softly.” We did capture one but after a night in the brig he pleaded to join the Northrend skeleton crews so we could spare his life and give money to his family. He has been shipped off this morning with the others.”
“Dat program beginnin’ ta beat ya yet?” Zen’tabra asked which earned her Vol’jin’s glare.
“Thorgal, son of Thazz’ril.” Vol’jin began.” I cannot bring ya father back and I cannot bring you his killer either. He has sworn an oath to da Horde to protect our Taunka allies in Northrend. He will stand vigil in the arctic wastes combatting vrykul and undead horrors till the end of his days.”

Vol’jin stood up and voiced the crowd.” I know of da problem with the trolls who have fled from da Zandalari and I know of the villages outside da walls and the trouble dey can cause. But do not forget less than an decade ago most of us were in exactly the same boat as dey are now. Give dem time ta settle and give me time to give dem an proper place into the Horde.”
“How much more time? When another Orc falls to an Amani?!” an voice cried out in the crowd as the muttering and shouting began. Not even Zen’tabra’s staff returned the peace.
An loud roar shook the air which silenced the crowd. Vol’jin turned his head to his champions where Misha was still roaring until Rexxar patted her back which made her stop. The beastmaster motioned to Vol’jin.
“As ah said.” Vol’jin began.” I cannot bring back ya father or give ya his killer. All I can do is give you coin and some trolls who are willing to work for good wages to continue ya father’s legacy. Speak to Gamon in the Valley of Honour tomorrow morning, he will have everything ready.”
Thorgal looked as if he was ready to erupt. A mix of horror, shock, disgust and even anger crossed his face. Without an word he saluted to the Warchief and left.
“Thank y-you, Warchief.” Midna bowed deeply before she followed her patron outside. Vol’jin rubbed his face before he motioned to Zen’tabra to call in the next supplicant.

The day past not nearly as fast as Vol’jin wanted, with more complaints of trolls and the such and the rumours that Zaela had given birth to the true heir of the Horde. Vol’jin had send some spies to check that rumour out but it would be some time before he would have any news. After the audtiions which lasted an whole day he and his friends made their way to the Warchief’s special house which overlooked Bladefist bay. He was drinking blood wine as he saw his champions, Zen’tabra, Moraya and Kort laugh and make merry.
“No no no no!” Rexxar laughed.” If Yalia has an pup, she has to call it Rexxar!”
“If she be havin’ an girl, you mean!” Rok’han laughed as he dodged Rexxar’s fist.” No, Rok’han be a strong name!” Chen blushed as he drank more of his brew while Yalia began to smirk even wider.
“Are you saying females do not have strong names then?” she asked.
“Course dey do! Look at Misha, all strong dat one!” the troll motioned to the sleeping bear much to everyone’s merriment.
“That is all well and good but what about Thyrnat?” Tyrathan asked.
“What kind of weak sounding human name is that?” Rok’han questioned.
“My father who died during the Second War….” The hunter replied.

An ackward moment of silence passed before the hunter spoke again.” I had you, didn’t i?” he said with a big smile on his face. Everyone, even Chen, laughed as Rexxar slapped the human on the back.
“Those are all fine names!” Yalia agreed.” But sadly a child can only have one name.”
“If we even have one, we shouldn’t force the matter.” Chen said.
“True, sweetie.” She smiled and placed her paw on his.” That is why we are going to have four cubs so everyone is happy.”
Even Vol’jin joined the laughter as Chen once more took refuge in his cups to hide the blush on his cheeks.
The Warchief shook his head and walked to the balcony that oversaw Bladefist Bay. He enjoyed the breeze and smell of the salty air as Kort walked over to him.

“If you told me an year ago when I was dying at the Temple of the White Tiger that I would be drinking wine and being friends with champions of the Horde and their Warchief, I would’ve spat you in the face.”
“Well you bled on me.” Vol’jin chuckled.” There is dat.”
“There is that.” Kort agreed.” Still you did good so far. The True Horde is beaten, Garrosh is dead, the Horde isn’t breaking apart like some predicted.”
“Yet…” Vol’jin sighed before he gulped from his mug.
“You inherited the burden Garrosh gave you, Vol’jin.” The human leant on the barricade.” And the crops we had sown when we stopped the Zandalari in Pandaria.”
Vol’jin nodded.” Our coffers be nearly empty despite da taxes, the repairs are only half paid and I have ta postpone it because of bureaucracy at Gadgetstan and the hatred towards trolls is increasin’ every day.”
Tyrathan frowned.” Why are you telling me this?”
”Tyrathan, you no be a fool. You saw.”
“What I saw is an Warchief who cares about his people.” Kort said.” Garrosh was an monster, an zealot, an racist and above all else mad. We put him down so his madness would not destroy the world. I made the arrow itself if I recall.”
“Shot him straight to da heart while da Champions o’ both da Horde and da Alliance kept him down for one second.” Vol’jin nodded.” I remembah.”
“Sylvanas handed you the bow as well if I recall. HER bow.” The hunter drank.

“Ya.” Vol’jin turned to face him.” Was Varyst’s opening gambit today planned?”
“I am only a lowburn hunter who acts as an interpreter.” The hunter smirked as he held up his free hand. Vol’jin chuckled.” Is fine, it was obvious. Truth be told dat pawn was played very late. Varian is losing his sense of timing.”
“What does the king have to do with this?” Kort asked.
“Varian be playing da game of thrones. Ta test if I be worthy of my position. I know Calia is gathering her army ta attack Lordearon and Varian used his favours to keep me out of dat conflict. Varyst was just an pawn who arrived to late to da battlefield and desperately tries to be of use.”

“So then, what is your next move?”
“So far me and Varian share da same mindset on Sylvanas. As I said before she be reaping what she sows but den again da chances of Calia winning this war, if ya can call it dat, are small.”
“So you are willing to lose Lordearon?” Khort frowned.
“Da Horde be an family, we pick up those who fall and leave no-one behind. If Calia enters Silverpine and Sylvanas asks for ma aid, I will help her, goblin debts be damned. Until den, I worry bout ma own. Ya can tell ya Lord and ya king dat.”
Khort nodded.” Understoo-“

Zen’tabra’s loud laughter drew their attention as they saw Rexxar and Chen arm wrestle as neither gave in.
“Holy light, she is loud.” The hunter raised his brow.
“Ya have no idea…” Vol’jin chuckled as he refilled his cup.
“I have an inkling…” Tyrathan helped himself when Vol’jin was done with his.” So she is your…mate?”
“One o’ ta two.” The warchief agreed.” Moraya be da otha.”
Tyrathan nearly spilled his cup form shock.” You have two?!”
“Ya, Moraya be sure I don’t break from da stress an’ Zen’tabra be leadin’ da Darkspear along with Master Gadrin.”
“You have two wives?” Tyrathan shook his head.” And I had enough problems with one…”
“How she be?”
“We’re….i don’t know if you know the term. Separated. The damage was done. But I can still see my girls so for that I am grateful.”
“Ya promised ya would.”
Khort nodded.” And I always keep my promises. Least for spousal and regicide matters.”
Both shared an laugh before an Goblin messenger ran in.
“Sorry to interrupt Boss-Chief, but you got an message.” The goblin said as he handed a letter to the Warchief.

Vol’jin opened it and read it before he threw it in the brazier. He nodded his thanks to the goblin but looked confused when the goblin held his right palm open as if expecting something to fall in it. “Anything else?”
“No.” the goblin replied but he kept his hand opened. Khort rolled his eyes and took out his wallet. He gave five silvers to the goblin.” And not a copper penny more.”
“Gee thanks.” The goblin said before he left.” Now I can buy my mother an new metal hip for this coin.”

“Thanks.” Vol’jin said to his human friend as he gathered his weapon.
“Where you headed?” the human asked.” What was in the letter?”
“Ah can’t tell everything ma friend, some moves have ta be left unanswered.” The troll replied with a grin.” You go on an’ have fun. I’ll see ya tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow it is then. Good night Warchief.”
“Good night Rangah.” Vol’jin replied before he made his farewells to his wives and friends before he left the house.

Vol’jin rode down the windy chasms toward the ground floor as he moved toward the meeting place. It was remote but still in Orgrimmar’s grounds and Drak’thul and his new warlocks placed wards all over so if anything happened, like the Wyvern’s tail incident, the guards would be warned. Vol’jin knew an counter spell however to keep an ward inactive for how long as he pleased, which was now the case. This was not the first time he met with her in private and it would no doubt be the last, the enemies of the Horde had spies everywhere.
He dismounted from his raptor and send it off before entered the cave where she was waiting.
“Warchief.” Chronicler Bah'Kini threw her hood back.
“Chronicler.” Vol’jin replied.” I had your message, you wished to see me?”
“I have good news and bad news.” She said.” Which would ya like to hear first?”
“Bad first.”
She nodded.” My sources in Zuldazar be tellin’ truth bout da rumours. There be an alliance between the True Horde and dem. Dey are plannin’ ta combine their forces and get their revenge on Orgrimmar.”
“Ah expected as much.” Vol’jin nodded.” An’ da good?”

Bah’kini smiled and took out a ledger from her purse which Vol’jin accepted.” Ah tallied da gold we took with us from Zuldazar and came out we have enough coin ta sustain Orgrimmar foh some time.”
Vol’jin’s eyes darted over the numbers and he had to steel himself to not fall over.” Dis be a lot of coin.” Enough to solve all his problems in one stroke. He looked up to Bah’Kini.” Dere be a catch to dis.”
“Dere be, though ah think ya might like dis one.” She smirked.” It be an dowry. If ya were to take an Zandalari ta wife, one of propah high birth, it be yours.”
“Anotha wife?” Vol’jin asked.
“Ya, it would show da refugees ‘ere dat dere voice be heard. Dat da Warchief does care about his kin.”
“Even the Amani, Ferraki and Frostmanes?” Vol’jin returned the ledger to the Chronicler.
“Dey swore loyalty to da Zandalari and those who followed us to you swore loyalty to da Horde. Words be wind by blood is eternal.”
“True….” He looked up at her.
She took out her monocle.” I have a few good names for ya. Good Zandalari of good breedin’. Chin’Ika be one, Saree as well…”
”Ah think ah found ma wife den.”
Bah’Kini blinked as she stopped reading from her list.” Who?”
Vol’jin smiled as he stepped closer and caressed her cheek.” It not be obvious?”

“Warchief, I dun think…” she was silenced as he placed his finger on her lips before he pulled her in for a kiss. As he kissed her, he remembered Khal’ak and how much he wanted her. Wanted to became the second Zandalari empire. He kissed her for an while before he pulled back.
“But how…?” she gasped.
“Da secret meetings, dat look you had when we first met…I knew.” He smiled.
“But the others are more, much mor-“ she was smothered when Vol’jin kissed her again which she returned. He was lucky. As they lay together and made their offer ‘official’, the hours flew by.

When he dreamed, the spider loa came to him. He was shown an tree, an very large tree that seemed to sprout from the sea itself. ‘Darnassus’ he remembered. An thunderclap happened and the tree was now on fire. He saw goblin zeppelins and planes flying around and fire on the inhabitants below. The Horde banner was placed firmly in a few locations so it was clear who was behind it. The loa drew him closer to the battle. He began seeing the figures more clearly now. It was not just Goblins but also Orcs who joined the attack, even a few Mag’har he noticed. The night elves were fighting valiantly bit were driven back by the sheer speed of the invasion. He saw a few night elven actually fight ALONGSIDE the Horde. They were clad in a heavy robe and armour and wielded an large circular blade. He saw the leader leading the charge toward the upper circles of the tree when the roots began to move and an secret opening showed itself. Out of the opening came two night elves. One was blindfolded and was covered in green runes while two large bat like wings sprouted from his back and horns from his ehad. The other had large antlers that grew from his forehead and wore a cloak made out of leaves and his staff had the shape of an elf. One used infernal magics, even the loa began to shy away from it, while the other used the tree to attack the Horde and their night elven allies. Just as the dream began it ended…and Vol’jin knew that his time was running out.

He sat up straight and began dressing while Bah’kini slowly awoke.
“What’s wrong..?” she asked as she pulled her cloak close to her.
“I don’t know.” He lied.” But I have to go. We will speak latah.” He promised before he ran off.
Less than half an hour later, Vol’jin and an small force of trolls, most were Darkspear but some were Frostmane and Shatterspear, made their way to the North Gates into Azshara. Drak’thul’s warlocks and Witch Doctor Umbu were right. “Some bad mojo is happening at Darnassus mon, da spirits be trippin’ all ovah.” He claimed.

At the North gate he found Sergra Darkthorn and several more Orcs as they questioned an goblin.
“When were those goblin zeppelins reported missing?!” Sergra shouted at an Goblin soldier.
“Just t-t-today, ma’m.” the goblin replied. “I just heard it from my friend in Bilgewater port this morning.”
“Today?” she frowned.
“Well maybe it was…yesterday…or the day before...” the soldier looked down to his feet.” It was my mother’s birthday at the port as well, we had an cake and rented an pool and everything. I couldn’t get out of it.”
”You forsook your duty…FOR AN BIRTHDAY CAKE?! You SICKEN me!” she raised her axe but let it down when the goblin broke down in tears. She growled annoyed when she turned around and saw Vol’jin arrive.” I came here the moment Eitrigg send the word. Our snitch on Gallywix told me the zeppelins left two days ago. He was supposed to report in but he decided to forsake his oath to the Horde and spend time with his mother first before telling us.” She glared at the green creature.

“You don’t know my mother! I tried to leave earlier to tell you but I couldn’t! Everything has to be her way or she gets mad. You won’t like her when she gets mad…”
“YOU WONT LIKE ME WHEN I’M MAD!” Sergra shouted which made the goblin whimper again.
“We’ll deal with him latah.” Vol’jin glared at the goblin.” Grab ya mounts, we’re goin’ ta visit Gallywix. See what he has ta say for himself.”

The group rode through the forest of Azshara as Raptor or wolf paws trampled on fallen red leaves. At the docks they took the ferry to the harbour which was located in the middle of the Bay of Storms. When they arrived, Vol’jin and Sergra made their way to Gallywix’s office on the top of the harbor.
As they reached the top they came across two large hobgoblins stood in front of the doorway. Vol’jin frowned when he saw the guards. They looked rather malnourished and very tired. “Mister Gallywix is occu…occu…busy and cannot-“ the creature tried to formulate but Sergra’s fists had an better argument and soon both the creatures lay in the dust. Vol’jin nodded his thanks and kicked the door open.
“Jastor, we ‘ave ta-“

The Warchief fell silent when instead of an office building filled with workers, servants, sycophants and others running around to appease the Trade Prince, they found an massacre. Dozens of goblins lay dead as flies were swarming over their corpses and blood was scattered across the walls. An large goblin with an top hat sat on an throne of sorts but he to lay dead with a large knife cut across his double chinned neck.
“By Bwonsamdi…” Vol’jin cursed.
“The guards were to stupid to notice there boss was dead.” Sergra growled.” Now what?”
“Get me someone who can work with an radio and tell dem ta call back dat armada!” Vol’jin turned to face her.” And find out who da hell threw us into ANOTHA WAR!”

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