The Road To Recovery

Arrival Day

My parents got home after Thanksgiving break, I was so relived to see them, I was starting to forget what they looked like.

After they hugged me, they told me that Tohru had called them while they were away. At that moment my heart had dropped I started to get a little uneasy because I knew that she had told them about me hurting myself.

"Tohru wants you to come to her place in Japan for a while, and you can go to a nice dance school about an hour away from her house," Mom announced

"That means that I am going right?" I asked

"Yes you are going we bought your plane ticket, and the scholarship you got last year is going into this school," Dad answered

I was so excited that I am finally getting out of this small town in Texas! I am no longer going to that stupid school!

"What about school?" I asked

"You are going to be home schooled for now and on, I know that this public school thing is no longer working out so your father and I decided that it would be for the best if we take you out," Mom answered

Now not only am I happy, but I am also relieved that I no longer going to public school. Our educational system is so bad here, and everyone wonders why it is like that. The answer is that our teachers are really shitty and nobody gives a damn in our school.

I hugged my parents for the longest time thanking them over and over again. My departure date was the week after Christmas which is three weeks away. I was going to be gone from December to August. The reason why it is so long is my recital is in June and my parents are going to be on the road for two months while I am gone.

This is the happiest I have felt in months, and I cannot wait to see Tohru and her friends.

Arrival day is finally here my mom and I are now at the airport wanting for my plane. My dad could not be here because he had the flu, I felt really bad for him and I hope he gets well soon. "Lea are you sure you have everything?" Mom asked"Yes, do not worry about it," I answered My mom is kind of tense about me traveling to Japan, I can see why. I am not going to see her for the next eight months, and she will probably be really worried about me. I try to tell her that I am going to be fine and there is nothing to worry about, but she is a mother so I can see why she is so anxious. The first few weeks of home school were great! This is on the computer sometimes my classes are three hours and other times they are five. After that, I usually practice dancing by myself or watch TV. A few minutes later my flight started boarding, I hugged my mother she whispered," Call me when you get there, I love you so much sweetie,""I love you too mom, I'll talk to you later," I criedWhen I got to the gate I turned around, and waved to my mom she smiled then waved back.The flight to Japan was long all I did was listen to my music, and watched some previous recital videos. I wanted to do some homework to get it over with, but we were still on Christmas break. Watching some of these recital videos make me happy because I get to see how much I have improved of being a dancer, and I love seeing improvement!When the long flight was finally over, I got off with excitement the moment I entered the airport I saw Tohru with another guy. I ran to Tohru she held me in her arms she whispered," Welcome to Japan, Lea," "This is Yuki, he is my roommate and my classmate," Tohru said"Hello Yuki," I greeted"Hi Lea, are you ready to go home?" Yuki askedYes, I am exhausted, I did not want to say that so just shook my head for a response. I got my language from the baggage claim than we headed home. We walked for about an hour until we got back to the house, I did not mind because Tohru caught me up on things that had happened. She told me that she was living in the woods and that is how she started living with three guys.When we finally got home I tried opening the door by pulling on it, but the door did not open. "Lea what are you doing?" Tohru asked"Trying to open the door," I answered"That is not exactly how you open it; this is how you open it," Yuki saidHe grabbed the handle, and pushed the door sideways. I felt kind of stupid then again I am new to all of this. Tohru lead me to her room, and I saw that there was two beds, a dresser, and two desks. One of the beds had a welcome basket on it, I asked," Tohru who gave this to me?""We all made it, the rice balls are in the kitchen if you want some tomorrow," Tohru answerd"Aw that is really sweet of you, thank you so much!" I saidWow I forgot how nice my cousin is, her friends seem to be as just as nice. I got dressed for bed, and I called my mom she was happy that I got there safely. She thanked Tohru for picking me up and she thank her for giving me the welcome basket. "Goodnight Lea, have a good sleep," Tohru greeted"Thanks! You too," I replied

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