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Death at Kuoh Academy


Death is a force of nature, an unavoidable power, an ever watching eye... it is also a dude who attends a High School alongside Devils, Angels and other magical creatures; how lovely!

Humor / Other
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A Little Introduction


My name is Ryan.

But over the many centuries I have taken numerous different names. Shinigami, the grim reaper but my most notable name has to be simply: Death.

Now contrary to popular belief, I was not born as death. I was actually the childhood friend of the previous death. She (yes death can be a girl, get over it!) was the kindness person you could have met, that still didn’t soften the blow when she eventually told me she was the grim reaper, over ice-cream if I might add!

However, I eventually accepted it (after so more ice-cream of course) and became a reaper myself.

Now a reaper is monumentally different to a grim reaper. There can be only one grim reaper at any given time, with reapers though; there can be a maximum of ten.

Now her name was Ariana when she was not in her ‘death’ mode and Ariana and I were inseparable… so that made her death all the more painful.

The only way to kill someone as powerful as death is to completely tear them apart, vaporize their remains and extinguish their life essence.

The only way one can survive it is if they have no possible heirs to inherit the mantle of death, basically; if they haven’t got a reaper…

Ariana did unfortunately and so I became the next death!

How did she die? Well, it was actually meant to be me since the attack was aimed at me but she threw herself in front of it for me.

I then spent the next three years being trained by her… oh yeah! She didn’t leave when she died, she was simply turned into a spirit, she will only pass on when I die and mentor a new death but that’s still a while off!

What do I do?

Well since the Satan’s and devils are in charge of hell, leaving the Seraph’s and angels in charge of heaven with the fallen angels dealing with whatever they deal with… My job is to make sure that the human race survives whatever crazy shit the devils, angels and fallen angels throw at them.

Now back to the reapers…

I currently have eight of them at the moment; each reaper tends to be in charge of a general area of the planet and normally keeps within their boundaries.

My first one is a sixteen year old by the name of Jason Blaze. I found him dying in a back alley after having been beaten for money, when I offered him the chance to be my reaper he accepted without a single hesitation. As for his weapon? Well, a reapers weapon is determined by what compliments their natural abilities and minimizes their weaknesses. Jason was a former gaming champion before he ‘died’, so his weapon came in the form of an automatic scoped crossbow that fires his very essence as rounds. Needless to say he was very happy about it and he gets the job done wonderfully! He is the reaper of Asia simply because he loves Japan and their video games.

My second reaper came in the form of a young girl at only 9 years old… I found her freezing in a mountain range after she was dumped their by her parents for having oddly colored eyes. Her left one is lime green and her right one is blood red. She couldn’t remember her name so I named her Lime; her weapon turned out to be a lime green parasol which had a blade inside of it and doubled as a shield. Since then she has matured into a beautiful young woman and never leaves my side. She works as the reaper of North America and Canada and is fourteen now… so don’t worry about me sending a child out to fight monsters!

My third reaper is a thirty five year old by the name of Walter Smith; a British gentleman who is never seen without his top hat, monocle and epic mustache. I found him when he was shot several times in the back for refusing to hand over his cane. When I asked him if he wanted to be a reaper he simply said he wanted to show the ones who made him like this ‘what for!’ So I cut him a deal: if he could beat the three men who had shot him, I would take their lives instead of his. Using his cane he managed to defeat them despite them having swords. But instead of accepting my deal he simply said he was willing to become a reaper if I spared the men… his lack of hate and anger towards the ones who had almost killed him touched my heart and he now serves loyally as the reaper of Europe. His weapon being his cane of course!

Mary Marie is my forth reaper… she is also batshit crazy. And for a good reason! She lived in the Russian wilderness for her entire life, protecting her village from wild animals using an ancient stone hammer. I found her with her stomach torn open after having fought a grizzly bear with her bare hands for some reason. Seeing her fighting spirit even when dying… I just couldn’t let that kind of person die! So I made her a reaper and she now defends Russia from evil with the help of her hammer.

My fifth reaper is in charge of Oceania and has twenty five years of wild experience to back him up. Johnathan Blade is an Australian who has lived off the land for his entire life, his weapons of choice are his prized boomerangs and he became my reaper after he tried to prevent the destruction that a local mining operation was causing. They were looking for opal and he took the task upon himself to drive them back and although he was fast, he was not faster than a bullet. He didn’t become a reaper for the power or even to survive… he became one so he could protect the world from every and all evil.

Reaper number six is a former thief and murderer by the name of Roberto Alhambra. He was the most difficult one since I almost didn’t make him one. Being a murderer, I was to find him and extinguish his essence since he lived in Brazil and no other reapers were available. However he became sick of the killing and stealing and had actually planned with the police to bring down his entire gang AND give himself up afterwards to pay for his crimes. There was a fatal flaw in his plan though and word leaked that he was a traitor and he was stabbed on the roof as they were about to execute the heist. I offered him the chance to become a reaper and the chance to atone for his sins. His weapons came to him in the form of dual pistols which he simply laughed about saying he wanted a revolver but that ‘these would do for now!’ He takes excellent care of South America and is on his way to redemption.

My seventh reaper is a twenty one year old catholic by the name of Alexander James. I found him nailed to a cross after having said that god was dead. He was right of course; but that didn’t stop the crazy believers from pining him to a cross. When I offered him the chance to be a reaper he asked me if god was really dead and I had to tell him it was true. However he accepted it once I told him of another that had taken the place of god, his only wish was to meet him but not until he had become strong enough. Until then he works as a general reaper, he roams the world, going wherever his feet take him and offering his help to the other reapers of the world. He fights with a pure silver katana and seems to worship ME as a god which is a little creepy at times.

My final reaper has to be the strangest and possibly strongest one yet. Their name is Bobby. No last name, simply Bobby. They worked as a waiter at a children’s indoor playground, they always have a stuffed bear head on their head and wear an immaculate black suit and red tie. I met them after they had shielded two children from a gas explosion caused by an angry ex-husband who wanted his wife dead. They accepted my offer instantly and became the only reaper not to fight with a real weapon. Their reaper weapon came in the form of four mirrors, two would attach to their shins whilst the other two would attach to their fore arms. They could then absorb energy through them and fire it back out. They mainly use solar and lunar light when they fight and they are the defender of Africa.

My reapers can be instantly called to me and I use them to aid me in combat against foes that I can’t defeat without causing serious damage to the area around me.

Their weapons can be called to them, much like mine can, or, they can appear at their weapons. Both are very useful when surprising unsuspecting enemies.

All reapers now have partners which they have instant access to in a tight spot, each partner pair has a specific tactical advantage which I can use in various situations.

Jason and Roberto work together as the long ranged pair.

Alexander and Walter are a pair since they both focus on damage dealing melee.

Mary and Johnathan are the tank pairs since they can take the hits all day and never flinch.

Lime and Bobby are the heavy defenders since they excel at taking magic and protecting others.

So… let’s see: I’ve covered who I am, how I became like this and what reapers are. Alright! I should be moving on to angels, devils and fallen angels.

Now, like I mentioned before: God is dead. So is the devil and most of the higher level fallen angels. Killed in the Great War, but now, since the current leaders: Sir Zecks, Saint Michael and Azazel know that death is real and that I’m it, they keep begging me to bring back God and the devil; which I can do! I just prefer the peace that has been formed since then… If I were to bring them back then they would be at each other’s throat again!

What else?

Oh how could I forget?!

The endless council!

Madness through order.

Madness through chaos.

Madness through time.

Madness through space.

Madness through rage.

Madness through love.

Madness through fear.

Madness through knowledge.

I am madness through order, meaning I can make the entire world loop on an endless cycle of living, procreating and then dying… doing nothing else but this for the rest of time. However I don’t since humanities beauty lays in its freedom and creativity.

Madness through chaos is taken by the entity known as Life. She would prefer a world where everything survived and nothing ever died. A cleansing would take place every 1000 years and then she would create new life and the cycle would repeat… this would also include humans having to survive with dinosaurs and other awful creatures. Needless to say we don’t get along very well and since she lives in the amazon jungle we hardly ever see each other. This is fine by me since she is in charge of making life and I’m in charge of taking it…

Madness through time and space belong to the twins Paradox and Pandora respectively. They could drive the universe to complete madness by making everyone live forever or isolating everyone by themselves. However they think that would be really boring so instead they roam the cosmos without worries; destroying stars and keeping earth safe from black holes. They think of me as an older brother and I think of them like the siblings I never had.

When you first think of madness through rage you would think the one that possess it to be a very angry person right? Yet it is actually his ability to instill rage into others from where he gets his title. Not by making people angry but by annoying the shit out of them! He has magic on par with me and he uses this to grant peoples wishes when they come to him seeking help… this comes with roughly: 1000 different conditions ranging from foot rubs to acquiring a rare herb that grows in the shadow of an active volcano. Needless to say; he is very annoying but is a good guy when you get to know him, he has never revealed his name so we simply call him Max and he hasn’t said otherwise so it has stuck.

Love… I never really considered it a real threat until I meet Cupid. She can be… a handful! Her arrows have the ability to cause anyone struck by them to fall madly in love with their trues heart’s desire. ANYONE!!! She’s tried to get me a few times but I’ve always managed to fend her off. If she had control then she would make the entire world one massive orgy! Making love and reproducing… not gonna happen!!!

Blake Dark is an odd fellow. He is Freddy Krueger. He is Jason. He is Mr. Boogie from sinister and he is the Slender Man. He is whatever you fear the most in the world. However I am not afraid of anything therefore his normal form looks like a young adult with black hair, jeans and a plain white t-shirt. All he wants in the world is to be able to talk to an actual human being but sadly is unable to since anyone he meets either runs away screaming or has a panic attack.

Madness through knowledge goes to the smartest man in the world. Knowledge lives within a library which is in the Sahara desert, however in order to protect all the valuable knowledge stored within, he buried the library under thousands upon thousands of tons of sand and it has remained there ever since. He could make everyone in the world transcend their bodies by imbuing them with the knowledge of everything but then there would be nothing left to discover and explore so instead he is content with reading everything… ever.

So… that about wraps up what I have to say!

I currently attend the high school which is home to the Gremory household and I tend to work alongside them on various matters. I am also in charge of keeping an eye of the wielder of the boosted gear since he could activate his juggernaut drive by accident and I’d have to be close to prevent serious damage or loss of life.

Other than that… I think I’m just about done explaining everything.

Yup, not much left to say…

So thanks for taking the time to read this over… I’m sure I’ll write some more later, writing is the best way to record history and since no other grim reapers have bothered to do so, I might as well start somewhere!

This is the Grim Reaper…

Later gators!

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