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Home is where my hybrids are (inspired byoriginal)


(Tackled at the door)

Other / Drama
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(Tackled at the door)

You were just making

It to your door of your

Mansion but then you hear


???:hyungs shes back!!

??:she is yayy!!

??:please dont holler

???:stop screaming *hisses*

??:yayyyy im happy!!!

??:oh no *accidently breaks lamp*

???:way to go hyung....

You chuckle at their stupid


Your p.o.v

You may be wondering who are these voices?well those are my hybrid let me introduce them quickly




Jin is oldest yet acts the total opposite..literally




This boy may be cute looking but he can be a daddy in a snap so be careful




This adorable boy was my first hybrid meaning he can be spoiled but i still love him..he isnt very good at showing his love




He is very hyper but be aware he is a soft one..and is always ready for cuddles




Jimin is one shy dog but is a happy one too...he us a proud cat cause im shorter than him..




This boy is exactly like his hyung just alittle less hyper but can get to that point when his family is happy too...




This boy is the shyest bunny ive ever seen but hes soo precious to me..

Back to the story

Me:*unlocks door only to be tackle by 2 big dogs and a bunny*

Th:yayyy youre back!!!!

Hsk:i missed your cuddles!

Jk:i thought you werent coming back!

Me:im soo sorry my boss called me in later than usual

Jn:its ok princess but we missed you

Me:im missed u all too im deeply sorry

Nj:*back hugs you* just dont do it again *lets go*

Then a tail wraped around

Ankle letting know who it was

Me:yoongiiii baby *hugs him*

Yg:youre late *putting head in your neck*

Me:i know i know im sorry

Yg:now its time for my bath *holds your hand leading you to bathroom*

Yes i always go with him to

Take his bath he is really spoiled ok.....

Me:*brushing his tail*make sure to keeps sticks out of your tail i love it fluffy

Yg:*nods leaning head.on your lap*

*lamp crashes*

Nj:uh oh

Jm:junglebook give me back my chimmy plush!!!

Jk:noo hes cute!!

Th:yahh no fight! *tackles them both*

Jn:stay calm children!!

Jh:ahhhhhhh fire!!!!!!!

Me:*sighs*....yoongi after bath wanna go get ice cream??

Yoongi:*purrs out* yes

Well this is a good

Way to start the weekend


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